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when I opened my I see a peaceful sky with peaceful atmosphere I was laying there but that was just my think but I started to hear voices calling me I try to search the source of the voice but no luck I try to closed my eyes to focus the source of sound but the sound become louder and louder I try to open my eyes when I see people fighting with each other some are slashing the throats some are crying in agony and pain and calling for help I just don't understand what was going on and then try to chant some words( go back to peaceful time) I was repeating these but no avail my heart beat was beating faster than usual I try to stand up but every time I try to move my all body it try hurt as someone try to cut my body I try to lift my upper body as I try to stand up I try to walk only seeing people killing each other when I try to walk past them as they can't see or I am not present there I try to touch them but I can't as my hand pass through it like this is all illusion but yet I can fell everything when I try to search around I see a man with black hat and suit try to watch me I try to call him but he only smile I try to walk but I take few steps when that man approached me and only saying one thing wake up and then stabbed me with his hand only seeing him smiling at me when closed my eyes and then opening it I was in a room I was thinking it might be other but I was not because I started to remember who I was memories started to recall I was son of a king Charles Zi and I was third Prince and youngest fourth child of king my mother Sonea Zi was a magic king as she reached the magic level understanding high I try to remember it started to hurt so I try not I get out of my bed going to bathroom to see big mirror attached to left side of bathroom door when I see it I started to remember my name Tang Zi I was 5 year old and below my name it was written magic Lv 6 and martial Lv 5 these were the ranking of my power gauge that was from birth when you are born but some how I can surpass these levels because I know the method this world would not no but this world is not earth nor it is martial world not magic world it's I don't know my memories are just jumbled can't make sense out of it at when time I am staring at sky next i am at battle field and getting killed I try to recall all these memories I collapse thinking this might be a dream but a very weird dream for me
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