Dual Cultivation
365 The Day Before the Tournamen
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Dual Cultivation
Author :CrippledSword
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365 The Day Before the Tournamen

\"If we remain as a Sect that merely focuses on dual cultivation, unless we allow those who have abandoned us to return to the sect, I am afraid that even I cannot revive the Profound Blossom Sect in a short time, as only a very small amount of Cultivators are willing to dual cultivate.\"

Because dual cultivation is generally an unacceptable practice and usually disdained by most Cultivators, it will be hard to gather disciples that are willing to dual cultivate in a short time. In fact, the Profound Blossom Sect has existed for over a hundred years yet it only had a measly few thousand disciples before they all left. If the Profound Blossom Sect wants to survive in the Cultivation world, especially since they are currently in the spotlight, they will need as many disciples as possible in the shortest time.

\"Absolutely not! I will not allow those betrayers to return to the Sect under any circumstances, even if I will die without them!\" Liu Lanzhi greatly opposed the idea of letting the disciples who left them to die during the Million Snakes Sect's invasion to return to the sect.

\"They abandoned us when we needed them the most, and most of them have already joined other Sects by now. Even if they come begging at our entrance, I will not allow them to return!\"

Su Yang nodded and said, \"Then we can only split the Profound Blossom Sect into two sections. Although the dual cultivation disciples will come slowly, they will eventually return to its normal numbers.\"

After a moment of silence, Liu Lanzhi spoke, \"But we have one problem… The majority of the cultivation techniques in the Profound Blossom Sect are for dual cultivation — even if we put into account the techniques given to us by Senior Immortal, it won't be enough for the normal disciples.\"

\"It's just a few techniques, you can let me worry about that,\" said Su Yang. \"I happen to know somebody who is willing to donate some cultivation techniques to us.\"

'What? Who is generous enough to donate cultivation techniques?' Liu Lanzhi raised her eyebrows in surprise and wondered inwardly.

Of course, there was nobody in this world that was generous enough to donate cultivation techniques to another sect. As for how Su Yang will be getting the cultivation techniques, he will only have to write down some of the techniques he'd read in his previous life. Even if he hasn't learned these techniques, he will still be able to pass them down to others as long as he remembers its content, which is a feat that can only be achieved by true Cultivation experts, as cultivation techniques are generally profound and hard to remember all of its contents.

\"Then it's decided. The Profound Blossom Sect shall be a mixed sect starting today. I speak with the Sect Elders regarding this matter once they finish their closed cultivation,\" said Liu Lanzhi a moment later.

Su Yang nodded.




For the next two weeks, Su Yang and the Profound Blossom Sect remained inside the Snow Crystal Hotel. When he's not cultivating with Liu Lanzhi, Su Yang was with the disciples. When Liu Lanzhi and the disciples were busy cultivating his Yang Qi, Su Yang would give lectures to the Junior Disciples.

There were also days when Wang Shuren visited him under the guise of business regarding the Alliance. Of course, Liu Lanzhi was aware of the true reason for her visits.

Two weeks passed by in a flash, and the Regional Tournament would officially begin tomorrow.

The night before the Regional Tournament, Liu Lanzhi gathered all of the disciples that would be participating in the Regional Tournament to give them some advice regarding the tournament.

\"The Regional Tournament will start tomorrow, and it will go on for a total of seven days. Although our opponents have not yet been announced, don't be surprised if we get matched with an Elite Sect, as everything is randomized.\" Liu Lanzhi said to the disciples.

\"Once we know our opponents and it's time for us to go onto the stage, you will be able to choose a weapon of your style that will be supplied by them, as it is forbidden to use personal weapons.\"

\"I am well aware that most of you have little to no experience with combat since we only focus on dual cultivation and more than half of you were Outer Court disciples before coming here, so I am aware of your disadvantages. However, don't be discouraged and fight with everything you've got. And it's okay to lose. Don't push yourselves too hard and don't do anything dangerous or too risky. Although killing is prohibited, accidents will happen, as at least one or two deaths occur at every tournament.\"

\"Sect Master Su, while you are also participating, do you have any words for the disciples?\" she turned to ask him later.

Su Yang nodded and looked at the disciples before speaking, \"Although we have 11 participants, not all of us will need to fight. While the maximum participants each Sect can bring is 20 people, there will only be 10 rounds, so at most only 10 people will have a chance to fight. Additionally, one person can also fight all ten rounds.\"

\"As for myself, I won't be fighting with opponents that I know you girls can win. If we somehow get matched with an Elite Sect or opponents you cannot win against, I will deal with all of them so you can fight without any worries.\"

\"With that being said, unlike Sect Master Liu, I won't accept any of you losing, especially after all of the efforts I have put into you girls, do you understand?\"


The girls responded with a confident smile on their faces, which baffled Liu Lanzhi.

'Why do they look so confident? Did they do something else besides cultivation that I am not aware of?' Liu Lanzhi pondered inwardly.

\"Also, our main purpose in the Regional Tournament is to show off so people will have a reason to approach us when we start recruiting new disciples again. That's why I want you to fight with the intent to shock people.\" Su Yang said a moment later, dumbfounding Liu Lanzhi.

'Is that why he made us participate in the Regional Tournament despite our current situation?!' Liu Lanzhi cried inwardly as she finally realized the truth behind Su Yang's intent on joining the tournament.

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    《Dual Cultivation》