The Battle Junkie Healer
1 NANI ! ! ! ! Onesho
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The Battle Junkie Healer
Author :LaharZero45
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1 NANI ! ! ! ! Onesho

"Fucker, is that Guy really a Healer!?"

"That... Isnt his Class a Scam!?"

"Stupid! That Guy is a Battle Junkie Lugias! a Battle Arena Maniac!"

"Fuck its him? But how come a mere Healer!—"

"Single Handedly Fight that Boss Head-on?!"

"What's more! That Boss was an Agility type.."

Peanut Gallery above the Cliff Spectating a Man solo-ing one of the Ferocious Boss of this Game, an Assassin type Boss who doesnt care about Aggro, the Boss of Intelligent type. It was also a Kind of Boss that Independently hunt his prey and ambush any Players he could see. There was even some rumors that a number 1 Player, a Berserker Class was one sidedly killed by this Boss but...

For some reason one Guy Raiding it alone...

* * *

Back to the Field...

The Man Fighting this ferocious who was Alone and a Healer on top of that. One could see a Player's Class because of its Trait. this Man was fully equipped with white long Cloaks, wearing white cottoned looking Tiara, his Cloaks also adorned with the sigil of a Golden Cross and Angel wings. But because of his Muscular Body, one might throw up seing this Man wearing beautiful equipment.

Summon [Angel's Idol] — it was a Statue of an Angle with size that of a child, it dropped to the ground from the Heaven. though it can be Interrupted, this Man successfully summoned this Skill.







"The Fuck!? He casualy summoned Healing Totem and Heal the Damaged he just recieved!"


"Say, is he really a Healer? how come he's using mace and small round shield?!"

"the fuck should I know!?"



Peanut Gallery were speechless.

* * *

Summon [Crush Guard] — it was a pillar summoned to Interrupt ones skill where it was Summoned, it can also give Invincible Fram(I-frame) for a short period of time to dodge a skill, he used it this I-frame to dodge the Assassin's Boss Deadly Strike. For the record, it was a Skill specific for Guardian Class.


"T...That was aGuardian skill!"

"a Healer using the skill of a Guardian!?"

Peanut Gallery was Bewildered.

[Electric Smite] — it was the skill came from mace and smash downward for AOE effect and Electrified anyone it damaged, it was a Skill which can activated if one came from the air.

" " "NANI!!!!" " " Simultaneously, Peanut Gallery questioned themselves if what they saw was real. This Healer used skills of not one, not two but 3 of the Priest-type Class on this Game. Because of...

[Divine Guardian] is an Ultimate skill of Guardian

[Divine Blessing] is an Ultimate skill of Crusader

[Goddess's Idol] is an Ultimate skill of Highest Priest Class, Pope.

he summoned All of it, an Ultimate Defense, Ultimate Attack and Ultimate DPS Heal. all of it was an AOE, and all of it was an Ultimate Skill of those 3 respective Classes. but this Man casually Activate this skill alone to kill this Assassin Type Boss in front of him.




Like that, a Jaw-dropping scene could see.


This time None could ever heard any sound but a flick of wind where this many spectators was. Not until that Man Walked away after he looted the Boss dropped.


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