In Cultivation realm with anime system
246 never go back on my word
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In Cultivation realm with anime system
Author :blazuki
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246 never go back on my word



in a hell-like place, a man sitting in the throne was drinking blood from a cup, his expressions were very cold and Dark.

"Now Josha, I think it was enough for me yo wait for many twenty years".

"You think you may live happily, but what would it be when war broke out "

"Our destiny is one of us to Die, And I shall make you die," that man said while drinking some blood.

"Kill those pity overlords, and make sure to make it a worthy battle ",



meanwhile on the Orc lands, the preparation for the ruler seat was passed to Kenoh and he became the lord here.

" Honey, Why are you doing all of this." A woman came from behind and hug him.

" There will never be true peace if all the Parts are divided " Kenoh was looking Deep in the sky: "Only by uniting, true peace can be achieved "

"But why do you have to bear such burden, Can't we live out life simply," his woman said as she worries about him despite knowing his power.

"With Great power came great responsibility," Kenoh pat her head and looked to the Sky lands that were floating in the air.

"Besides, that is my fate to bear such burden".


on one in that white palace, room, with a King size bed, Josha and Nina were all alone, Nina was feeling relief that she has no more to hide the truth from Josha, yet she felt frustrated that he knew the truth from the start and was playing with her.

on the other hand, Josha was laughing weirdly, trying to calm her and change the Topic, she told him that her life was easy and asked him about Sasha to know he found her, yet soon she found that he is just changing the topic which made her more depressed.

"Come On Don't show me that face," Josha said while massaging her shoulder.

"You...Do you know how I'm feeling " Nina said while resisting the urge to moan.

"When I heard you are here, I made you your favorite cream Cake, it still cold," Josha said catching her attention.

"Hmph, you think you can buy me with your cook," Nina said but remembering how good his cook her stomach made a Urgg sound.

"Guess I'll eat all alone " Josha waved his hand and a plate with a white cake appeared on the bed while a spoon appeared on his right hand.

"What a nice smell, I bet it will melt in the mouth, let's not forget the Chocolate inside " Josha put the spoon while opening his mouth.

Nina was being tortured by the smell and the expression of Josha's face.

"Hm, Hm, Delicious," Josha said as he barely he taste his own food.

"I changed mind, Give it to me " Nina took the cake and start eating fastly while making a face that is about to cry from the peace.

Josha got his face close to hers.

"What!" Nina said.

"There is some cream on your face " Josha got close and licked the cream.

'hmm,' Nina looked at him suspiciously as she put her finger on the cream and put some next her lips accidentally.

Josha simply licked the Cream, to his surprise it had a different taste then eat it normally.

Nina hide her laugh, she took another piece and accidentally dropped some on her neck.

"Let me help you " Josha slowly start sucking her neck which made her blush a little.

"Okay, You can help me" This time she took a bigger piece, spread her leg and dropped her pant, then she slammed the cream directly between her legs.

Josha opened his mouth wide.

"You said you would help, aren't going to," Nina said looking at his stunned face while playing with her finger.

"I never Go back in my word," Josha said proudly while licking his lips, this night is going to end well.


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