DxD New Dragon!
3 Bonding
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DxD New Dragon!
Author :MrSunni
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3 Bonding

Azazel and Haruto were in a dim lit room with dozens of monitors around them as the main light source. Haruto was rhythmically tapping away on the keyboard in front of him while his father read a torn book with the words Longinus on it. " I'm telling you son, were so close to being able to create our own gear we just need to find the right materials!" Azazel said as he shut the book and turned towards his son. "Dad I already told you I'm only helping you research not develop more things. Last time we started a project it took 4 months to craft!" Haruto complained while still focusing on the monitor in front of him. "Well if you dont want to help me then why are you working on coding algorithms on storing high yield amounts of magic and data? hmmmm Haurto-kun?" Azazel added extra emphasis on the suffix to embarrass his son. Haurtos head smacked into the keyboard as he heard his father and his arms finally stopped working. Haruto hated being called a kid by his father and it made him embarrassed hearing his father call him that. "Dad, how many times do I need to ask you to stop calling me that." Haurto got back up from his embarrased position and refocused on his work in front of him. "The day you can beat me is the day I promise to stop calling you that my dear son." Azazel smiled and scruffed his sons hair a bit before returning back to more research.

A few days later Azazel and Haruto reached a stopping point. Both exited the lab and saw a pair of cold blue eyes staring at them. "Well, if it isn't my two favorite people." Yui said this but the boys heard no love in those words. Azazel looked away and put his hand on Harutos back to push him forward. "ah Yui dear your son is just a mad man when it comes to working he said we couldn't stop until he finished his work. I wanted to come up and spend time with you but he insisted we come back after we were done." Azazel gave Haruto an evil smirk. "Bastard!" Haurto thought to himself. "Mom it would have been a lot sooner if dad didnt keep trying get me to experiment with some of his inventions." Haurto looked back at his father who gave an angry face. "Rat" Azazel said to his son. "Bum." Haruto responded.

Yui watched this whole exchange but finally gave in and laughed at the two. "Both of you are idiots. Haruto go wash up and I'll make you something to eat okay." Yui said as she grabbed Haruto into her embrace and hugged him warmly. Haurto smiled and hugged back while looking at his dad sticking out his tongue. "As for you, you can make your own food from now on. Putting my son through experiments again." Yui started to walk away with her son when Azazel started to walk behind her. "Ohhh come on Yui-chan I..." Azazel didn't finish his sentence when Yui turned and gave him a death glare. "What was that honey" she said with an innocent smile that harbored malice intent. Azazel stopped and cleared his throat. "Yui-sama!" and gave a slight bow. Yui gave a cute laugh and said "Well I guess I was a bit harsh so you can eat our leftovers." Azazel was smiling but heard her statement and hung his head. "Damn that kid I'll make sure to do 10 times, no 100 times more experiments on him." Azazel thought in his head as he left to get cleaned up.

Everyone was sitting down at the table eating. On the table side with Yui and Haruto was a lavish meal with many sides and entrees. On azazels side a cup of instant ramen. After slurping up the last of his ramen Azazel stood up and spoke "Well I'm off to go handle some business I'll be back in a few days." Haruto gave a slight sad look. "Haruto when I get back well have that session okay." Yuis eyebrow went up. "In a place very far from here it's a private training field for us okay." Azazel smiled while saying and Yuis eyebrow went back down. "Be home soon remember Haruto has a meeting with his future wife next week." Yui said as she continued eating. Azazel laughed " Ahhh yes that little Ayane girl. The yamamotos were always good to me so I dont see any reason they cant meet to chat." Haruto was smiling when he heard his father talk about the training field but once again frowned hearing his marriage plans. "Dad why do I have to set up this stuff now. I'm very busy with training I barley have time to help you let alone girls." Haruto tried to get out of it. "Dont worry son we wont force you just meet her and see what you think you never know you guys might go and elope." Both his parents laughed at how red Harutos face became. "Well I'm off now I love you guys." Azazel was about to leave when he heard Yui clear her throat. Azazel stood on his magic circle when she slowly approached him. She held her head up high pointing her chin slightly up to see into Azazels eyes. "Come back safely okay." she whispered softly. Azazel just nodded loving and put his index finger under her chin. "Of course my love." he said as they moved closer to lock lips. They held onto this kiss until Yui finally stepped back. "Ew, you guys get a room." Both looked back at Haruto. "Well maybe he's right, I'll leave the business to others and well go get a room and make more brothers and sisters for him what do you think Yui." Yui blushed and gave him a punch in the shoulder. "Dont say those things in front of him." obviously she enjoyed Azazels bad boy attitude. They both got closer again when Haruto suddenly was between them pushing them apart. "Go already you stinky old man!" Haruto pushed his father back to the center of his magic circle. Azazel laughed and knelt down to his son. Azazel stared at his son with loving eyes and reached around his neck to pull something off "Here take my pendent till protect you when I'm not around okay." It was a pendent of a tooth a very large one it seemed but this only carried a small portion of the sharpest end of the original tooth. Haruto was curious where he got it from but didnt want to spoil this good bye. Azazel messed up Harutos hair again and stood up. "Alright I'll be back soon dont worry to much while I'm gone." Azazel went in and activated his circle saying this as he disappeared. Yui smiled and haruto just played with his new pendent wondering how many days itd be until he saw his father again.
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