Divine Ring
7 Is he really a baby?
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Divine Ring
Author :AfEeQ
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7 Is he really a baby?

When Luke woke up, he could see his parents was sitting by his side.

"Mom! Dad!" Luke unconsciously blurted out the words. He panicked as he knew that a talking baby whose age was only 4 months, completely abnormal. He also could see the shocked face of his parents.

"Luke, you could already talk," Eve was perplexed even though a glint of happiness was still brimming in her eyes.

Luke could only nodded at his mother question.

"Luke do you know what had happened?" His father asked Luke to make sure Luke could grasp what event had occurred because of him.

"Dad, I think i has become a Soul Apprentice Rank 1. I read a book titled Basic Knowledge About Soul Cultivation. And I tried to do as the book had told me. Fortunately I succeed to awakened my divine ring."

"Yeah Luke. You have awakened your divine ring. I'm proud of you son. But listen closely now, I want you to completely hide the fact that you managed to awakened your divine ring. You will be hunted if the world knew a 4 months infant successfully become a Soul Apprentice Rank 1. Do you understand?"

Luke nodded zealously and hugged both of his parents by his side. He decided tp become the strongest again to protect this pair of couple.

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    《Divine Ring》