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Reincarnated as an Energy with a System
Author :Snoring_Panda
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The secret realm lasted for hundreds of kilometers. After a certain while, the forest would end, and a sea would start where the other aquatic beasts would live. 

Ning visited all of that and was shocked that such a secret realm was actually created by the beasts. 

"It's hard to believe that the beasts the world thought had gone extinct were actually just chilling here," Ning said.

"Yes, our ancestors thought that we couldn't survive on our own in the changing world, so they made this for us. I don't know how much of that is true though," one of the beasts said. 

Ning looked around and said, "they're certainly correct. There are many people that are way stronger than you that would love to enslave you out there."

"Just look at me. In my attempt to get stronger, I got the three of them too. Fortunately, I haven't done anything wrong to them, but not everyone is like that."

"That's why your ancestors are worried. The world was changing, and they had enough foresight to see what could have happened if they left you guys out," Ning said. 

"I see," the beasts said. 

They started talking amongst themselves regarding how bad the situation was out there. 

"Senior, does that mean we will have to worry about our child?" the beasts asked. 

"My son left this place a few years ago? Is he okay?" 

"My child left not so long ago too. I hope to see him soon."

"Grayback Bee's child left this place too quite a few years ago."

"Oh no, if the world is so bad, will our children still be okay?" 

Ning looked at the beasts that started getting worried and panicked. "No, no, don't think like that," Ning said. 

"While it is true that not everyone outside is good, it's not like there are bad people either. Just because someone tames your children doesn't mean they will do horrible things to them."

"There are quite a few of them that treat their tamed beasts like their brothers and sisters, and would die for them."

"Or, maybe your children were smart enough to avoid the humans too. After all, your ancestors out there will tell them what's wrong and what's right before they get to leave."

"So, stop worrying about it all. Besides, I'm going to get as many back as I can," Ning said. 

Finally, the beasts started getting relieved and stopped worrying about their children so much. Ning stopped talking as well, as he thought that saying anything anymore would only lead to more worrying from the beasts. 

The beasts asked him some more questions about the outside world, and Ning answered as much as he could. In just a few hours of being in this realm, he had explained to them everything about the outside world. 

'The competition must be starting soon. I should leave now,' Ning thought and looked around to call back his three beasts. 

But then he stopped. 

He saw Aegis with his own people talking like they were friends. Aegis was very much having fun in a place where Ning didn't believe he could have fun. As shy as he was around others, he seemed to have lost that around his own people. 

Ning smiled when he saw that. It was finally like Aegis was starting to live his life for himself. 

He then saw Blue out there showing off his great achievements and how he would soon become the strongest being on the whole planet. 

Ning chuckled when he saw that. Blue really loved being respected, and thankfully he wasn't annoying. The other beasts seemed to love him very much immediately too. 

Night who loved staying alone and in silence was also opening up to the other beasts who constantly asked him questions. He got flustered when a female Dark Emperor crow started getting closer to him and nearly stuttered when he spoke.

A warm feeling emerged inside Ning. 'Finally, they are somewhere where they can belong,' Ning thought. 

A conflicting feeling started brewing up in his heart. He wanted to take them away now that he was leaving, but that felt really wrong for them. 

However, he also wanted to let them stay, but if he did that, then all the work he had put into getting them to become stronger would be wasted for him. Although, it wouldn't be wasted on them. 

'I should let them make the decision,' Ning thought and called all of them over. 

"Yes, master," the three of them arrived in front of him.

"How is this place? Do you guys like this?" Ning asked. 

"This place is amazing, master. I really like this," Aegis said in a child-like manner. He seemed really excited about making new friends. 

"Master, we should have come here earlier. I would've loved fighting against them when I was just getting stronger," Blue said. "Although, I doubt they could've to beat me even when I was weaker than I am now. After all, I have the blood of a True Dragon."

Ning smiled and waited for Night to answer, but Night chose to remain quiet. 

"What? You don't have anything to say?" Ning asked. 

"It's… It's fine. It's not a bad place," Night said.

"Really? It's only fine?" Ning asked with a scrutinizing look. 

Night got flustered and said, "I guess… it's better than that. I don't mind being here."

"I see, so you guys really like this place huh? But unfortunately, it's time to leave," Ning said. All 3 of the beasts showed signs of reluctance on their face. 

"Can't we stay a little longer, master?" Blue asked.

"Do you want to?" Ning asked. 

Blue and Aegis furiously nodded. Night looked away not wanting to answer. 

"Okay, since the intercontinental competition will be starting soon, I want to go there to see what sort of talents are there," Ning said. "Since it's a month-long competition, it will take quite a while to end."

"So, you guys have a choice to make. I can leave with you three right now, and we only come back once in a while to return the lost beasts."

"Or... you could stay here for the next month, or maybe even more while I am out living a slow life."

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    《Reincarnated as an Energy with a System》