Tragic Hero System in Naruto World
-1 2.1 Hokage Meets Yuki
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Tragic Hero System in Naruto World
Author :Fluffypie
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-1 2.1 Hokage Meets Yuki

After Minato sealed Kyuubi, he passed away not long after with Kushina, leaving me their only child. I decided that I will protect this child in the future well. As I was about to head back from the field of destruction, I noticed one of my Anbu members still struggling to live on the ground, even with half his body already burned to ashes. Next to him was the corpse of a women with long brown hair sprawled over her mask. I did not know how he was still alive, but my heart clenched at the fact that some regret must be keeping this loyal man alive. As I strolled over to the man, I realized the female Anbu was the male Anbu's lover as he was gripping her hand tightly. My heart clenched at what was to come as he turned over to look at me with widen eyes, like he found his only hope. I could not help but ask, "What is your keeping you from peace?"

He stared at me trying to say what seemed to be Lord Hokage, but it seemed he decided to spend his strength to say something else. I bent down and leaned in to try to make out his words, and I realized his last regrets as he stuttered, "M-my s-son, Y-yuki."

My heart clenched as I realized another unfortunate orphan had resulted from this incident. I watched as the man looked towards a direction, reaching his hands towards it, but his hands drop not much longer as he stared on with his eyes wide opened.

I gently closed his eyes as I closed my eyes in silence for the loyal couple who had given up their future with their son to make a stand for the village. I decided I would provide the chance to their son so he would make his parents proud. I rushed over in the direction that the man pointed, through scenes of destruction that had my heart clenching so hard. I saw villagers searching for their children, children crying for their parents. As I kept traveling in that direction, I suddenly noticed the cries of a child under some debris. I decided to save the child because it did not seem that anyone was nearby to save him. When I dug out the debris, what I saw was a baby, probably nearly the same age as Naruto, crushed under a desk, crying for his parents that had not come for him. Although it was already a common scene, but when I saw that familiar brown hair on that baby, a silent tear leaked from my eyes as I was happy on how fortunate I was to find his child.

As I picked the child up, he stopped crying and seemed to be looking at me with surprised eyes, but I deemed it as my misconception as a baby can't show surprise. I left the child with Naruto at the orphanage, and decided that I will come back once he is old enough to put him into the academy with Naruto. Then, years passed. As I observed Naruto silently, I noticed the child getting along with Naruto. My heart could not help but worry about the conflict the child will have if he ever finds out that the monster who killed his parents is sealed in his friend, but he shall never find out.

As the child grew, it seemed that he had gotten used to the orphanage, but just a bit lonely as after I moved Naruto out, it seemed that he didn't make friends again. I thought maybe he had the reservations of a child, but it seemed fine so I left him alone.

Then, it was already time for me to put Naruto into the academy early. I then remembered the child in the orphanage who I had also resolve to put into the academy to accompany Naruto. Yuki, was his name I believe? So, I headed over. When the child saw me, he stared at me with wide eyes like any other child. I gently smiled as I told him that I will be putting him in the academy early to start learning, but instead of excitement, I saw him continue staring at me. I started to feel that something was weird with this child, but before I could make a solid conclusion, he asked me a very simple yet difficult question, "Hokage-sama, when are my parents going to come pick me up?"

At that moment, my heat clenched as I realized that the child was not staring at me in shock, but hope, hope to see his parents. He was one of those child that relied on and dreamed of having parents, not being able to accept reality as he grew up without any. My throat choked as I was about to tell him that his parents has passed away in service, but I did not want to see the hopes of a child shattering like so. So, although unhealthy, I decided to let the child's fantasies continue a bit longer, until he grows older and can take the truth. I tried telling the child in a soft manner that his parents were on a mission.

"Yuki, your parents are on a long mission, and they won't be coming back anytime soon, but they want you to grow up to be a good Shinobi alright?"

I expected the child to happily nod as he continued with his fantasies. Unexpectedly, the child's expression froze. Then, he told me he understood before he slowly stumbled back to his room. At that point, I realized that I made a mistake. The one I spoke to was not a normal child, but a child who had intellect beyond his age. I knew he understood and his fantasies were shattered. For the first time, I was speechless and wasn't able to come up with a way to comfort him. I was only able to sigh as I watched the poor child exit my sights. I hope he will grow into a fine Shinobi in the future, and a friend of Naruto, or I might have to take drastic measures.


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