DxD New Dragon!
21 Zombies Suck
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DxD New Dragon!
Author :MrSunni
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21 Zombies Suck

Haruto almost laughed when he heard the guy say zombies.

'Is this guy serious? Well this is fucking great. First I find out my mom's alive and now I have to fight zombies.'

Haruto thought to himself while he held his hand up to his head trying to sooth the headache he felt coming on. Haruto replied with asking \"Where are they coming from?\"

The guy with grey hair replied \"Just down these steps there's a group of them but they move relatively slow. Don't let that fool you those bastards have a deadly grip and a nasty bite.\"

\"Alright that should make this pretty easy then.\" Haruto walked towards the make-shift barricade they were working on and walked past the group of three.

\"NOO WAIT! Those things aren't something you can just fight with your bare hands!\" The girl shouted at Haruto as he made his way down.

Haruto wasn't really listening as he was taking in the image of these ugly creatures but felt a little sorry that these use to be regular people and he had to kill them there by putting them out of their misery. The girl behind shouted something but was held back by one of the guys and so Haruto continued down towards the steps. A zombie was making its way the stairs and went to grab at Haruto with its mouth wide open growling towards him.


A loud smack was heard and then the sound of the splattering of blood along the wall next to the staircase as a headless zombie stood in front of Haruto. The group behind Haruto looked at the zombie and then at Haruto with their mouths agape. They could barley process what happened let alone believe their eyes. This random person they just met had enough strength to smack the zombies head off with a simple slap, that slap barley being able to keep up with at that.

Haruto grumbled under his breath as some of the blood got stuck to his hand and this particular type had a very peculiar smell. As Haruto was about to shake some of the blood off of his hand B interrupted him.

'Hey Haruto do that again'

Haruto was confused why B was asking but he figured his most trusted partner had to have had a reason for asking. So Haruto walked down a couple steps to the next undead and this time he looked back at the group before staring at the bat in the guys hand.

\"Hey you, will you let me borrow that bat\" Haruto pointed at the bat in the guys hand.

\"Suit yourself\" The boy with brown hair tossed the weapon over to Haruto.

Haruto swung the bat lightly a few times to get used to the weight before skillfully swinging it around in front of the group before releasing a loud breath of relief.

\"Ahh that feels better, no more getting my hands covered in that shit. Now to release some steam on these bastards.\"

Haruto leapt down from the staircase kicking two zombies to the floor before following their heads with the edge of his bat.

'Yes, it seems when we eliminate those creatures the souls we free from the trapped vessel helps increase our source power so I can remove this device off our back.' B stated as Haruto stood over the two dead bodies.

'So what your saying is killing more of these zombies will eventually set me free.' Haruto asked.

'Yes, that seems to be correct.' B replied.

'Alright then i'll start by clearing this area here.' Haruto lunged off the floor barreling into another group of zombies leaving headless bodies left and right moving across the roof top with a grace of a ballerina with the bat. Haruto moved across the roof swinging the bat claiming zombie after zombie. It was about 5 minutes later that Haruto stood alone with a roof littered with a couple dozen corpses.

'So B, how much did that help?'

'....that was not even 1 percent worth of power my friend.'

'Shit.. looks like we'll be here for awhile, but it looks like this area is clear i'm going to find more of these to kill.'

Haruto spoke with B not minding the group of three that were climbing down the stairs coming up behind him.

\"Hey can I have that back now.\" The brown haired boy said from behind Haruto.

\"Hmm yeah, sorry I got it a bit dirty but the area is clear now.\" Haruto stated as he looked at the grey haired kid and asked B

'That guy is infected and going to turn into one of those things isn't he?'

B replied,

'Unfortunately yes he has less then 5 minutes I would guess before he is corrupted by this disease.'

'Yeah, it looks like it. Hey B do you think I could become like them.' Haruto asked.

'No first they'd have to penetrate your skin then they'd have to be able to contaminate your blood after but I'd still not take the risk since we haven't really inspected what the disease actually is.\" B replied.

