My Youth Began With Him
3827 Thank You for Stepping Aside 27
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My Youth Began With Him
Author :Baby Piggie
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3827 Thank You for Stepping Aside 27

Chen Yuning felt awkward...

Did she just get lectured by a child?

What came next was even better and out of her expectations.

Little Bean immediately squeezed Boyuan.

"Boyuan, how can you speak to her so impolitely?"

Boyuan looked at Little Bean in confusion.

"She's so young but her vision is already failing. Poor her, we need to pity her. My mommy says that we need to help disabled people."

Boyuan laughed.

Chen Yuning was silent.

Gao Ran looked awkward.

"Ahem, Chen, don't mind my daughter-in-law. She likes to joke around."

Chen Yuning's face filled with a smile. "Director Gao, I don't mind."

At that moment, she had to hold it back and show her tolerant side. She needed to keep pretending to be a graceful goddess.

However, when they were trying to get onto the car, a problem arose.

The two children couldn't both sit in the passenger seat.

So, Chen Yuning caught the opportunity and said, "Director Gao, I think it's better if they sit in the back. It would be cramped if they sit in the front."

Gao Ran realized that problem too, because he didn't expect Little Bean to be here.

When she was wondering what to do, Little Bean innocently said, "Boyuan, sit in the passenger seat. I want to sit in the back with the pretty madam, I like pretty girls."

"Okay, you two sit in the back."

Gao Boyuan wanted to give her a thumbs up for her brilliance.

Who said that without Pudding, Little Bean had no fighting abilities?

Her stats were maxed out...

"Ah, you sure?" Chen Yuning clearly didn't seem willing.

"Auntie, do you dislike me? Or, do you want to be close to my Uncle Gao?" Little Bean's words were killer.

Chen Yuning's face immediately turned red. "No, why would I? You're thinking too much, come sit in the back with me."

Just like that, Chen Yuning unwillingly sat in the back with Little Bean.

There was lots of space in the back of the Land Rover, enough room to let Little Bean move around.

"Boyuan, do you want milk?"

Little Bean opened her backpack, it was filled with food her grandma gave her this morning.

Even though Huo Mian strictly forbade it, their grandma still spoiled them and put delicious food in their backpacks.

Pudding was indifferent about it.

Little Bean was beyond ecstatic. Thinking that she was going to Boyuan's house, she didn't finish all the food and saved some for Boyuan.

"Okay, okay."

Boyuan said something to Little Bean and the two children got along.

"Director Gao, is this Doctor Huo and President Qin's daughter?"

Chen Yuning did her prep work and knew about Gao Ran's friend circle.

Only the little princess of the Qin Family could get along this well with the Gao Family.

"Mhm, yes," while driving, Gao Ran answered.

"So… Is this the older sister or younger sister?" Chen Yuning tried to make conversation.

"Auntie, if you wanted to know, you could just ask me. Uncle Gao is driving, it's dangerous to distract him like that… You really don't value your life, do you?"

Chen Yuning remained silent.

"Yes, Auntie Chen, don't talk to my dad and let him drive." Gao Boyuan followed Little Bean's words.

"Uh, okay. Auntie knows."

Chen Yuning wasn't happy, but she pretended to enjoy herself.

Little Bean took out two bottles of yogurt.

She gave one to Boyuan, then she opened her own and took a big gulp.

At that moment, Gao Ran's car took a sharp turn...

The greatest moment occurred. Little Bean threw up her huge gulp of yogurt perfectly onto Chen Yuning's carefully-prepared dress.

It even got onto her black leather jacket. It was all over her, it looked rather epic.


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