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Rebirth of the Strongest Empress
Author :North Night
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854 Life Danger

In the cave, Ye Qingtang slowly opened her eyes and exhaled turbid qi.

The spirit energy in the Dragon Vein was many times richer than in the outside world. Soon after she entered the Dragon Vein, Ye Qingtang had a sign of breaking through to the Yin Yang Perfected Lord. Now that she absorbed all the spirit energy in the Glazed Cup, she instantly advanced to the peak of the Yin Yang Perfected Lord Second Heaven. Moreover, the spirit energy in her body was completely absorbed, and she believed that she could advance to the Yin Yang Perfected Lord Third Heaven soon.

"Congratulations, congratulations."

Ling Yan walked into the cave slowly sometime later.

"Who let you come in?" Ye Qingtang looked at Ling Yan with a frown.

"Miss Ye is only absorbing the spirit energy in the Glazed Cup to have a breakthrough in your cultivation base, and you are not resting nor changing clothes. Is there anything wrong with me entering the cave?" Ling Yan said with a smile.

"You are Ling Yan!" All of a sudden, the little white tiger which suddenly woke up peeked its head out and sized up Ling Yan.

"You are a Fiendcelestial Beast?" Ling Yan looked at the little white tiger for a moment and said subsequently.

"How do you know that I am a Fiendcelestial Beast?" The little white tiger was stunned.

"How do you know that I am Ling Yan then?" Ling Yan laughed.

"…" The little white tiger stared blankly at Ling Yan.

"Actually, I have already investigated my fated person before I came to this mainland. Ye Qingtang—Xuanling Sect's genius disciple who disappeared after obtaining the Fiendcelestial Beast in the Hell of Avicinaraka mystic realm. This kind of thing should not be hard to find out." Ling Yan explained.

"Ling Yan, you investigated me?" Ye Qingtang asked with a frown.

"It is very normal to investigate a stranger I haven't seen before. Now, I view you as a friend and am treating you with sincerity. Or else, how would you know that I investigated you before?" Ling Yan asked.

Although Ling Yan was infuriating, for some reason, it was extremely comfortable talking to him, and one could not be angry even if one was.

"I like this fellow!" The little white tiger nodded repeatedly.

"It is my honor to be liked by Fiendcelestial Beast senior." Ling Yan bent down slightly and smiled at the Fiendcelestial Beast.

"You… called it a senior?" Ye Qingtang's lips twitched slightly.

"Although it is an infant body, it probably lived thousands of years already. It is normal for me to call it 'senior'. If it was a human, I would call it 'ancestor'. It does not hurt." A faint smile remained on Ling Yan's lips.

"Hahaha. F*ck, that makes sense. Did you hear it… I'm already a few-thousand-year-old Fiendcelestial Beast. Be more respectful to me. Sigh, the young people nowadays…" The little white tiger stared at Ye Qingtang.

"Little White, can I not wield a sword anymore or are you grown now?" Ye Qingtang snickered.

The little white tiger shuddered and kept quiet immediately.

The little white tiger gazed at Ling Yan intentionally.

Back then, that elderly once mentioned Ling Yan's name; he was the only person in this world who could defuse the existence of martial skills.

That elderly had an extremely serious expression when he mentioned Ling Yan.

This person was an enormous variable…

It was all up to one whether he was a blessing or a disaster. Perhaps, the appearance of this variable could change Ye Qingtang's fate that had been predestined a long time ago…

That night, the little white tiger and Ling Yan had a joyous chat.

Ye Qingtang chased both the man and the tiger out of the cave for them to be affectionate to one another.

Outside the cave, Ling Yan asked meaningfully, "Senior, do you think that I will have any life danger for being so close to Miss Ye?"

"Yes." The little white tiger nodded successively and asked. "What do you know about?"


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