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Today I have to meet Celina daughter of Sakura teacher so I wear beautiful clothes because first impression is the last impression as I would meet her one of my owned restaurants in dragon country in dragon continent there are 10 country and dragon country size ( is like size of Australia + China) and this continent is touched is to North and South Pole and ( planet size is of Jupiter)

So when I enter in the restaurant I meet the receipt and told her name which she booked the room and after knowing the room number I was taken to the room when we reached he knock the door and told that guest have arrived after saying this he left I opened the door when she given me permission to enter I opened the door I sat on chair opposite to her she just looked like her mother and it's the first time we ever meet but I heard from Sakura teacher she have three sons and three daughters after breaking the silence as she was just looking at me as she is judging me so I told her what kind of work she needed help after she smiles and speak by saying she is having problem with a group certain criminal group and you also know them better than I do I looked her in odd expression and then told her that group name is death magic basically by name those groups of people use dark magic and I get serious expression after saying that this group is not something you should handle something yourself because they are entire organaization in this continent not some groups and rather than making enemy I made friendship with them and there leader is close friend now when I say this Celina looked at me astonished and thinking how can I say something these kind of words I thought if I was not Prince I was 100% sure she would slith my throat now but I said to her again that taking this mission of finding these groups is far harder as they cover there face when they do mission and finding them hard only if you do not clash with them chances of finding them is difficult her face is showing disappointment but more as she might be thinking I might be working with them but I told her a secret that they would not mess with our country and if they did then I might punish them by beating them or if they crossed the line well I will killed them all so you don't have to worry Emma by saying this I told Celina that she has any more questions she start scanning the room then looking at who is Emma I only smile and repeat my question she looked at me few moments then looking downward and thinking but not answered the question I asked I stand up and left the room but only hint her that they are watching your moments while you are not aware of it after I left and enter into hotel and go to top floor fifth floor and enter a room well they were watching sitting on bead smiling at me I sigh telling them not to meet me when I am meeting with some one this well get you into trouble you if they find your presence those people were from that organization and the one laying on bead as she doesn't care she is the daughter of that criminal organization henna arthur and other girl who is sitting on bed is her childhood friend and also body guard role given to her Olivia is her name Emma father he is known as king of night as people call him king of night as he is top 5 assassin's in continent and his name is Arthur tiger but public did not no his name so I told Emma what is she come for she stand up from bed and come towards me by putting her hands on my shoulder and giving that innocent look and charm and saying that she has come to meet her beautiful husband I sigh I know what she has come for here she just want some cash and in her dictionary little money means 100 million plus gold coins I said how many you need she only show sign of victory which I taught her in order to confirm is it million and she simply say billion I rolled my eyes I give to her and she kiss my cheek and disappear well she only thing of me fat chicken because in country 90% of restaurants and hotels are owned by me and my great source of income is rental homes to multiple family or people house I give for rental have minimum 50 rooms with attached bathroom because 80% does not provide attached bathroom because of that which is great selling point and not other hotels have and my charges are expensive by rent 1 white gold coin per room monthly because each room is 500 square feet and houses which have 100 rooms plus I charged them 100 gold coins and my other income source is selling potions and pills and because of collecting that much money that's how I meet one day I was in hotel to inspect and when I meet her when I was inpecting a room she grabbed me and put dagger on my neck try to threaten me to give every money you have I just start laughing thinking there might be some idiots how would threaten me in my own country and in capital which I live she try to press the dagger and I told her that does she even know me and she answer you might be some rich Noble I smile and told her that what If I told you that I am Prince of this country then what will you do she lossen her grip of dagger and I appear behind her back and slithly pressed her throat by my hand and told her what now want to struggle she know any slight move can lose her life but when I looked at her eyes telling me she just want to turn this situation so I left her and give her 100 gold coins telling her not to do this and my guard looked at me with strange douth full look but I left her after she meet me again of challenging me if I win she will serve me enternity tell dead I don't know what she was planning at that time when I fought her I won and after saying she will full fill her agreement we did after knowing her that she was age 13 she was also the same age as me and she was training and father told her to sneak attached me when I told her about why would she serve me for enternity I shouldn't have asked she explained that if she challenging someone and he is same age is her and if she lost to her she will marry that guy that was her clan rule for women and if she doesn't want to serve that man she could kill him in certain days if she fail she will have to accept that I told her what if I purposely lose what about that if we fight again and why are you telling me about that clan rule well she smiles and said she lost to me rather than sad she is happy because she wanted to marry me when we reached that age when she was saying this she was blushing like beautiful lady has fallen in love thinking about that days really was fun way meeting her
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