DxD New Dragon!
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DxD New Dragon!
Author :MrSunni
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11 Visiting

Haruto got out of the shower and got dressed. After picking out an all black outfit which consisted of a short sleeved shirt with black pants and a blue cloth vest to top it off. Harutos style was one of comfort which usually mixed with blue and black as he could hide well with these colors at night. Walking out his bedroom door he noticed his table clear and Mei was gone.

Haruto walked up to the table and noticed a piece of paper lying on top. Haruto grabbed it and read its contents.

\"Dear Haruto, thank you for letting me spend the night at your place. I know I've alway been a bother but today felt nice, right? Anyways I'm off to work but I'll see you soon okay. Dont forget me 💋💋💋.\" Haruto looked at the lipstick kisses she left and smiled at her thoughtfulness. He put away the letter in his vest pocket and walked up to his window. Haruto scanned the environment before letting out a deep breath. \"Okay, today is the day I find her.\"


Today was like any other day as Akeno walked to school with her friend Rias, who also happened to be her master. It all happened 6 years ago when she was a small child lost in the woods being chased by men. She was saved by a strange man but he left her just like her father. That's when Rias came along and took her to safety and Akeno learned how to be her queen. Over the years they became good friends even though they could get a bit competitive at times. Lately they competed over a boys attention, his name Issei Hyoudou and he was relatively new to the peerage. He was a cute boy with long scruffy brown hair and perverted tendencies but Akeno looked past that as he could be slightly manly at times.

Currently Rias and Akeno were making their way to the Occult Research Club before class began but they were a bit late since the both were competing on who's variation of the school uniform would impress Issei more. Arguing took up a lot of time as they directly decided to go to class. Luckily they both spotted Issei before class began and went over to \"talk\" to him.

Akeno took first chance and grabbed him by the arm and rubbed closely to him. \"Issei do you like the way this uniform looks on me\" akeno said with alluring eyes and slightly parted lips staring at Issei. Issei immediate got flustered and replied \"Of course Akeno Senpai you look amazing as always.\" Akeno smiled and let out a small laugh when Rias cleared her throat. Issei noticed Rias face and stuttered \"Of course you look beautiful too Rias.\" Rias turned with a tsudere attitude but smiled at his compliment. \"Akeno if you dont let go of our junior we will all be late to class.\" Rias said as she walked towards the front doors. Akeno frowned \"Aww, well we can have more fun later during club okay Issei\" Akeno said while walking away giving Issei a small wink before turning to walk behind Rias. Issei's face let out steam as he had been aroused this early in the morning and clenched his fist before thrusting it upwards screaming \"I love the ORC\"

On top a building over looking the school grounds there was Haruto watching above. He had to witness every moment of that scene between the ORC members and he didnt have any words. This weak looking perverted kid was the person who Akeno liked. Haruto had a strange feeling in his gut that made him angry but he didnt understand why he felt this way. Sure he felt connected to Akeno but to what extent. Wasnt she just a girl he wanted to protect? Isn't he suppose to be happy she found a way to be happy? Should he even been looking for her at all? These questions raced through his mind as he sat on the edge of the tall building wondering why he had come here in the first place. No, he needed an answer to what happened that day and why that red headed girl took Akeno away. So he waited. Haruto sat upon the ledge until the sun was slowly starting to go down. That's when he noticed Akeno walking out of a club building alone. This was his chance to talk to her so he jumped down.

Akeno was thinking of ways to tease Issei more when she heard a pair of feet land softly behind her. She knew It was not human for no human could get this close with out her noticing till now so she immediately put her guard up. Akeno started to cast lightning magic and turned towards the person \"Who are you?\" she asked as she pointing her lightning towards them.

The figure slowly walked forward and the dust created from Akenos sudden magic casting statyed to separate. \"I'm not here to hurt you.\" The figure slowly walked forward with two hands up. Akeno squinted to see and saw a man with long dark hair combed back with the sides shaved. He wore a blue vest and had no weapons on him. Akeno tried to sense his strength but couldn't feel it. \"Not another step, tell me who are you?\" akeno said again with a cold tone.

