Pirates Achievements System
Chapter 173: The Diary
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Pirates Achievements System
Author :Ye Nan Ting Feng
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Chapter 173: The Diary

The New world.

The central castle of Cake Island.

The Yonko, Charlotte Linlin, sitting on a sofa, cake-like chair, staring at one of her subordinates, standing in front of him, with a sharp look, then said: “Is what you said true?”

“It’s true, mother.”

The subordinate said with a hint of excitement: “The diary we found in the remains of the ancient shipwreck did indeed record a message pointing to one of the three ancient weapons in the legend… There is not enough information, but at least we got a lead!”

“The legendary ancient weapons…”

Big Mom’s eyes lit up, she got up from her chair, and said: “If I can get the power of the ancient weapon, then Kaido and Shanks wouldn’t stand a chance against me, even the old Whitebeard will be powerless!”

“Even if I don’t get the power of the giants, with this, I can get the One piece!”

Big Mom’s eyes flashed with hot flames. She felt unstoppable! She finally found a way to surpass her direct opponent’s Red hair, Kaido, and Whitebeard.

Only these three people prevented her from becoming the Pirate king and standing on top of the sea.

Among the four emperors, at that time, Whitebeard was the strongest, and the other three were more balanced… However, once she gets the ancient weapons and breaks this balance, she will crush them all!

“Ancient weapons… is it normal to find leads about these weapons, that has been lost for hundreds of years, in a diary… isn’t it so easy?” Katakuri stood aside and said in a deep voice.

Hearing Katakuri’s words, Big Mom’s excitement diminished slightly.

For so many years, no one has found the ancient weapons. They heard that the government has been secretly searching for the whereabouts of Plutonn, but all their efforts were in vain. Maybe this diary was only left by a group of people who failed to find the ancient weapons hundreds of years ago. It was not a sure thing.

“Master Katakuri, the text in that diary is an ancient text, recorded hundreds of years ago. We couldn’t understand all of it. It was translated by someone who had some knowledge of the ancient text… and the gathered information states that the owner of the diary could not find Plutonn, however, he was already very close. It seems that some kind of accident happened during his last journey.”

The subordinate said excitedly.

Hearing this, Katakuri frowned, and said: “Ancient text? Did you ask someone to translate it? Who is the translator? Where is he?”

“To avoid any leakage possibility, we arrested him.”

“So… “

Katakuri’s eyes became solemn, and he said: “Recount the information in the diary in detail!”

Seeing how to determine Katakuri was, the subordinate immediately started stating the information recorded in the diary, word by word.

“What do you think, Katakuri?”

Big Mom couldn’t judge the consistency of the information and asked Katakuri about his opinion.

Katakuri’s eyes flickered a few times, then he said in a deep voice: “Based on this information, there is like 80% that this info is true…”


Big Mom smiled and said: “Then I will leave it to you, Katakuri, and make sure that no one hears about it.”

“I will take care of it, mother.”

Katakuri also knew that the matter was very important, and nodded solemnly.

Once Kaido or Shanks hears the news about the ancient weapon, Pluton, they will definitely not sit back and let Big Mom have it. A war might start over this weapon, and even the government may intervene, which will cause a worldwide spread war!

Before the ancient weapon was actually found and secured, all news about the matter should be tightly sealed. For that purpose, Katakuri selected some elite subordinates and followed the lead mentioned in the diary.

After searching for nearly two weeks, they finally found a trace and interpreted the route information in the diary.

After another week, following accurate route information, Katakuri and his team finally found a slightly damaged ship in the crater of an extinct volcano somewhere on the seabed.

Ancient weapon Pluton!

They really found it!

It took a huge amount of strength to finally get the ship out of the seabed, hundreds of meters deep, with the reinforced coating bubbles. Even Katakuri couldn’t help but feel excited.

Ancient weapon!

The legendary ancient weapon with the ability to destroy the world!

Once they get this, the Big Mom pirates will definitely rule the sea!

Everyone quickly began to explore and research the ancient weapon, but they found that the power device of Pluton was severely damaged, and some other parts were slightly damaged or missing.

After barely repairing it, Pluton could only be used as an ordinary ship. As for the legendary cannon that could destroy an island, it was a lost cause…It lacked its power core and no one knew how to repair it.

This slightly reduced the excitement of Katakuri and the others.

However, since they managed to get hold of the ancient weapon, even if it takes a while, they will take it to the island, and then looting the artisans from all over the world, and slowly repair it. Since there is a chance to be repaired, they had nothing to lose! And once it is ready to use, then Big Mom will rule the sea!

Katakuri with the ancient weapon Pluton, and ordered his subordinates to secretly capture some of the top shipbuilding craftsmen in the world.

But, at that time, a message from a secret channel reached the world government!

“Pluton was acquired by Big Mom Pirates?!”

“Any confirmation?!”

Hearing such news, the five elders couldn’t sit still and ask in surprise.

The person reporting the information was a member of CP0. She was Stussy, the Queen of the Pleasure District, the queen of Happy Street, she was working for the world government as an emperor of the Underworld. So, the information should be reliable!

“It was confirmed…it is indeed Pluton, but the power unit seems to be damaged. The Big Mom pirates are currently kidnapping elite craftsmen from all over the world to try to repair it.”

Hearing Stussy’s report, the faces of the five elders changed drastically.

Pluton was damaged.

This should be considered good news. However, if Big Mom pirates manage to repair the ancient weapon, the consequences will simply be disastrous!

Even if the government was not afraid of Pluton, but with such a weapon on her hands, Big Mom would be able to force the government hand into a negotiation that will favor her.

And even if they decided to destroy the Big Mom Pirates to regain the Pluton, the world will pay a huge price! There is a possibility that half of the world will be destroyed!

“Hum, so, Big Mom is trying to repair it…”

“But, without the weapon’s blueprints, it should be impossible to repair Pluton. Anyway, CP9 has not yet been able to find Pluton’s blueprints…”

“No, there are still people in the world who can repair Pluton. Vegapunk may be able to do it, and there are also the artisans of Wano Country. However, Wano Country is under the control of Kaido, and Big Mom wouldn’t gamble getting the information leaked to him.”

The five elders spoke in a deep voice.

They all agreed, that is, whether the Big Mom pirates could repair Pluton or not, they must not sit idly by.

The government must confiscate dangerous items, especially ancient weapons like Pluton. Pluton was like a time bomb that can go off any second blowing the entire world. Once it is activated, it is far more dangerous than the Four Emperors themselves!

“If such information reaches the other emperors, a war will start.”

“Probably we shouldn’t turn them against each other’s, the consequences are imaginable…. “

The five old stars discussed in a deep voice, gradually reaching a unified opinion.

They couldn’t use this to provoke a war between the four emperors. In that case, the situation will be completely out of control, and the world will be in chaos, and the government will no longer be able to maintain a stable position.

The five elders agreed to cover up this matter and to secretly mobilize the forces of the marine and the government to wipe out the Big Mom pirates!
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