My Youth Began With Him
1429 I Want to Date You for the Rest of My Life 10
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My Youth Began With Him
Author :Baby Piggie
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1429 I Want to Date You for the Rest of My Life 10

Ni Yang asked since he wasn't sure upon seeing the dark office. When Huo Mian heard his voice, she crawled out from under the desk…

"My god, Sis… are you playing hide and seek with me?" Ni Yang was surprised to see Huo Mian crawl out.

"It's a long story, I'll tell you later," Huo Mian said as she turned on the lights. Then, she saw the small nail on the ground – picking it up, she noticed that there was still some blood on it.

"Thanks for saving me." She carefully put the nail away and headed downstairs with Ni Yang.

As expected, when they went over to security, the guards on call had no idea what had happened. It seemed like the company's system had been hacked, causing all the elevators, surveillance cameras, and hallway lights to stop working.

Huo Mian walked out of GK with a heavy heart and told Ni Yang what happened without mentioning to him that it was Huo Siqian.

She didn't want him to worry too much, so she kept this information from him.

"My god, Sis… you almost went face to face with a psycho, what if something happened to you!" Ni Yang was terrified.

"Look at me, I'm fine." Huo Mian smiled.

"How can you still be smiling? What if that person didn't step on your nail, what are you going to do then?" Ni Yang cringed at this thought.

It didn't seem likely that the pervert would fall for her trap. Where would Huo Mian be right now if the psycho didn't step on the nail?

"I'm fine. Plus… my tactics may be childish, but they work every time," Huo Mian said, proud of the two traps she set by the door.

This was a classic psychological failing; people usually only paid attention to things above them, and more often than not, ignored the things under their feet.

Ever since she was kidnapped, Huo Mian had been very careful when it came to personal security. After all, she was the wife of the president of a conglomerate, so it was normal for kidnappers to target her.

Therefore, she always brought an anesthesia needle with her, wherever she went.

When she wore her white lab coat, she would place that needle in her front pocket, and when she wore casual clothes, she would hide it in her shoe. There was a bolt on top of that needle and it became her life-saving weapon.

She never thought she would use it, but tonight, she did.

If it was some women other than Huo Mian in that office tonight, they would be wishing that they were dead right now, right?

But why was Huo Siqian there? Did he know she was working overtime? Was it a coincidence or was it premeditated?

There were so many questions going on in her head…

She originally wanted to call the police but was afraid to alert the media. It would be bad for the company if the reporters began spreading rumors again.

Plus, she couldn't have asked Su Yu and the others to pick her up, because people might also write about them.

With Zhixin in New Zealand, she had no choice but to call Ni Yang for help.

"Sis… you must be hungry, let's go eat something."

"It's okay, I'm not hungry, can you take me home? I'll leave my car here and deal with it tomorrow."


Truly terrified, Huo Mian felt weak all over as she sat in Ni Yang's white Porsche Cayenne and the two of them headed back to her home at South Hill.

"Don't let anyone know what happened tonight, I don't want rumors to spread."

"I got it, Sis."

"Go home and get some rest, you have a full schedule tomorrow."

"Sis… are you okay? Your face is really pale, do you want to go to the hospital?" Ni Yang asked worriedly

"I'm fine, you should go home, drive safe."


After Ni Yang left, an exhausted Huo Mian headed upstairs…

"Young Madam?" Uncle Li walked out upon hearing voices, scaring Huo Mian out of wits.

"Young Madam, would you like a midnight snack?"

"No thanks…" Huo Mian went upstairs to the second floor and opened her bedroom door. She was so tired that she didn't even shower. After crawling under the covers, she quickly fell asleep.

At 3 AM, a familiar shadow opened the door and walked in. He carefully lifted the covers up and gently kissed her…

"Help me! Let go, let go of me!" Huo Mian almost jumped up in fear.


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