Haruto felt odd being in this position should he just be straight with her or should he play the fool and try to meet her again. He knew she would attack him soon if he didnt decide, not that it would hurt him, but he did not feel like starting on the wrong foot with her. Haruto said \" All these years and you dont recognize me\"

Akeno concentrated on the man before her searching for who he might be but couldn't think of who he was. Haruto could see the struggle to remember on her face when he pulled out a small rubber band that held a few strands of hair. He held it up and said \"You left these behind in the forest before saying goodbye.\"

Akeno stared at the hairs when she realized who he was. She felt anger and launched a lightning bolt directly at him screaming \"You left me just like everyone else.\" Haruto heard her and froze up. The lightning came down and struck him in the chest. Akeno became scared that she might have accidentally killed him from her rage, but she looked and only saw his shirt was now ripped from his left shoulder down revealing a dragon tattoo. She had seen a glimpse of this tattoo all those years ago and her eyes watered a little thinking back on those memories.

Haruto brushed his shoulder and said \"I'm sorry for the misunderstanding but I didnt leave you, you left me in those woods and you had run off with a devil apparently.\" Haruto looked past her eyes and pointed at her devil wing that had come out on her last attack.

Akeno was confused by his sentence. What did he mean when he said that she left him that day. She was sure he had gone after not returning for some time. She decided to ask \"When you left you never came back. I waited but you never came Rias did and she saved me.

Haruto shook his head \"I went to fight those men who were chasing you to make sure they left you alone for good. When I came back all I found were these hairs and you were gone.\" Haruto explained to Akeno as he walked forward to give her the bunched hair strands.

Akeno reached out and took the bundle. She examined the hairs closely and grabbed a handful of her own. Sure enough they were the same and she suddenly felt tears falling from her eyes. Haruto noticed this and walked up to hug her. Akeno accepted his embrace and started to sob in his chest.

He came back. He never actually left me. I'm so sorry for thinking you left. I'm sorry for leaving. I'm sorry for making you be alone all this time. These were Akenos thought as she let out her tears in his chest feeling his warm arms surround her as she let out her emotions.

In the middle of this reunion a voice suddenly shouted \"Hey, what the hell are you doing to Akeno you bastard.\" Haruto looked up to see the same brown haired boy from earlier shouting and pointing at them during this precious moment. Akeno heard him as well and pulled away from Harutos embrace. Issei immediately noticed her tears and shouted again \"Get your hands off her. I dont know who you are but no one makes Akeno senpai cry with her beautiful face.\" Issei jumped to attack Haruto.

Akeno yelled out \"Issei dont!\" but it was to late. Issei had activated his boosted gear and a shining red glove appeared on his hand with a large green emerald in the center with large yellow claws to act as fingers. Issei launched a powerful punch toward Haruto but Haruto wanted no time.

As Issei punch was going to land Haruto moved slightly and grabbed Issei by the glove flinging him toward the wall nearby. A loud crash could be heard as Isseis body cracked the wall under the force he just impacted with. Coughing up a mouthful of blood Issei fell on the floor. Haruto slowly walked towards Issei as Issei tried his best to stand up again.

\"Damn you're strong. Ddraig help me out here will you.\" Issei spoke as he stood up. The green emerald flashed as a voice spoke \"Partner he is very strong I recommend falling back to regroup. I also sense a very powerful dragon Aura coming from him.\" Ddraig warned Issei but Issei persisted \"We have to make this guy pay come on help me partner.\" Ddraig was silent at Isseis request for a moment before sighing. \"Alright give it all you got but dont die alright\" Ddraig said as Issei smiled \"No way, we have so many more boobs just waiting for us.\" Isssi said. Ddraig lit up and shouted \"Balance Breaker\"

Issei stood in front of Haruto and became a bright red light. Issei floated in the air for a few moments before flashing back down in a suit of red armor that resembled an almost humanoid dragon. Issei didnt wait and Ddraig shouted \"BOOST\" a few times before Issei launched forward with all his might.

Haruto waited patiently for Issei to complete his charade. After he finally saw Issei attacking Haruto made another move. He jumped forward and lead with a fist. Issei aimed high for the chin but Haruto predicted when the punch would land. He ducked underneath and smashed his fist into the center of the suit. Isseis amor broke into pieces and sent Issei straight down into the ground creating a small crater. Haruto stepped over the crater and charged an attack to finish him off when he felt someone pull on his arm.

\"Wait, please dont hurt him.\" Akeno pulled down Harutos arm and begged him not to hurt Issei. This made Haruto upset seeing how far she would go for him but decided to put his arm down. After the loud battle that just happened more people showed up in front of Haruto and Akeno. It was Rias followed by a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes holding a sword pointed towards Haruto. Next to him was a small girl with silver hair and pointy hairs sticking out her head baring an angry face towards him.

