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Tragic Hero System in Naruto World
Author :Fluffypie
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2 Karma Strikes

Mmm, it's been a month since I was born. Just by lazing around, I was able to get a glance at what my situation was. My parents apparently served in the Anbu, and they were already in their 30s because it seemed my mother had a hard time giving birth due to the after effects of a heavy injury during a mission, even with the advance medical ninjutsu. As for my family situation, well it wasn't a prominent family, nor was it down in the dumps due to the decent income from double Shinobi parents; however, it seems that both my parents were Jonins! That means I will have Jonins as my teacher for jutsu! Except, I will probably have a hard time with that. Why you ask? Well, I finally could check my status after I was born, and I could not help but depressed by it.


[Name] Yuki Mitobiya

[Chakra] 0/0

[Kekkai Genkai] None


Strength: 1

Endurance: 1

Agility: 1

Intellect: 10

[Skills] None

[Jutsu] None

Mhmm, basically f**king nothing. Also, isn't Yuki a girl's name?! Pretty sure I'm a healthy man from what I heard. Then, there's my low stats. Alright, I understand I'm a baby and all, so my intellect is pretty high. Except, by opening the stats description...


Basic normal human adult stats are around 10 for each aspect

So, I know that I would grow up and gain better stats, but still, is my intellect really that basic?! I mean I reincarnated over! I deserve better after all the schemes I managed to come up in my last life with tiny "assistance" from my lackeys! Alright, maybe they will all grow as I grow, hopefully.

As for what would excite anyone, that would obviously be the shop! No one can deny that, except me.

[THP Shop]

[System] [Skills] [Bloodline Limits] [Ninjutsu] [Genjutsu] [Taijutsu] [Special]


{1st Checkpoint - 20 THP}

{Increase LP Cap by 100 points - 100 THP}

{2nd Checkpoint - 1000 THP}

{3rd Checkpoint - 5000 THP}


{LP Spending Control - 1,000,000 THP}

So, the system tab had upgrades to my system or system related products. Not quite sure what these different checkpoints and LP are used for because this lazy f**king system doesn't provide any descriptions! Not only that, all the other tabs are locked with the reason that I must buy {1st Checkpoint} first. Seriously, why am I forced to buy something? Where's my freedom?! Alright, although I don't know what it is, Checkpoint doesn't sound like a save or revival point, so probably OP right?

Just that, there's a little problem, and it's also the reason why I was NOT excited with this shop. I currently have 0 THP. Like that wasn't good enough, there was literally nothing telling me how I would earn THP. I did not see any quest tabs or instruction manual even after searching for a month! The only link I saw was the +1 THP every 100 days in the Excess LP tab, but hell, I don't even have the 1000 LP filled up yet! Only 30 points in 30 days, and I don't even know what it's used for because it doesn't seem to be HP seeing how that would be too depressing to be able to have 1 HP per day. Plus, I would be dead at the start with 0/1000 points. Ugg, I guess I will have to do this the hard way and slowly learn everything. It won't be too hard on my Jonin parents right?

But then, karma caught up to me and gave me a heavy strike. My parents seemed to have been called out for an urgent mission all of a sudden. Then, sudden pressure descended upon me as an intense force caused me to feel fear. As I looked out the window of my tiny room, the sky seemed to have turned red as I heard a fearsome roar that seemed to have pass through everything. My heart shook, as I realized s**t was going down because I was born 1 month before the Kyuubi rampage. I did my best to roll myself under a wooden desk hoping it would help me even a bit, but I could not withstand the pressure any longer, and I passed out.

Fortunately, I managed to wake up alive. It seemed that my house had been destroyed, but somehow, I was alive under that wooden desk that is now squishing me. I cried as loud as I could for help, and eventually, the debris shifted away as I saw a man dressed in a black combat uniform carrying a baby with yellow hair and whiskers on his tiny face. Ah~ it's my hero Naruto. Sorry for your loss man! I was also a fan of Minato and Kushina was hot and all, but at least my parents are alive and well. Mmm, I hope Hokage here would bring me to find my parents. The Hokage picked me up as a silent tear leaked from his eyes. Oi, Hokage, no need to be sad, I'll still be living a happy life ya know.

I was brought to what seemed to be an orphanage and was left there with Naruto. I wanted to curse this old man out because I still have parents, why would you bring me to this jinxed place. Well, my parents will eventually pick me up right? No need to get along with these other loners.

So I waited, just like with my THP. One year passed, and I thought maybe my parents didn't know I was here. Maybe I should make some friends? Two years passed, and I started to worry that my parents had forgotten me. I decided to play with the only other loner in the place, Naruto. Years passed, and even Naruto moved out to live on his own, but my parents has yet to pick me up. I could not help but despair at the fact that my parents had abandoned me. I hit the age of 5, and the old man came by, saying that he would put me into the academy with Naruto. I finally had the chance to ask the old man why my parents didn't come pick me up, and I finally realized unlike my last life, this life I no longer had parents to rely on as they had served their last duty trying to hold off the Kyuubi with many others. I realized then, that if I keep waiting on the system and don't start relying on myself, I may be going to see my parents soon. I told the Hokage that I understood, then I excused myself as I knew I had to start making plans for my bleak future in this dangerous world.


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