Harem Building Incubus System
45 Wolfgang“s Disgrace
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Harem Building Incubus System
Author :Devil_Paragon
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45 Wolfgang“s Disgrace

Like a delighted little deer, Daphne strutted out of Konrad's chambers and returned to hers, not forgetting to sway her hips back and forth to give him a good show. He was now free to deal with Faidra and Aliki whom he pulled into his spatial pouch to reveal his true nature.

When the pair of vat wings and goat horns respectively sprang from his back and forehead, the sisters' eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

"Demon…master you are a…demon?"

"How could this be?"

The two turned their eyes to face one another and reaffirm the truth through their mutual shock before returning their gaze onto Konrad who stared at them with a smirk.


It would be a lie to say they were not alarmed. Although unlike the nobility and the clergy who treated matters pertaining to demons with severity, commoners and slaves saw them more as distant bogeymen, they were still known as terrifying creatures of sin and depravity who brought countless woes to the mortals that fell prey to them.

However, thinking about it more carefully, the sisters realized that Konrad's revelation was a show of trust and their only opportunity to truly join his ranks. Should they step back now, there would be no future for them by his side.

For the sake of that cock, could they not handle a bit of demonic blood? A new wind of resolve carried them onward, and they knelt with reverence.

"Master, regardless of your origin, we swear to serve you across all lifetimes!"

The pledge caused Konrad to nod with approval. The sisters had not disappointed his expectations!

Indeed, the key to a woman's submission was always a good shag!

"Very well, we shall cement your pledge in a Master-Servant contract. Henceforth you belong, body and soul, to my household."

The pentagrams were summoned, the demonic glyphs brought forth, and in a twister of purple fog, Faidra and Aliki signed the demonic contract to officially become servants of Konrad's house. The terms were, however, more generous than what Freya and the other servants received, causing their talent to significantly increase.

Their cultivation should have only risen to the seventh step Adept Knight Rank, but using a thin part of the energy gained from Zamira, Konrad brought it to the eighth, following which he gave them two of the high-grade True Rank cultivation pills he possessed to make further breakthroughs.

After refining them, their cultivations jumped by another five steps and reached the fourth step True Knight Rank.

Such progress in a single day was beyond their wildest dreams.

"Thank you for your care, master!"

They exclaimed in deep bows with their bodies trembling from emotions. They had not expected that as soon as they returned to his arms, Konrad would work so hard on promoting their cultivations and allowed them to save years, if not decades of hard work in a single day!

Who didn't want to follow such a generous master?

"This is no big deal. I still need to find a new cultivation method for you. I will try to find the most suitable, but after changing, we can't prevent your cultivation speed from stagnating a little bit. You will need to take some time to adjust and solidify your foundation."

Changing cultivation methods was no small matter and, in most cases, did more harm than good unless the person was willing to destroy their foundation and start anew. However, Konrad was confident that within the system, he could find something perfectly suitable for his two beauties.

"Tonight, I will return to take you to an entertaining gathering and give you a more -proper- reward."

The mischievous grin with which he said those words convinced them of the gathering's licentious nature. As for the "proper reward," what could it be beside the shag they desperately craved? The simple thought of what was to come sent jolts of electricity through their supple bodies.

Afterward, he settled them within quarters to their likings and left the spatial pouch to return to the Kracht mansion.

Now it was time to deal with serious matters. Konrad was sitting cross-legged on his bed in silent meditation when the Flame-Mark's voice echoed within his head.

"Thinking about how to completely take over this house?"

"Naturally. While I never cared about such matters, it goes without saying that I've antagonized all the male members of this house. They might not be taking action now, but who knows what will happen tomorrow or the day after?

People are fickle, I cannot sit and wait for death. Even that father-in-law is not necessary that trustworthy. Who's to say that after obtaining the Holy Flame Baptism quota, he will not find a way to put me to death and find himself a son-in-law to his liking?"

Although Wolfgang had secluded himself in his cultivation abode and Wulf was recovering from his massive shock, things still didn't bode well for Konrad. He had spotted more than one angry stare from some of the younger male nobles of house Kracht. Stare experience told him would bring nothing but trouble.

The best way to solve all this was to trick Wolfgang into signing a written Master-Servant contract.

But how?

"You may not need to do anything. Be patient, be yourself, and the opportunity will most likely deliver itself. The events have already been set in motion."

The Flame Mark assured, causing confusion to flash within Konrad's eyes. However, as he wondered how such an opportunity could just offer itself, Zamira's figure flashed within his mind and brought him immediate enlightenment.

"Hahaha, I understand!"

Konrad burst into laughter, thinking that tomorrow morning would be remarkably entertaining.


Without further bluster, the rest of the day was uneventful. Wolfgang spent the entire day locked in secluded cultivation, after which he returned to Zamira's bed intent on warming it.

He found her resting on a pillow with a nightgown that caused blood to flow to his groins.

"My love, here I am to fulfill your needs!"

He roared and pounced onto her. Although she didn't sound particularly thrilled, Zamira didn't reject him. But soon, Wolfgang was forced to realize that all his teasing and caresses were bringing no reaction from his partner.

"What's wrong, are you not in the mood?"

He asked worriedly. It was odd, her earlier words clearly implied that she expected him tonight. So why was she so different from her usual fiery self?

However, Zamira's next words almost caused him to spurt blood.

"I was, but hum…how can I say this? I'm starting to feel like you got rusty…"

The mighty Uradel count almost fell off the bed, the blow too hard to bear.

"Come again? Last time was less than a week ago, and back then you were obviously much more responsive! How could I've gotten worse in the span of a few days?!

I don't believe it!"

He then tried to subdue her with oral work, but all his accumulated skills failed to excite and moisten her even a tiny bit. It was like trying to get a moan from a doll.

"Stop, you've tried your best. It's not your fault.

Perhaps all those years spent in arid cultivation caused you to slowly lose your touch? Maybe you're not just attuned with the current trends? Or perhaps the problem lies with me. In any case, I'm not feeling anything. Sorry."

Zamira would of course never reveal that Konrad was to blame for this. Even at the gate of the netherworld, she wouldn't. She slowly but firmly pushed the bewildered Wolfgang away from her and turned on her pillow to fall asleep.

"How…how could this be?"

Wolfgang stared slack-jawed at his beloved consort who soon fell into deep slumber. Never in his life had he suffered such a heavy blow!

"Did I only manage to make her fall asleep?"

But at that time, throaty moans bypassed the walls and reached his sharp ears, causing his dazed eyes to turn toward their origin.

"Again? Does he dare?"

"Wait…why am I hearing so many different female moans?

One…two…three…four…how could this be?

He's playing with four at the same time?"


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