DxD New Dragon!
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DxD New Dragon!
Author :MrSunni
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Haruto watched as Scar lost his composure, rightfully so, after losing his arm. While watching Scar fall into chaos Haruto released some power to destroy Scar's arm right in front of him.


Haruto just gave him a look of disgust as Scar's current state wasn't even worth really killing him. He had got what he needed by making an example of this idiot while venting at the same time.

Quiet muttering came from the deranged Scar as he gripped his head with his hand as he keep repeating.

\"Ill kill you. Ill kill you. Ill kill you. Ill kill you. Ill kill you. Ill kill you. Ill kill you. Ill kill you.\"

Scar's original dark flames seemed to build up to be even more sinister as his chanting built up black flames behind him growing with his hate by the second. The build up was making the surronding area turn dark and everything became hot. The bystanders watched as Scar was going out of control. Vali noticed this and was about to say something to Haruto when a teleportation circle activated behind Scar.

Haruto's face instantly went dark when he felt the presence of who was inside the circle.

\"Haruto-kun what brings you here?\" The man walked out with blonde streaks in his dark hair wearing a fitted purple suit with a large smirk on his face.

\"I thought I told you to stop calling me that.. Father.\" Haruto replied with a cold voice.

\"Ahhh you see I think I told you to make me stop first.\" Azazel simply replied waving off Haruto's nasty attitude.

Sirzechs and Michael were upset when they saw Azazel and even more so when they found out the kid giving them so much trouble was his in the first place.

Rias and Co were completely dumbfounded by the news that Haruto was basically the prince of all Fallen Angels, but the ones most affected were probably Issei and Akeno. Issei was struggling with this because after losing to him he felt it wasn't that big a deal but now he may have made enemies with the son of Azazel was making his super nervous about later.

Akeno on the other hand felt conflicted as she hated fallen angels but remembered his kindness. She clenched her chest as she tried to make sense of the emotions flowing through her.

Scar was the first to verbally react to this huge bomb that happened so suddenly. He turned towards Azazel and bowed.

\"Sir you didn't need to come I was in the middle of teaching this little..\" he hesitated as he realized who this was to his leader, \"young man here a lesson about respecting our mission to seek peace between our factions.\"

'Jeez this fucking loser knows how to kiss ass' ran through everyone's mind.

\"Yes, yes I know my son can be a handful and I can tell he has been causing you some trouble but as his father I will show him some discipline. This isn't unfair is it Mr.Scar\"

Scar bowed his head to Azazel while replying \"No not at all Azazel, please just make sure I get justice for my precious arm.\"

Azazel looked at his arm and laughed. \"I know, I know don't fret Scar you have been loyal for so long how could I leave you in this state.\" Azazel pulled something out of his pocket and tossed it towards Scar. \"Here's a gift from me. Go redeem this at one of our stores to replace your arm with whatever enhancements you like. Now leave. Go back as we have more work to do as I wrap things up here for you.\"

Scar flinched slightly as he knew Azazel was more pissed then he let show but he followed Azazel's orders anyways to make sure he didn't do anything else to make his leader more upset so he left.

Haruto clenched his fist thinking 'who the fuck does this old man think he is. abandoning mom and I all those years ago and now acting like he's still in charge of me. Piece of shit i'll show you trouble.' Contrary to his teenager thoughts he kept himself composed on the outside as Bahamut was telling him.

\"Don't sweat the small stuff kid. You've got plenty without him around just stay calm as talk to him to get some more information. Be cool and collected.

As Haruto heard B's voice he relaxed and turned towards the K.B. Looks like the cat is out of the bag so he might as well address his team now. Haruto smiled and said, \"I can explain more later but for now I think we should retreat, ill follow you guys after a quick conversation.\"

The K.B. was still shocked by the news but Vali spoke out first.

\"Just because you have connections to the leader of the Fallen Angels doesn't mean you aren't a member, nor does that mean we'll leave you here to fight by yourself against a strong opponent.\"

Vali flew down next to Haruto ready for whatever came next. The rest of the K.B. followed except for Ophis who kept her eyes on the magic circle that had yet to disappear.

\"Haruto my boy bringing your friends to meet me is very nice of you. Well if were making introductions I would like you to meet someone as well.\" Behind Azazel a person appeared in the same magic circle that he had just came from.\"

A woman wearing a tan cloak stepped out from the circle and walked next to Azazel before a pair of red eyes began giving a deathly stare at Vali and Haruto. Bahamut instantly warned Haruto.

\"Haruto this energy i'm feeling I recognize it dont let your guard down at any cost.\"

Haruto instanly put his guard up which made Vali next to him also gear up as a reaction to the energy coming from the woman next to Azazel. \"Who is she\" Vali whispered to Haruto.

\"No idea but she's dangerous\" Haruto whispered back.

\"No need to whisper boys. This young lady is named Hitomi. She is your sister.\"

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    《DxD New Dragon!》