Short stories about life
6 my feelings
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Short stories about life
Author :steph38
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6 my feelings

I'm not worth the air I breathe

I'm not worth the food I consume

I'm not worthy of the love I receive

I'm not worthy of the life I've lead

I'm not worthy of my awesome mom

I dont deserve to have lead such a life

No one deserves to have to put up with me

it's not fair for me to cause so much pain

it's not fair to everyone around me

I've hurt so many just by being alive

I know none of this is true but my mind says


I've caused a death today, no not a humans

somome close to my mom

I made one mistake

I stayed up to late

I slept in and when I woke thats when I found


We both cried but she blamed me

She said "if you could have just been awake

today this wouldent have happend"

she hates me, she resents me.

I feel like she no longer loves me.

I know this is not true, but what if

What would I do without my mothers love

She was the thing keeping me here

Without her I would be long gone

Being without her love is the same as if she

Were no longer here

I want to die

I know I shouldn't

I can't

Cause if I were to die to

What would happen to her

Who would comfort her

Who would tell her its alright

and not to worry about me

I can't leave her

I don't want to leave her

When she's gone I will have nothing left

if she dosent love me I will have nothing left

I could have saved him

It was all my fault

she says she dosent blame me

but deep down

I know she dose

my mother loved that animal

how could I have done that to her

He's gone now

there is nothing i can do

All these feelings

caused by one mistake
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    《Short stories about life》