DxD New Dragon!
7 Fate
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DxD New Dragon!
Author :MrSunni
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7 Fate

Haruto got up from the investigation site and sighed. It seemed he wouldn't be able to find Akeno but that didnt mean he wasnt going to look. If he even sensed a devil which happened to have red hair he would interrogate them until he found Akeno. Unfortunately that would have to wait because he heard more people coming. It seemed the Himejima clan sent reinforcements since the first party did not return. Haruto didnt feel like dealing with these weaklings and since Akeno wasnt nearby anymore there was no reason to stay. Haruto teleported out of the forest.

Haruto teleported to his penthouse where he stayed for the time being and felt something odd as he stared at himself in the mirror. He turned around and saw a little girl sitting on his bed. She had long dark hair with pale skin and grey eyes. She was wearing a black gothic lolita outfit staring at Haruto. \"Who are you?\" Haruto asked confused of how she got in and why. The little girl didnt reply right away. \"What do you want\" Haruto asked another question. The girl rose from the bed and walked slowly towards Haruto rested her index finger over his lips and said \"I want your help regaining my silence.\" Haruto raised an eyebrow. \"I'm not going to ask you again, who are you?\" Haruto got annoyed and raised his Dragon Aura. The little girl took a step back and her eyebrow slightly twitched almost unnoticeable if not for Harutos super senses. She felt the presence of the dragon inside Haruto. The girl looked slightly annoyed and started to release her own Aura.

\"Haru-kun slow down you dont want to battle the infinite dragon God in your penthouse.\" B said inside Harutos mind. Haruto paused and asked B \"Is she a threat to us?\" B was silent for a moment then spoke \"I dont know her intentions but I can tell you at your current level we have a 40% of winning.\" Haruto thought about fighting with this unknown dragon and finally relaxed his Aura.

\"Well it seems your name is Ophis and you come looking for a mate.\" Ophis stopped and widened her eyes for a moment stopping her Aura before shaking her head. \"No, I just want your help\" she stated as her face returned to normal. B laughed inside Harutos head \"Jeez kid I've never seen someone try to become Ophis partner like that hahahahaha\" Haruto ignored B and asked Ophis \" Why do you want my help?\" Ophis walked back to sit on his bed replying \"Because you're strong\" Haruto nodded his head \"okay and where do you want to go?\" Ophis replied \"Home. to the dimensional gap.\" B interrupted in his mind \"So Little Red kicked her out huh, makes sense\" Haruto asked in his mind \"who's little red\" B laughed \"Ah sorry you might know him as Great Red.\" Harutos eye widened at the mention of Great Red. He had read books on the dragon but never met it in real life. It was suppose to be the Dragon of Dreams or so he read. \"Well you being here is going to cause a commotion and plus you're going to need a team to fight off Great Red.\" Ophis tilted her head slightly. \"Why a team\" she asked. \"Because it will increase the chance of success for your operation and it will have others fighting for you not me.\" he ended with a stern look at Ophis. She stood up from the bed again and asked \"So you're not going to help me.?\" Haruto walked closer and looked down on the small lolita, \"I will help to a degree like gathering members and such when I'm not busy.\" Ophis nodded her head \"Okay. What do we name it?\" she asked. Haruto replied \"Hmm, why not the Khaos Brigade. You'll be the leader and I'll recruit some people over time deal?\" Haurto stuck out his hand. Ophis looked at his hand oddly. Haruto noticed her hesitation and said \"You shake it to confirm our contract \" Ophis nodded and shook his hand by his fingers awkwardly in a very slow motion. Haruto chuckled lightly at her actions.

After this exchange Ophis returned to his bed and sat down facing the window out towards the city. Haruto just shook his head and decided he needed a shower it had been a long day meeting Ophis and Akeno. He felt a sadness not being able to care for the small child. He knew he wished somebody had been there when all his sorrows happened. So seeing her disappear under a devils aura was concerning. Now he had to look for people to help him establish Ophis group so she would return home and leave him be. Many things to do in little time. He had to make those people pay at all cost.

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    《DxD New Dragon!》