Rias stepped forward to meet Haruto and asked \"Who are you? What have you done to Issei?\" Rias glared at him while releasing a destructive aura around her. She was obviously pissed at what Haruto had done to her crush. Haruto looked at Akeno and saw he pleading eyes almost as if saying , please dont hurt them. Haruto ignores Akeno and felt his battle spirit wasnt satisfied with that earlier \"battle\" if you could even call it that.

\"My name is Haruto, I'm an old friend of Akeno, not that is any of your buisness.\" Rias face frowned more at hearing Harutos attitude as he spoke down on her. \"Now that you're hear I guess I can challenge you to a duel.\" Haruto spoke as he walked a bit away from Akeno. \"What sort of duel did you have in mind\" Rias asked. \"Simple I'll fight all of your club members right now. If you win I'll apologize for my behavior and I'll work for you.\" Rias eyebrow went up hearing she could recieve someone else possibly to her peerage. She asked \"And if you win?\" Haruto replied \"I'll be taking akeno from your peerage\"

Kiba was the first to speak \"You're crazy of you think she'll take that deal!\" Rias stuck out her arm signaling him to be quiet. \"Do you plan on fighting each of separately as you know during rating games we fight as a team\" Rias spoke coldly. Haruto nodded \"Of course if you didnt all come at me at once it wouldn't be fair.\" Kibas grip around his sword tightened and Rias smiled. \"Very well I accept\" Rias spoke.

In a flash Kiba and Koneko disappeared from Rias side and both were immediately next to Haruto launching a strike. Haruto grabbed Kiba by his collar and swung him at Koneko. Koneko couldn't stop as she was already less then a meter away from Haruto when she was side swiped by Kibas body.

Rias saw all this and didnt wait to launch an attack gathering as much destructive power as she could. Haruto looked up and created a small black ball a 10th of the size of Rias attack. Rias launched her attack sending it hurling at Haruto spinning faster as it traveled down towards him. Haruto didnt move as she watched it come towards him. He simply raised his hand and sent his attack towards Rias's and it spun slowly towards the large attack coming towards Haruto. All of a sudden the small ball expanded and crashed into Rias attack. Both stopped in mid air trying to push each other when Harutos attack finally started to push Rias attack back. Rias didnt know what to do so she tried to move out the way but the sudden force from expansion of harutos attack launched Rias attack back at her. Haruto released his attack and it disappeared. Rias didnt notice as she was worried on how to stop her own attack. Unfortunately she didnt have enough time as she was struck by her own power.

Rias flew down from the air and fell on one knee. She looked over to see kiba and koneko still down unconcious from the earlier collision. She was hurt from her own power, and Issei looked down for the count as well. Haruto slowly walked up to Rias and kicked her onto the ground with a foot pushing into her stomach. \"Now please tell me do you know anything about an attack conducted by a certain group of devils 12 years ago near this area.\" Haruto pulled out a small map and pointed. Rias grunted under his feet and didnt speak. Haruto became impatient and put some force down. Rias coughed and struggled to breath as he moved he foot closer to her chest. \"No I dont know\"

Haruto kept the same amount of pressure and asked \"Are you lying to me?\" He watched as Rias struggled under his feet not feeling sorry for this devil when he felt a sharp pain across his face. His face had been forced sideways but a sudden smack. He touched his cheek and turned to see akeno with tears and anger on her face. \"You've won isn't that enough.\" she said looking at him with hate. Haruto felt uneasy and let his foot off Rias. He turned to walk away without looking back at Akeno. Haruto activated a magic circle and said \"I expect you to come tonight heres my address.\" He tossed a paper on the ground and left.

Akeno watched as the man had left and she was confused. How could the same man who she felt so much warmth from all those years ago be like this. She looked around at all the damage he left behind and all the injured ORC members. Sadness could be seen in her eyes.

Haruto teleported back to the rooftop he watched the school from before and looked down at what he had done. He didnt feel bad exactly but when Akeno looked at him that way he felt his stomach turn. He saw a hate in her eyes and it made him uncomfortable. Maybe I went a bit far venting my anger like that. He looked at his hands which were unscathed from the battle. Maybe visiting today was a mistake...

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