'Okay avoid getting bit should be easy but now I have to find another weapon.' Haruto thought.

'If you can get our power to about 10 percent I should be able to manifest a simple weapon for you.' B spoke setting kind of a goal ahead of Haruto. Haruto worked best with information and goals ahead of him it kept his mind on that.

As Haruto finished up his conversation with B the brown hair guy was talking to Haruto.

\"Hey are you listening?\"

Haruto turned his focus to the young male and took a closer look at him, specifically his eyes, he had determination in his eyes and worry. Probably worried about his friend who was dying next to him or how he was going to take care of the girl, after he was left alone with her. Many different feelings and thoughts could be read from his eyes but in the eyes of the grey haired male were despair and regret.

Haruto nodded \"Yeah sorry I was a bit zoned out what did you say?\"

\"I said what are we gonna do, the roof is clear and we should keep moving and find something to get out of here with right.\"

Haruto didn't reply but looked at them and asked \"What are your names?\"

This time it was the girl to reply, \"Why does that matter we need to go and get help for our friend before he's gone!\" she shouted with tears in her eyes.

Haruto shook his head \"I would like to know the names of the people i'm supposedly working with.\" Haruto said firmly towards her.

The girl gave Haruto a hopeless and frustrated look when the brown haired guy stepped forward,

\"My name is Komuro Takashi.\" Komuro spoke first.

\"Nice to meet you Takashi, you can call me Haruto.\" Haruto responded with his own introduction.

Haruto looked at the girl before she bit her lip and made her introduction.

\"My name is Rei Miyamoto, you can call me Miyamoto.\" She said before looking at her grey haired friend but he didn't introduce himself it was Takashi who spoke for him.

\"This is our friend Hisashi Igo. He's having a tough time right now.\" Takashi grimmaced as he looked at his friend in shambles with a makeshift bandage around his wound. Takashi knew his friends fate but didn't want say it out loud for Rei's sake.

\"You know he has to die correct.\" Haruto didn't beat around the bush and directly said aloud what Takashi was thinking.

Rei's face turned mortifyed immediately hearing the statement in the air like that before saying \"NOOO! You can't kill Hisashi just because he was bit! He has time we can still save him if we take him to a hospital!\" Rei tried to reason why Hisashi should live as she cried in front of them.

\"Unfortuanely his time is going to be up before we ever get off this roof, now you can let him die as a man with dignity or you can let him turn into one of those monsters you see laying of the floor. I will dispose of him whichever state you decide.\" Haruto said coldly as he was annoyed by this girls attitude.

\"Rei listen to him. I don't have much time left and he is strong enough to keep you guys safe for the time being. I'm not a child who will let you make decisions for me I am... *COUGH *COUGH.\"

Blood splashed onto the floor as Hisashi spoke for himself and his body was getting worse by the second.

\"Hisashi don't say things like that okay. You're going to be alright we'll help you and everything will be okay again.\" Rei spoke to Hisashi with a soft soothing voice as she saw the state he was in.

Haruto walked up to Hisashi and looked to Takashi.

\"May I borrow that again?\" Haruto asked looking towards the bat he returned to Takashi.

Takashi looked down at his hand around the bat and back at Haruto, his arm felt like cinder blocks as he lifted the bat knowing the weight of the actions as he was handing this over to Haruto. Rei watched as Takashi handed the bat over to Haruto and her eyes went wide with anger.

\"Takashi what the hell are you doing he's going to kill Hisashi!\"

\"Enough of your nonsense, let the man decide his own fate instead of trying to fight a useless battle now step away before his blood spreads onto you!\" Haruto said impatiently.

Rei didn't give in \"NOOO!\" she shouted as she wrapped her arms around Hisashi and tried to protect him from Haruto. \"I won't let you take him away from me!\" she cried tears and snot on Hisashi and she tried to stop what Haruto was about to do. Takashi came up from behind her and started to pull her away.

