DxD New Dragon!
13 +18 Cover your eyes!!!! part 1?
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DxD New Dragon!
Author :MrSunni
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13 +18 Cover your eyes!!!! part 1?

Mei led Haruto into his bedroom. For some reason it felt different, he had slept here many nights but a sense of unknown surged in him as they walked to his door. Was it Mei who gave him this feeling? Haruto shook it off as he was a level headed person and just walked behind Mei. He looked at her from behind a little closer and watched as she dragged him by his hand rear facing him. Meis curves were exaggerated by the tight leggings she wore under a pair of black shorts. He watched as her hips swayed from side to side alluring some urges he suppressed most his teen years. Mei looked back to sneak a peek at Haruto as he looked at her, and she smiled as she noticed his gaze was south of her back.

Mei pulled open Harutos door and walked haruto to the bed. She let go of his hand as Haruto sat on his bed. Mei walked over to his closet and asked \"Can I borrow something to wear to get out of this?\" she pointed to her black short as she lifted her bottom slightly to give Haruto a better view. Haruto just nodded his head and Mei walked into his closet chuckling to herself. Haruto stared at the open door as he heard her rustling through his clothes. After about a minute or so Mei walked out.

A pair of silky smooth legs cross into the room first. Harutos eyes went from her colored pink toes up to her thighs that had a nice gap as she walked towards him with black laced under wear slightly covered by a large white shirt Haruto had for a suit. Mei left the top buttons open to reveal a black bra holding two round melons protruding out the shirt.

Haruto just stared at her beauty as he was witnessing this for the first time. He had never been with a woman before so this was all exciting for him. Mei sensed his hesitation and walked in front of Haruto before swinging her legs across his and sitting on his lap facing directly at him. Haruto could feel her breath on his face as she whispered \"I know you're upset losing that girl tonight but remember that you have me here okay.\" smiling at Haruto. Haruto felt warm knowing he had this beautiful woman with him caring for him even after everything he had done to her. Haruto couldn't take it anymore and stole a kiss from Mei.

Mei opened her eyes in shock as she felt Haruto suddenly kiss her but relaxed as she had finally recieved his feelings after so long. A small tear formed on the corner of her eye as she kissed him back.

They held the kiss for a moments before separating from each others lips. Mei smiled at him and Haruto smiled back. They looked at each others eyes understanding what each person wanted from the other. Mei took initiative to kiss again Haruto didnt resist but this time she decided to throw in some tongue. As he felt the slippery Mei play in his mouth he fought back with his own. They each pushed each other back and forth until Haruto spun her down and pushed her into the bed with his lips and started to move his hands to her ass. Mei let out a small high pitched squeal as she felt his large firm hands squeeze her. Haruto continued kissing her while pulling up on her legs by her thighs to feel how warm and smooth they were. Mei started to rub her hands under his shirt feeling his chiseled body feeling her woman region start to grow wet from how perfect his body was.

Haruto focused on her legs finally released her before taking a step back to look down on this woman. He saw a pink haired beauty holding her arms out reaching at his stomach with a blush on her face and beautiful eyes that stared at him in lust. She wanted to be his and for him to be hers. Haruto slowly reached down to her face as asked \"Are you sure you want to do this?\" Mei felt happy even when he basically knew she wanted him he still asked for permission. She knew he was a good person at his core, so in response she nodded her head to confirm for him. \"Very well I wont hold back\" Haruto said as his hands moved from her face to her shirt. He opened it slowly starting at the bottom first revealing her small belly button as then her middle before finally popping the last and having her bountiful breast bounce in his face. He looked her up and down to take in the woman laying I'm his shirt covering only her sweet arms revealing her large breast and curvy body leading down to those black panties that hid the forbidden fruit. He looked down and slowly reached for her underwear and slid the down her legs. Staring down there Mei seemed embarrassed as she tried to cross her legs as Haruto pulled off the underwear, but Haruto slowly pushed his hands in between before opening her legs.

Haruto stared directly at her pink slit that had a bit of moisture on his. He could smell an aroma that drew him closer as this nectar smelled sweet to him as juice that he had to suck. Haruto moved his mouth to her peach and proceeded to suck on her clit. Mei let out a moan as he finally placed his tongue in her slit. Haruto moved his tongue up and down as he didnt know how else to do it but it seemed to work as she pulled the clit more into his mouth Mei would arch her back. Seeing it working he decided to spin his tongue a bit and Mei grabbed his hair pushing him into her as she moved up and down for Haruto. Haruto decided move his tongue directly to her clit and spin the small cherry as Mei felt him do this she screamed out \"I'm cumming!\" before pushing her body high into the air. After shaking a bit she relaxed when Haruto pulled away. He wiped his mouth as he had her nectar covering his lips. Mei was catching her breath decided to sit up.

Mei went up to Haruto and pushed him down. She could see his bulging dragon wanting to come out so she immediately started to undress him. Mei pulled off his shirt to reveal his body and she stared at his muscles which were completely cut covered by a dragon tattoo that made him even more alluring to her. Not wasting any more time she pulled off his pants and underwear but she was shocked to see a 29 centimeter (11.4 inch) dragon burst out from hiding staring at her face. \"Oh my Haruto I didnt know you had this sword hiding in your pants\" Mei giggled as she said this and Harutos cheeks became slightly red. \"No worries I will do my best to tame this dragon\" Mei said as she reached down with both hands and moved her lips towards the tip. Haruto felt a cool sensation swirl around the tip of his dragon. Mei used her two hands to slowly rub it as she moved her tongue on top. Haruto let her play with it when he felt her mouth push down and felt even more warmth along the staff.

Mei put in about half before coming to a stop and swirling her whole tongue around it making sure he felt good. Haruto grabbed his sheets as he experienced this for the first time. Mei seeing this reaction felt satisfied as she started to slide up and down with her mouth as she moved her two hands towards the base to rub his dragon more. Haruto lasted 10 minutes until he couldn't take it anymore, he felt as surge of pleasure run through his body and said \"I'm cumming Mei\" and Mei replied by moving even faster to make him go. Finally his released a large load into her mouth which she swallowed directly leaving to trace behind on his dragon. As he came she moved to the tip to keep on sucking out all his milk. Even after he was done she didnt stop which caused him even more pleasure as he couldn't release more at the time.

Mei pulled her cherry red lips away and licked them looking down at his dragon saying \"Wow I cant believe its still wanting more fun, in that case I need to try a different method.\" Mei turned around revealing her ass to Haruto as he stared at her peach that was oozing from arousal atthis point. Haruto smiled as he knew it was time for the dragon to go into her cave...

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    《DxD New Dragon!》