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Tragic Hero System in Naruto World
Author :Fluffypie
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3 Academy Life

After a week of preparation, I was ready to attend the academy. Although I no longer had Jonin parents to teach me, with my cheap system, I will eventually get OP ... probably.

Although, the points I have says otherwise.


[Name] Yuki Mitobiya

[Chakra] 0/0

[Kekkai Genkai] None


Strength: 1 -> 3

Endurance: 1 -> 3

Agility: 1 -> 3

Intellect: 10

[Skills] None

[Ninjutsu] None

[Genjutsu] None

[Taijutsu] None



THP: 8

After 5 years, I only managed to accumulate 8 points. Ah~ I missed the good old days where I had all the money I wanted. Unfortunately, now I don't and I have tried to do many things, but nothing seemed to have render any points. Then, there's my stats that grew like a normal child. It seemed I get +1 stat point every 2 years, resulting in being a fully grown adult with normal stat points of 10 at 18. As for my intellect ... I'm sure it'll grow in the future. Not quite sure what happens afterwards, but it doesn't matter because I resolved myself to work hard to learn everything manually! According to my status, I'm worthless; however, even if I can't be a godly ninja like Naruto or Sasuke, I can at least learn some basic jutsus to protect myself at least. Maybe some jutsus to run away? It should be able to grasp substitution jutsu and clone jutsu since it looked easy in the anime.

Anyways, it is now the first day for this young master to attend academy. Usually, young children like me don't get put into the academy yet, but an exception was made, though I'm pretty sure there were many exceptions already like Kakashi.

I headed over to that familiar, but dull looking academy. As I entered the academy, I began searching around for that familiar orange jumpsuit, but I did not see him. Did he not come? Oh well, I went and searched for my class.

When I entered the room, it seemed like I walked into a story as I saw many familiar story line characters. Although kids might not get into the academy at 5, but it seems this bunch does for the sake of the plot. There was an arrogant Sasuke in his blue as usual. Then, besides him were two tiny girls Sakura and Ino, both basically having hearts in their eyes. There were the Shikamaru staring into space, Choji munching on whatever he's eating, and Kiba with Akamaru on his head chilling together. Besides them sat a quiet Shino who doesn't seem to be affected by the atmosphere at all. Although the group glanced at me for a moment when I entered, they ignored me after as we were not familiar. I glanced around the room and still did not see Naruto, nor did I see my cute, little Hinata. Eh? They couldn't have gotten together already have they?

I found a seat at the back and sat down. Not long after, the door slid open once again as Naruto entered in his orange jumpsuit that seemed to have been ruffled pretty bad, and behind him followed a timid, little Hinata wrapped in a red scarf. Ah~ did Naruto already play the hero rescuing the beauty already? Ai, unfortunately, that dense Naruto is now staring with glittery eyes at the pink haired girl. Dang, what is good about that brute force girl when you have such a perfect wife material next to you? Humph, since you don't realize the goods with great assets in the future next to you, as your brother, I will do my best to "take care" of her. As for your future ... you're the main character, so ladies will eventually flock to you. Still, this is going to be hard because it seems the spark has already been lit for Hinata.

Then, I watched as Naruto brushed pass me as he went to flirt with his Sakura, leaving Hinata standing all alone. Awww~ I can't help but resist beckoning the cute little girl over to sit by my side, but like a plague, the timid girl jumped in her shoes as she scurried off to another table. No! My dreams! I slumped onto the table as I realized the futility of my efforts.

Then, in walked Iruka. He scanned the room of children with a smile, but it seemed that his smile froze when his eyes landed in the direction of Naruto. Ouch. Iruka hasn't become Naruto's parental figure yet. Although Iruka froze for a bit, he still walked to the front of the room to start class as naturally as possible.

Then, class started, and what we learned was basics such as reading, writing, mathematics, science, geography, etc. It seems that we don't start learning jutsu until we got the basics down. Of course, I did not have any of these nailed. Why? Because I was busy with learning how to fly high like a real man. Now, it came back to bite me as poor little me isn't a genius at all.

Time passed by as the classes continued. Although I've played with Naruto before, it seemed that most of the time, his attention was focused on Sakura and competing with Sasuke. As for me, I was a loner in the back. No one really wanted to associate with me as they were already in groups, and I didn't really want to go around stirring trouble like Naruto does, especially since I have to spend time studying, unlike a certain someone.

Then, 3 years passed as most of the group turned 8. It was finally the true beginning of our path to become ninja as we will start learning about jutsu and other ninja abilities. Although I studied hard, I barely passed the exams with mediocre grades; however, I still managed to make it, so I will start learning jutsu as well. Ai~ then there's lucky Naruto who passed as well, with subtle help from a cute waifu. So jealous, but I can't wait to start mastering substitution jutsu and such. After I get the power, I won't have to worry about not being able to steal my waifu!


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