Pirates Achievements System
Chapter 172: New Plan
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Pirates Achievements System
Author :Ye Nan Ting Feng
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Chapter 172: New Plan

Regarding the problem of the devil fruit being gone, Doflamingo chose to turn a blind eye. In any case, it was a very irrational choice to decline the cooperation, continue the conflict with Ron over the devil fruit.

As for Ron, since Doflamingo was willing to send money and kairoseki, why not to accept the offer? There are no eternal allies and no eternal enemies in this world. Only benefits are eternal.

By virtue of the cooperation with Doflamingo, the perfect base will be ready in no time, and the magic force will be finally completed. When that happens, it will be difficult for anyone to miss around with Albares in the first half of the grand line.

Even if the ministers leave the island, Ron wouldn’t worry about the base getting attacked by some thieves or pirates.

But then again.

It was a perfect chance to improve the guild forces, a perfect chance to ride the wave, and get closer to Ron’s ultimate goal.

Also, since Doflamingo intends to cede the territory and pay compensation, Ron’s focus was temporarily shifted from Doflamingo to another force, the most threatening enemy, the Big Mom Pirates!

“Following the original storyline, in about half a year, Blackbeard will get the dark fruit and start his plan…”

Ron groaned, thinking about the timeline and plot direction of the original story.

At that time, the world was a pool of stagnant water.

In other words, it was in a state of equilibrium, and that was what the government wanted.

The four emperors stand in the new world, and the Shichibukai system is maintaining the balance with the marine forces. Although the entire sea was still chaotic in a small area, the world, in general, was stable. A calm sea with a few waves that won’t affect the world government at all.

In this kind of balanced state, the best choice is to stay low and develop your forces waiting for the upcoming storms. It was the same for all forces, for instance, Kaido was building a group of beasts, while Big Mom was trying to get the giants and the Vinsmoke family technology.

But for Ron…things were a bit moving too slowly.

Luffy should soon go out to sea, but he wasn’t the key factor that will disturb the equilibrium of this world. The world’s doomsday is the day Blackbeard put his hands on the Dark-Dark fruit.

By the time Blackbeard kill the Captain of the Fourth Division of the Whitebeard Pirates and take away the Dark-Dark fruit, a storm will sweep the entire world. Whether it was the Shichibukai or the Four Emperors, everyone will be trapped, involved in it.

As things stand, when the great war begins, Ron’s strength will not evolve that much, at best, he will barely be able to protect himself from the admirals.

That’s not what Ron had in mind.

He needs to participate in the great war, in order to complete more achievements, and the risk of participating in such a large-scale war is very high, especially because he wasn’t sure how dangerous could be the achievements presented by the system. Entering the great war with his current level of strength was not acceptable!

“In this case…why not let the world go in complete chaos?”

Ron thought for a moment, and his eyes gradually were filled with darkness.

He wanted to destroy the Big Mom pirates!

The great war was a result of Blackbeard’s actions, and it will take at least half a year before anything happens. Hence, if Ron wanted the storm to hit this world earlier, he must do it himself.

With Ron’s current strength, it was impossible for him to destroy the Big Mom Pirates, but he has the means to start a war without relying on his strength.

Blackbeard did it! So, he can too!

If Ron somehow manages to initiate a storm in the sea and the Big Mom pirates get eliminated in the process, not to mention the many achievements that could be completed, it would be the ideal outcome, to get rid of a terrifying threat, meanwhile increasing his own strength.

Without the threat of the Big Mom pirates, Ron can safely depart to the New World, deal with the Don Quixote family and Doflamingo, and take over everything!

Thinking about this, Ron’s eyes started flickering. Dangerous thoughts were gradually taking shape.

With his current level, even though he has not yet stepped into the new world, he was already qualified to set off a storm sweeping the new world and participate in it!

After half a day.

Ron called Robin.

He kept Nami and the others out of the loop. The fewer people knew the better.

The plan he had in mind will take at least a half of a month. It should be arranged quietly and carried out secretly.

Hearing Ron’s plan, Robin was shocked for a while.

“That’s a crazy plan…”

“If something goes wrong, we may find ourselves facing both the world government and the Big Mom pirates.”

Ron smiled faintly, and said: “That’s why we need to be careful, and cautious.”

During his conversation with Doflamingo, although Dofi did not deliberately threaten him, he still pointed out the Big Mom Pirates and also mentioned the forces of the sky islands, which made Ron a bit alerted.

The alliance between Luffy and Law in the original plot was able to defeat Doflamingo because they took him by surprise. Doflamingo underestimated their forces and thought he would suppress the Straw Hats easily. After all, before Dressrosa, Dofi wasn’t considering Luffy as a real threat.

However, it wasn’t the case with Ron, and there was no way Doflamingo would underestimate him. After all, he proposed the cooperation himself. It was a clear declaration that he sees Ron as a potential threat.

Ron was confident enough to deal with Doflamingo alone, but if he some other third party, as the Big Mom or Kaido would intervene, it will be extremely troublesome. That’s why Ron temporarily agreed to cooperate with Doflamingo.

However, once the world becomes in huge chaos, the Big Mom pirates out of the way, the other Emperors will certainly take action, and the Beast pirates will not have time to take care of Doflamingo.

If the plan goes as expected, Ron will kill two birds with one stone! Get rid of Big Mom and Doflamingo with one swoop, and become the most powerful existence in the Shichibukai, second only to the Yonko.

“If we proceed carefully, this plan is indeed feasible, but…”

Robin looked sideways at Ron and said: “I am afraid you will have to spend some time explaining this plan to the King of Alabasta and the little princess. “

“Yeah, it’s a very troublesome, but… it’s worth doing.”

Ron whispered: “Big Mom pirates have a historical Poneglyph, even if we can’t grab it, we can at least copy its text.”

Hearing about the historical Poneglyph, Robin’s expression changed slightly, revealing a more serious gaze. After thinking about it for a while, she took a deep breath and said: “…Since you have made a decision, President, then naturally I can’t refute it.”
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