Divine Ring
6 Awakened
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Divine Ring
Author :AfEeQ
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6 Awakened


"LUKEE!!"Eve shouted at the top of her lung, worried about her precious son. Evan was shocked that the library suddenly exploded. They ran as fast as they could to the library room, only to found everything in the library room was destroyed. Only Luke was seen floating at the middle of the library room, seemed unaffected by the sudden big explosion. Evan and Eve relieved a sigh of joy after seeing Luke uninjured.

Evan quickly hugged his son and put him down on the marble floor.

"Evan, is Luke okay?" Eve asked with full of concern.

"He is okay. The sudden explosion was the effect of him awakening his divine ring. It means that he become a Soul Apprentice."

"No way, Evan. He is only 4 months. How could he managed to do that?"

"I don't know but look at his hand."

Eve looked at her son's hand as her husband ordered. She was surprised by the sudden event as a ring that was similar to her and her husband ring, was swirling around Luke's left ring finger.

"Eve, our son is a genius. We must keep this as a secret or our son life will be in danger. We must protect him until he is able to protect himself."

Eve agreed with her husband point of view. To her, nothing is more important than her child. For her child, she was willing to sacrificed her own life for Luke.

After an hour, Luke slowly became conscious.

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    《Divine Ring》