DxD New Dragon!
15 Revealing 1
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DxD New Dragon!
Author :MrSunni
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15 Revealing 1

Haruto woke up feeling refreshed after his late night activities with Mei. He shuffled a bit in his bed but to his surprise he didn't feel any weight on his chest. He looked over to see that Mei was gone. A small frown showed as he felt a little empty when she wasn't near. Was this the feeling of falling for someone? All these emotions were new to him as he had been alone with Bahamut all these years so feeling this now felt confusing. Haruto didn't ponder to much as he got up after a moment to head out to his kitchen for breakfast.

Getting showered and dressed he walked out to his living room where he noticed a note laid out. Next to the note was a cup of semi-warm coffee and some toast with fruit that looked like it had been made not to long ago. Haruto walked over and read the note.

~ Dear Haruto, I'm sorry I had to leave early something came up at work and I had to go in to deal with it. I've made a bit of breakfast for you so make sure you eat it all before anything! I'll try to wrap this up so I can come back soon because I have a tour coming soon even thought I don't want to leave you my manager won't let me turn it down. Anyways try not to wreck the world while im gone.

Love, Mei <>

Haruto smiled after reading the note looking at the breakfast she had made for him. He sat down and ate the food happily.

\"Hey Haruto we need to talk\" Bahamut spoke up while Haruto was eating. Haruto was surprised to hear his voice after not hearing him for a little while and replied \"B where have you been? I've been trying to talk to you but you've been quiet these past few days.\"

B-\"Yeah I know i've been dreaming about my past and I have a feeling about something\"

H-\"Whats up, why do you sound so stressed out?\"

B- \"It's about my sister I have a feeling shes up to something\"

H-\"Your sister? You didn't tell me you had a sister\"

B-\"Well I didn't think it was important at the time but I have a feeling shes up to something and when shes involved its never anything good.\"

Haruto was having a conversation with Bahamut when he felt a presence so he suddenly turned around. The door to his bedroom opened and a figure walked out.

Haruto relaxed as he saw Ophis waltz into his home unannounced in very stoic manner as she always did. Haruto shook his head as these girls seemed to always just make their way into his penthouse and he was wondering if his defenses were really that good. Even though he knows he gave them access it still felt annoying having them keep popping up like this.

Ophis walked over to Haruto without saying anything. Haruto pulled out chair slightly and pointed to his lap. She didn't hesitate and sat in his lap while reaching for some fruit in front of her. Haruto watched as she just melted into the room as if it was her home. Which it kind of was as she had spent a lot of time with him over the years they've grown comfortable around each other where Ophis doesn't really refuse his teasing but Haruto has not made any major moves as he really doesn't feel the need to.

Ophis spoke first after taking a bite of an apple slice.

O-\"We are having a meeting with the Khaos Brigade today you need to come.\"

H-\"Why do I need to come? Don't you have everything under control oh great powerful leader of ours.\"

Ophis faced remained blank as she turned to look at him after his teasing. Haruto smiled innocently at her. She turned back to the plate and continued.

O-\"The devils in the area are having a meeting with some other factions and our member Vali wants to leave his teacher officially.\"

H-\"Okay so why are we all meeting for this\"


Haruto stared at her for moment but finally sighed as he realized he hadn't been as active with the other members as he was searching for more clues. He gave in and nodded without further explanation from Ophis as he knew she wasn't much of a talker. Also Vali leaving his teacher didn't seem like that hard of a thing as Vali was fairly strong himself because he would always ask to spar with Haruto as he felt he would get stronger fighting a stronger opponent. Whatever the reason he owed Ophis for helping him get stronger by training with him.

After finishing breakfast Haruto and Ophis teleported to the Khaos Brigade HQ. As the teleported in Haruto looked around. He had designed this building himself for the team and paid to build it in secret as he invested and sold some small inventions of his to the human world companies as he saw it easy to cover his tracks and make easy money to keep a fairly low profile. They had teleported into a spacious room with a few couches with black walls around them, a few arcade games and some tv's which just filled up room space. As he glanced around he suddenly saw a small girl with blonde hair flying around yelling \"Noooo leave me alone.\" A man with glasses in a dark suit with blonde hair as well chased behind her and yelled \"I told you not to mess with my stuff Le Fay!\" The girl stuck out her tongue.

Haruto sighed these two were Arthur and Le Fay Pendragon descendants of the original Hero Arthur Pendragon. Le fay paused mid-air as she saw Haruto.

\"Harutoooo!\" Le Fay immediately flew down towards him and launched herself around his body. Haruto stood there with the little girl around him as Arthur walked up to them.

