Tragic Hero System in Naruto World
1 Forceful Rebirth
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Tragic Hero System in Naruto World
Author :Fluffypie
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1 Forceful Rebirth

Oooohh! That felt good! Yes! Yes! Do it just like that!

Oh, hello there! Did you come to enjoy the view? Oh did you want to join in? What will you give me to join in? Money? Heh, this one's father is the richest man in this country, and I get all the money that I want to spend on anything I want, including these beauties. Why the hell do I want your money?

You say you can give me better beauties? Heh, if you've got better beauties, then I can just personally snatch em for no one' can stop this hedonist master's claws of justice. My mother's the Chief of Police and she dotes on me like no other, no laws can stop me.

Eh? You want to watch Naruto together? Well ... okay, that's tempting, but at least let me finish up first. Can't really focus on Naruto if I'm halfway there ya know?

Oh? You want to give me a chance to reincarnate into the Naruto World? Now, why the hell would I want that? I've got all the money, beauties, and power that I could enjoy in this world. Why the hell would I want to go into that dangerous world even if I love imagining all the things I could do to Ino or Hinata? Hahaha!

Oi! What are you doing? Why do you have a gun?! Hey! Just hold on one moment! Although I may have stole your lover or murdered your family, I certainly don't remember because I already did it too many time! So just give me a chance to explain- *BANG*

Then I saw a scene of blood blossoming, but it was not the beautiful virgin blood, but my blood. Then my sight faded as I heard a booming voice in my mind.

[Host's soul shall now be reincarnated into the most dangerous world of Naruto Universe.]

[Choosing cheat system for host to adapt to world...]

[Due to host's bad karma, the Tragic Hero System has been chosen.]

[Tragic Hero System is activating...]

[Tragic Hero System has activated!]

[Host is now transferring to Naruto Universe. Please have a pleasant journey. System administrator is now signing off permanently because associating with bad karma will affect us system helpers.]

Then, I found myself in a very dark space. I could feel what is probably the soft flesh that I once enjoyed throughout my last life, but why is it all around me? Although no complaints, it's pretty comfortable. But seriously?! Did I just get forced to reincarnate? I didn't even get a choice and what the hell is this Tragic Hero System? It sounds too ominous for a cheat! Well, let's at least see what it at least does. System!

I waited, and waited, but nothing popped up. Ehhh... did they mix up something and forget to give me a system?! Wait no, what's that number in that corner of my sight?

I noticed at the top right corner of my sight in the darkness was a grey colored [0/1000]. Eh what is this? An explanation popped up like in games where you hover over a button.


Life Points: At the end of every day, gain +1 point.

The f**k?! Does this means I only get 1 HP per day?! And is that seriously all the explanation you're going to give? System, where are you?! Unfortunately, there seems to be no response as it seems that the system had "signed off". Below that number I noticed another set of numbers.


Excess Life Points: When Life Points are full, excess points gained daily are stored here instead. Once this hits cap, it will reset and grant +1 THP. This cap is 10% of Life Point cap.

Eh? Why is there a need for excess Life Points? Is having one life not enough? Could it be really that dangerous? What is this THP? But no explanation popped up. It seemed that THP was not one of those "clickable/hover-able" icons for info. Well, I'm still as lost as before. I tried looking around the darkness once more, and it seems my moral was pretty good because I found two other "buttons". In the top right corner, I found a [THP Shop], and in the top middle I found a [Status]. Seriously! Why can't the words be in a different color besides grey? I waited for something to happen, but obviously the system wasn't really accommodating.

As I wanted to see how OP I was first, I tried opening [Status], but instead I got a popup.

[Status option currently disabled.]

Oi. I tried again, and got the same result. F**k you! Ok, calm down, it might be because I'm stuck in this space. Maybe the flesh feeling is from being inside a women's womb, no wonder if feels so familiar. Great, I haven't been born yet. I guess I'll try checking out the shop-

Suddenly, I felt a grip on what seems to be my leg? OMG? This isn't one of those horror movies where the devil pulls you out of bed and down the stairs into the basement right?! No! Hold on! Don't harm me! I'm your kind! I've already bedded enough women to be-

Then with a *fwoosh*, it felt like I was pulled out of some sticky stuff. I was able to start hearing muffled noises as there seemed to be mucus slowly leaving my ears.

"Congratulations Mitobiya-san! It seems that it is a healthy boy!" I heard a woman say, but eh? I could understand them? I guess that's a worthwhile cheat itself huh?

"Hahaha! After all these years, our hard work has finally paid off Miya! I told you that having an injury to your stomach won't affect our chances of having a child! Hahaha!" as I opened my eyes, I saw a middle aged man with a black goatee, black hair, and a headband with the familiar Konoha leaf symbol. It seems to be my father.

"*cough* Hake, why are you still going on about that? I already gave you a child, give me a break," I looked over to see a weak, paled face women with long, brown hair reply.

"Hahaha! I'm just too happy! I can't wait to tell everyone back at the squad! Captain will probably be over the moon, and maybe he'll finally lend me Jiraiya-Sama's book-" my father replied excitedly, but he was cut short by a firm cough and glared from my mother. As my mother seemed to want to argue more, she was interrupted by the auntie carrying me, "Ah! Why is this child not crying? Could he be- pooh! Don't jinx it! Now child cry now!" *SPANK*

OMG, all my freaking life, no one has dared to spank this young master! You dare to spank this young master?! Well I'll get my lackey to f**k your- oh wait, I don't have lackeys anymore. @&!*@!(@!

It seemed that worked as a crying sound was heard while everyone in the room sighed in relief. Hence, I was reincarnated into the most dangerous trouble magnet village in the entire Shinobi World, Konohagakure.


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