DxD New Dragon!
19 Family part 1
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DxD New Dragon!
Author :MrSunni
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19 Family part 1

Haruto was shocked to hear he had a sister but it made him more upset his father seemed to just have started a new family and moved on to another. Regardless he was ready for battle as Vali and the rest of the KB came next to him to fight his father.

\"Now Haruto-kun I really don't want to hurt you but you've obviously caused me some trouble today so i'll let your sister teach you a lesson in discipline. Hitomi would you please educate your brother.\"

\"Of course Father.\" Hitomi simply replied before pushing off the ground launching directly at Haruto. Haruto was surprised by her movements but rushed at her regardless stopping them both in between the two groups while the ground shook from their clash.

The KB group prepared to help Haruto with Vali about to activate his Gear when Azazel appeared next to him placing his hand on Vali's shoulder. \"Why don't we just let the siblings figure this out\".

Vali quickly shrugged Azazel's hand off his shoulder and asked \"Why should I be listening to you?\" Azazel smirked and parted his lips slightly saying \"Because you are all about to witness a battle of strength the likes you have not seen before.\" Vali looked over to Haruto and watched as the clashes between the two siblings were causing the air around them around them creak from the pressure of their fight. Vali stared slightly wide eyed as the power from the two kept growing the more they clashed making his blood boil, he looked back at the group while the looked to him for his answer to Azazel's reason. \"Fine but if you or anybody interferes with his battle we won't hesitate to fight back with him.\" Vali turned away and continued watching the fight but his answer only caused Azazel to laugh loudly.

\"Well then it looks like well be in for a treat.\" Azazel calmed down and scanned the reactions of the group still standing in the school yard and noticed a young girl with purple hair his eyes flashed for a brief moment as he saw similarities in looks between this girl and his wife. He smiled as he saw the true look of worry on her face which was different then the surprise or fear on some of the others standing there. 'Looks like he found someone to care for him' was Azazel's thought as he turned back to watch the clash between his children with a proud smile...

Haruto was getting a bit frustrated as the higher he raised his power his sister would match it. They exchanged blow after blow without dealing real damage to the other as they both had very high resilience. Haruto was about to go for another blow to Hitomi's lower stomach when she grabbed his fist and spun around with her leg to swipe at his head. Haruto pushed forward to ride the angle of her kick and pushed her off him sending her a few feet away. Haruto was getting prepared for another exchange when he heard B.

\"Haruto are you listening!\" it was then he realized B was talking to him but he was so focused just now he couldn't hear the voice in his head. \"Sorry B i'm kinda busy right now\" Haruto flew forward to attack Hitomi where another exchange begun. Hitomi would be smiling and laughing as they exchanged blows moving about wildly letting out her raw power while Haruto was calculating how to predict her chaos. It seemed the two had completely different fighting styles that mismatched each others fighting style. Haruto continued to try to land a real hit when he kept hearing B screaming at him, \" That is... sister.\"

Haruto continued fighting but replied 'Yeah, yeah I know she's pretty good but I don't actually know she's my sister yet.' Haruto launched another fist towards her face but she launched a kick at his arm redirecting.

\"Nooo, i'm trying to tell you that is my sister!!!\"

Haruto was slightly thrown off by what B said that one of Hitomi's punches connected with his shoulder and sent him back with a cracking noise. \"Ahh damn it, I let my guard down, wait what did you say?\" Haruto processed and asked B.

\"I'm saying that is my original sister Tiamat one of the original dragon beings. she is the original dragon of chaos.\"

Haruto looked at Hitomi and then to Azazel. \"So you're telling me my father found two universally legendary beings and put them into his children?\" B was silent for a moment before replying.. \"Essentially, yes. Your father is either the smartest or luckiest person in this world.\"

Haruto turned back to Hitomi 'He's a piece of shit is what he is B.' Haruto had enough of this back and forth so he popped his shoulder back into place before releasing a heavy sigh. 'B we need to take this one step further these games are just going to keep us in the same spot.' Haruto spoke to B and B replied 'Haruto you know using that now will cause a lot of destruction to the planet, do you still wish to proceed.' Haruto looked at Hitomi who's eyes were blood red and chaotic to stare into before saying 'There seems to be no other option at the moment.'

B didn't say anything for a minute and the battlefield was quiet. Hitomi stared at Haruto and Haruto stared back with almost pity. She was being used by his father and it didn't even really seem like she cared. Haruto decided to try one last thing before anything, \"Hitomi! You don't have to do this. I know what you are, what we are, don't make me do this we can try something else! Anything else instead of being pawns in this man's games.\" That's right Haruto tried to reason with her because regardless if she actually was his sister he did not want to kill family he had already lost his mother he did not want to be the reason he also lost his sister.

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    《DxD New Dragon!》