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The Heavenly IceVine Douluo
Author :dewiciousapple
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9 Xue Qinghe

"Are you ok?"

As ying yue heard a child's voice she opened her eyes she saw a cute and handsome child in front of her she blushed a little as she said slowly

"Who are you?"

"Oh! I am Xue Qinghe!"

She looked around and saw that the snake was dead she sincerely said

"Thank you for saving me"

"Oh! its no problem at all..... I was just passing by"

"Well I better get going now as its already noon"

"I wanted to talk a little longer... But... Okay see you again!"

"Bye! See you again also"

She waved her hand as Xue Qinghe also waved his hand at her she smiled at him and dissapeard silently


"Oh! Silly me I forgot to ask her name... Now how am I gonna court her if I don't know her name and where she lives but according to her features she should be six these year.... So this is how it feels to have a love at first sight.... "

Xue Qinghe sighed as he remembered her beautiful face, he stood up and suddenly six wings grew from his back and he flew away


As ying yue went home she was day dreaming about his face though he is young he was as mature as an adult is this puppy love or love at first sight?

"Ying'er how was training today? How many did you kill?"Ah Yi said

But ying yue did not hear her as she was still daydreaming as they ate Ah Yin was wondering what happened until she whispered into her ears and said

"Hello to ying'er"

She was starled and said


"What happened?"Ah Yi asked



"Yes!..... Nothing at all!"

As she was about to quickly leave Ah Yi asked her

"How many beast did you kill?"

"Oh! Not much only two"

Ying yue went straight to her bedroom and slept as she dreamed on what Xue Qinghe will look like when he is older

This was the start of her love story

[AN: I made qian renxue a male here and used her old identity Xue Qinghe, I also made him older than tang san I made him 8 years old here so..... Yeah ,also don't worry about the story ruined as I already have a plot in mind.... Ciao~]
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    《The Heavenly IceVine Douluo》