DxD New Dragon!
20 Family Part 2
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DxD New Dragon!
Author :MrSunni
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20 Family Part 2

\"Hahahahahahaha\" Hitomi began laughing at Haruto's words. \"You think he controls what I do! I'm more powerful then he can control!\" Just as she shouted this at Haruto she released a blood red aura as he power spiked and shot into the sky.

B said \"Haruto it seems she is fully absorbed by her own power there's no use trying to reason with her anymore. I agree we should go all out now!\"

Haruto's jaw tightened 'Let's do this B' before landing on the ground and taking in a deep breath.

B murmured to his friend 'It's time to stand against chaos together.'

Haruto placed his hands together and started to speak his prayer to B to unlock his power.

\"Lord of the Wind, give me strength,

For I am not strong enough to stand up against the evil around me.

On my own, I will stumble in time, and be crushed under the tides of darkness that flood around me.

I need your aid to save me from the shadows of the world,

And from myself,

Because even as I put my sword against the foes of the people,

And even though my shield guards the defenseless from evil's claws,

In time, I could become exactly what I seek to abolish.\"

As he finished the world became silent for a moment when a shot of platinum light shot in the air revealing the night sky shining light down on the area making all in the audience open the mouths from surprise.

The battlefield began tearing up from the sheer amount of output these two heaven defying beings released as they let out their true forms.

Hitomi finished her transformation revealing a mask with multiple faces around her head wearing an armor of different colors a mixture of blue black red green and white. Her shin guards a dark blue, her arm guards a dark green, her chest piece shone a white, while her helmet was pitch black and she also held a long red spear with a dark aura around it souls crying from the abyss as she had consumed them into her weapon. She had blood red eyes and a sinister smile as she looked upon Haruto and his new look.

Haruto was the opposite of his sister's transformation he had a pure platinum armor that almost shined to bright to directly look at with a long sword the size of a car while in contrast holding a shield the size of a tire of a small care. His eyes shone a bright blue hue has he activated the ability passed down to him.

Vali and the rest of KB stared in awe as they saw their friend unleash so much power at once leaving Vali wanting to fight him more so he could catch up to his friend.

The leaders of each faction were more worried then anything as they witnessed the power of Azazel's children first hand. They seemed to be limitless in their magic pools and their auras almost suppressed their own as leaders completely. This was absolute power.

Akeno and Co watched as they felt like ants compared to these giants. Akeno clenched her chest hoping Haruto did not get hurt while they were in this awkward place in their relationship if she could call it that. Rias only looked at her own people promising to herself that she would help her people climb higher with the power she planned to obtain. Issei only watched as he saw the power of an original dragon which caused him and red to make a pact not to get on those peoples bad side and also try to increase their power because they too had the pride of dragons.

Haruto watched as his sister continued to stare at him with blood lust then moved at her. He swung his sword and she with her spear clashing again but this time the ground below them instantly caved from the one swing. Hitomi took the chance to release the sword and put Haruto off balance and reached out to grab his armor. Haruto took his shield to bash her arm away when his senses told him to look behind him but before he could Hitomi released her weapon and used her second hand to grab onto his shield to hold him in place.

Azazel had made a move on Haruto and used Hitomi to hold him in place. Azazel came from behind his son and stuck a device he had made on to the back of Haruto's armor. As he did a large pulsing sound reverberated around them and Haruto pushed Hitomi off and looked towards his father.

\"What the hell is this\" Haruto shouted trying to remove it with his weapon as the air around him started to bend while the device activated and Haruto felt the heat build up around him.

\"Look Haruto I need you out of the picture while I search for your mother. Right now your getting in the way of my plan so I need you to take a vacation alright.\" Azazel smiled at his son as he knew what was about to happen.

Haruto was having trouble processing what his father just said. His mother was apparently alive and he was suppose to go on vacation. This man was truly a different kind of crazy, but before Haruto could move he saw Azazel wave his hand goodbye as his vision blurred before blacking out...

A few moments later Haruto opened his eyes and looked around. The sky was blue and the world around him was still modern. His fathers device must have sent him to a different location as he was currently on a rooftop on some building. Haruto felt that something was off. As he took in his surroundings he heard some shouting.

\"COME ON HURRY UP! LETS GO UP THOSE STAIRS\" followed by some groans and growls.

Haruto was thoroughly confused of what was happening.

'Hey B where are we?' Haruto asked.

' I don't know but whatever is still stuck on your back is messing with our source of magic.' B replied.

'Did my father create some sort of anti-magic rune of some sort geez this thing is uncomfortable.'

Haruto scratched at his back when he was interrupted again by the sound of running up some footsteps. He saw three young Japanese students ,2 being male and 1 female with orangy-brown hair with bangs hanging over her face with two strands sticking out above the rest of her hair along with a small, single ponytail on the back of her head, hastily running on the rooftop and trying to stack items to block the stairs. That's when the young man with brown hair in a black uniform with a red shirt noticed him and asked \"Who the hell are you?\"

Haruto looked at him with a confused expression when the other boy with grey hair and brown eyes looked at Haruto and spoke \"Look introductions can wait, can you fight?\"

Haruto replied \"What are we fighting?\" not really caring who his opponent was as he figured he could get more info of where he was if he helped these students.

The two teenage boys looked at each other before the one with brown hair replied to Haruto with one simple word. \"Zombies...\"

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    《DxD New Dragon!》