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When I pass the exam I was told to go to my dorm to unpack my things and be familiar with people around it but how would thought that I would be sharing that room with cold hearted princess at childhood she was gentle looking beautiful child because she was the daughter of general and also my second teacher how would help in my training when teacher Sakura was gone for some work as you would expect she was very prideful of martial arts as she level was 10 when I beat her up she was shocked and was left speechless after that when ever we would meet she would challenge to me of duel even if I lost on purpose she would not accept it and would try to challenge me again I would try to hide from her now when I was in front of her room or our room I don't know what kind of problem I was getting my self into I was having thousands thoughts of not gonna enter it when I knock the door nobody answered it so I move the handle of the door and open it yes I regret it because the moment I opened it every thing was a mess as a tornado have run through this place shirts, pajamas etc were some place on the bead some on the chair yes I should have closed the door rather cleaning it I see bear shape pants well I well just pretend as I didn't see it when I cleaned everything and unpack my stuff it was pretty late at night so I slept when I wake up tomorrow I thought she would have returned but I sigh of relief I try to wash my self and get down stairs to eat my breakfast I saw a lot of students there eating there breakfast I try to pick up breakfast after going to my class as I was getting late when I reach to my class I opened the door nobody was there but I was not notified that class was not gonna start as I was just leaving when I sense that there are some or may people are present but I can't see them when I closed my eyes and break that illusion and open it the teacher was standing watching me while some students were talking or some were watching me with curiosity as what action would I do but when I ask teacher about my seat he just smile and give me a paper to solve it and showed me my seat but faith sometime connect us were sitting beside with each other yes that cold hearted princess Elena gradfield she smiles at me and introduce her self as it is her meeting as our classes was over I see her behavior was good to others as a noble lady but when we were inside our room she just show her true self by looking at me while smiling at me and told me that she has changed she would not fight with each other anymore nor she would annoy him by saying these words she left the room has she was meeting with some one but all problem start here now she is not showing her fangs like always and waiting for the moment to strike which is even more trouble some now I hope we spent peaceful time together I would be most happy person in the world
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