Divine Ring
1 Dead
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Divine Ring
Author :AfEeQ
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1 Dead

Divine Mountain.

That was where only the chosen and talented people could climb it to search for fortune. To date, no one had ever come back alive but there was no doubt about the legend of the Divine Mountain.

He was standing in front of a cave at the top of the Divine Mountain. If anyone has see this phenomenon, they would have screamed as they would not believed that a mortal could climb this far.

"I did it. Now let me see if the legend is true", the whole world believed that the Divine Mountain contained a divine artifact that could make its owner a heaven defying person.

He was Luke, a 30-years-old man. He was an orphan, living alone at the beginning of his life. But with his terrifying talent, he managed to become the strongest person alive in his era. When he was young, the strongest clan took notice of his talent and groomed him to become the what he was now. The body strengthening technique he practiced, [Golden Body] had 9 realms. No one had ever master the body strengthening technique to perfection. But he defies the heaven, achieving the perfection of ninth realm of [Golden Body] technique.

Now, he was practically moving unhindered under the heaven. With caution, he entered the cave. he walked slowly as he knew the danger of the Divine Mountain. He walked and walked but he never reached its end. Nonetheless, his iron will that he cultivated knew no danger and only filled with courage. He slaughtered at least a thousand people just to protect his sect from their enemies. His killing intent was terrifying to the point that ordinary people would died under the suppression of his killing intent.

Finally, after only god knew how long had he walked, he found a hall at he end of the cave. At the center of the hall was a ring that was flouting majestically. Luke moved towards the ring and grasped it with his hand.

Suddenly a big explosion occurred at the center of the hall. Even with Luke tyrant body, he could not withstand the explosion.

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    《Divine Ring》