DxD New Dragon!
2 Born
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DxD New Dragon!
Author :MrSunni
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2 Born

"mmmm, its so warm don't make me leave." Suddenly there's a bright light. I hear voices mumbling words something like "it's a boy" and then I hear a baby crying. "Oh wait is that me". I'm passed around until I feel a warm pair of arms around me. I struggle to open my eyes but manage to crack them open wide enough to see a beautiful woman looking down on me. She is my mother. She has jet black hair running down past her breast with strands floating around her chest covered in sweat after delivery. She has a pair of eyes bluer than Forget-Me-Nots. "Oh my beautiful baby boy." she says holding me closer to her chest. "So what will you name him?" a man with dark hair and blonde streaks looks down on me smiling. I feel like I've heard this voice before. I think this man is my father. "We shall give him the name we decided on together" my mother says turning towards my father smiling. My father just nods and they both look back at me. "Welcome to our family Haruto."

10 years later..

There's a boy training in the backyard of a large home somewhere in japan. He runs around practicing his movement techniques when he hears a shout coming from his home. "Haruto! Breakfast is ready if you don't come eat i'm not giving you any more meals today!" Haruto froze as he heard the threat coming from this woman. "Yes Mom" Haruto shouted as he turned to run back inside.

They sat down at the table with the breakfast ready when Harutos mother said "Why is it you always are on time to train every morning but I can't seem to find your room clean even once." Haruto blushed slightly out of embarrassment. "I'm sorry mom ill clean it as soon as we finish eating" he said while smiling apologetically to his mother. She looked at him sternly before breaking into a chuckle and smiling at him "Good boy, now eat up or you'll stay tiny forever." Haruto looked down again, he was self conscious on how small he was for his age but his father always told him he'd get bigger later which felt like forever to Haruto. "Where's dad?" Haruto ask his mother. "Where he always is." she replies. Haruto knew she meant in his lab that his father had made in the basement of their home.

"Is someone calling my name?" Suddenly a door opened down the hall from the kitchen where they were having breakfast. Haruto's father walks from the door towards the kitchen. "Azazel!" Haruto's mother shouts at Azazel. He stops at the border between the hall and the kitchen. "You know better then to walk in here wearing all that. Azazel looks down and sees his dirty lab coat and shoes. "You're right Yui I should get dressed properly for breakfast for my family. I mean what kind of example am I setting for Haruto right." Azazel smiles and winks at his son. Haruto just turns his head away, "Dad, if you don't listen to Mom and hurry up i'm going to eat your portion." "Ahhhhh not my own son turning against me" Azazel leans against the wall clutching his heart. Everyone laughs and he leaves to get changed.

While at the table everyone chats. "So son when do you want to come back and work in my lab again." Azazel finishing up his breakfast ask his son. Haruto scratches his head "Dad you know im bored of working in the lab. All that sacred gear research is really boring. I want to be a strong fighter and make a name for myself." Azazel shakes his head and says "Exactly you want to be strong and if you help me more with my research you'll get a gear of your own that can match all the rest. Come on last time we worked together we made such a breakthrough. Lemme at least offer you this." Azazel leaned forward and whispered "Ill spar with you again if you help me out for a week in the lab." Haruto's ear perked up when he heard his fathers deal. Yui also used her super sonic mother hearing and butted in with "If you two even think about sparring again even 5 km near this house again you both will pay." she pulled out a knife she was washing and she emitted a dark aura around her. Both Azazel and Haruto started to sweat nodding their heads in unison to the almighty mom. "Good, do as you please then." Yui said as she returned to washing the dishes. Both let out a sigh of relief as the escaped her wrath. "So son what do you say?" Haruto stuck out his fist. Azazel laughed and gave him a fist bump. "Great now I can make even more progress." Azazel made so much of an effort to get his son to help him because of how much a prodigy his son was. Ever since a young age he understood most of what was going on and never really acted like a kid. Immediately after his toddler years he started researching things with his father and when he was 8 he started learning to fight. Of course Azazel didn't explain everything to him but he introduced the other side of the human world to him like angels, fallen, demons and such to make sure his son was in the loop. After that they worked together to make many inventions that launched the fallen angels technology and magic by decades putting them on top of most factions. Unfortunately that cause other factions to work together...
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    《DxD New Dragon!》