\"Come on Rei, Hisashi asked for this don't make his last request into this show.\" Takashi said quietly as he tried to pull Rei off of Hisashi.

\"NO! I won't let you all do this it's stupid he just needs a doctor and...\" *SLAP

Takashi had his hand in the air and the surrondings turned quiet.

\"IF YOU WANT TO HONOR HIM LET HIM GO OUT THE WAY HE CHOOSES!\" Takashi yanked Rei away from Hisashi and dragged her from the spot they were standing.

Rei scratched and screamed as she was pulled away but eventually it was quiet again as Haruto placed the bat on Hisashi shoulder. The two were finally alone and the surroundings slowly became silent as Rei shouting grew more distant. Haruto looked at Hisashi's state and spoke to him.

\"Are there any last words you wish to speak before you meet you end as a warrior young man.\"

Haruto trying to impersonate something B would say in this moment.

\"Yes, I actually have a request. Can you please make sure my friends make it out of this alive?\" Hisashi was an honorable person as his last request was to ensure the safety of his friends.

\"Very well I make a promise to you before death that they will be safe with me until they are safe on their own.\" Haruto said to bring Hisashi peace before his execution.

\"Thank you very much, I can die with some peace at least with that promise from you\" Hisashi said as he closed his eyes. Haruto slowly lifted the bat off Hisashi's shoulder and over his head.

\"Very well then I wish you peace in the after life.\" Haruto said as he prepared to bring the bat down on Hisashi.

\"WAIT!!!\" A shout came from behind Haruto as he stopped centimetres above Hisashi's head and the force behind the bat generated a wind that pushed away all the dust and debris from the spot they stood. Haruto took a deep breath as he was thrown out of focus from performing this execution in an honorable fashion.

Haruto turned to see where the voice came from and it was surprisingly from Takashi.

Takashi was looking at Haruto and Hisashi with a look of pain when he spoke, \"If anybody is going to do this it's going to be me. I didn't help Hisashi enough and he's been my friend all these years. It's only proper if I do it.\" Takashi looked directly at Haruto and stood firm with new resolution in his eyes.

Haruto saw those eyes and was sort of impressed as he saw this young man was actually determined to perform this execution on his friend. Haruto let out a small smirk before tossing the bat over to Takashi.

\"Very well, if it were me i'd prefer my own people do it rather than a stranger.\" Haruto said as he walked past Takashi and over to where Rei was watching everything happen. Haruto made his way next to Rei and turned her away from the scene saying, \"It's alright to look away as a loved one dies but you have to live your life as best you can for them as you live on from today. Death is natural and we just have to make it as worthy as possible once they are gone.\" Haruto said something nice to Rei as he saw the sadness in her. She continued to cry as Haruto wrapped an arm around her when Takashi let out a shout followed by the sound of his bat smashing into Hisashi. Hearing this Rei continued to cry even harder.

Takashi stood there as he saw the shattered skull of his friend in front of him as he vomitted from the sight. After letting out his lunch he turned away and walked to the two standing some distance away from him. Slowly making his way to the two people he wiped his mouth and looked at Haruto. Haruto simply gave Takashi a small nod. Haruto watched as Takashi walked back with the bat at his side and eyes distant. This made him think back to his first kill fighting alongside his mother. This made Haruto show a slightly sad expression as he thought back to all the events in his life so far.

\"Losing\" his mother, meeting Akeno, fighting constanly, finally loving Mei, fighting his sister, and meeting his father again before being put in this situation. Haruto had a lot going on but it was best if he analyzed and refocused. As of now all he had to do was kill. Something he was quite good at.

As Takashi made his way back and Haruto was in deep thought Rei had finally calmed down enough to utter something as she collected herself. Haruto turned to her and asked \"What was that?\" Takashi had stepped up next to them on the same section of roof. \"I said Zombies SUCK!\" Rei replied with attitude. Haruto looked at Takashi, and Takashi just gave him a small shrug.

Haruto looked back and Rei and let out a sigh. 'This is going to be a long day'

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