\"Le Fay leave Haruto-sama out of this we need to have a talk.\" Arthur pointed his finger towards his feet signaling Le Fay to come over to him.

\"Noo!\" Le fay shouted back at her brother as she moved behind Haruto hiding from Arthur.

A voice came from the door at the other side of the room and a young man with silver hair walked in in all black clothes with a white under shirt.

\"What's all the noise for?\"

This was Vali a descendant of Lucifer half human half devil he wielded the sacred gear for the dragon named Albion. He was only under Ophis and was acting leader of the group as Haruto was never around and Ophis was more a figure of power for them. Haruto noticed a couple members missing so he asked. \"Where are Kuroka and Bikou?\" Vali walked over towards everyone as replied \"They can't make it, I sent them on a mission to go retrieve something for us but we should be enough for this operation.\"

Haruto nodded as he didn't really care about all this right now. Everyone sat down on the couches to discuss what was happening. Le Fay would always try to sit next to Haruto but Arthur grabbed her collar of her sorceress cape and pulled her down next to him. Ophis made her way towards Haruto and sat down in his lap. The other members weren't fazed as they knew the two were close as they formed this group. Vali stood at the center as explained the situation.

\"I've received information that the devil, angel, and fallen angel factions are meeting in Kuoh town to discuss terms of peace between them after all the fighting between the devils and falling angels. My teacher will be leading these negotiations for his faction and is taking myself and one other person as body guards. It's during this I think we should announce who we are and i'll separate from them officially. We'll have the team show up and display our power in front off all the factions how does that sound.\" Vali looked over to Ophis and Haruto.

Ophis nodded acknowledging the plan and Haruto turned his head and looked at Vali. Haruto was actually spacing out while Vali explained this stuff as he didn't really care at the moment he was recalling his night with Mei and also wondering what B was talking about. He was thinking when he felt a staring gaze on him. It seemed Vali had finished and it looked like he was seeking approval for the plan he had just explained. Haruto nodded but Vali didn't know Haruto had no idea what was going on. After that Vali nodded back and turned to the others \"Alright let's prepare we leave tonight.\"

Haruto stood up and told Ophis \"While we wait im going down to my lab if you need me ill be there. \" Ophis watched as this man walked away from her and now she felt bored again.

Haruto conveniently built a lab in this HQ so he could come here to work on projects as he never really gave up researching and inventing as it was in his blood even when he didn't want to admit it was because of his father he did this. Haruto had decided to tweak his latest project which was a power suit that amplified his powers while giving him certain magical nullification abilities but it was still in its early phases at the moment as he found some materials difficult to find to make this work at 100%.

After a little while of working he heard a knock at his door. Haruto stopped his research and went upstairs. He returned to the same room they had the meeting at earlier and saw the group together again. Le Fay immediately ran behind Haruto and stuck out her tongue at her brother. Arthur just put a hand over his face at how immature his sister could be at times. Vali ignored the small action of Le Fay and spoke \"Alright everyone i'll head down first Haruto has given me this beacon for contacting you guys once I separate from teacher and you can all teleport to the highschool.\"

Harutos ears perked up as he heard they were going to Kuoh's Highschool. Haruto wondered if the ORC was going to be involved, well Akeno to be exact as he still had a fondness towards her. Before Vali left Haruto immediately spoke to the group.

\"If we go to the highschool and there is a dark haired girl named Akeno there nobody is to harm her. If anybody tries to harm her you stop them, if one of you does I will end you am I clear?\"

The members of the group were stunned for a second as they hadn't seen this side of Haruto. Normally he would invent things, play with Le Fay, keep Arthur occupied with intellectual debate, or spar with Vali but never would he take charge and be cold like this. Everyone nodded as they could tell he was being very serious on the subject but didn't dare protest under his killing intent. Vali left first and the others moved around to escape Haruto's pressure.

Haruto sat down as he let his aura down again. He didn't mean to let out his aura like that, but he got angry thinking of someone harming Akeno. Haruto really felt a soft spot for that girl and he didn't know why, she had struck him and left him. Haruto knew he should just drop her because all the stuff he did was ridiculous but when he thought of completely forgetting her it saddened him; imagining that little girl alone crying in the forest was who she still was to him. Lost in his thoughts it wasn't long until a watch on his wrist that was matte black flashed a blue light signaling him that Vali was ready to proceed with his plan. The others noticed the small flashing light as they were a bit on edge because this would be the moment the revealed themselves to the world. Haruto stood up and gathered next to everyone when the magic circle lit under their feet and the transported to Kuoh High.

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