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Tragic Hero System in Naruto World
Author :Fluffypie
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4 No Talen

Finally we got to start learning jutsu! Although it seemed that most of these storyline characters already are way ahead, but I shall catch up soon!

So, we started out with the basic leaf exercise to sense chakra. I tried to follow the seemingly vague instructions to make my leaf move, but nothing happened. Okay, no worries because I'm not the only one. Although there were some like Sakura that managed to learn it quickly due to inborn chakra control, and the others who had their clans nurturing them. Then, there was Sasuke with his Sharingan already, and others with their respective abilities. Aii~ I realized I'm really far behind. Why did the Hokage stuff me in the same class as this bunch? I'm pretty sure there are other classes out there right? I just want to live a life of leisure, albeit no longer having parents to rely on, so I know I have to get stronger for now. Hence, I continued practicing. Before I knew it, we were already three months into the training, but I still hadn't gotten a single god d**m sense of chakra.

We were also taught how to throw shuriken while having mock fights against each other. Unfortunately, throughout all of this, I missed literally all my throws while I became a sandbag during fights. Although I practiced my aim a lot in my last life at certain holes with my personal weapon, aiming at a real target in the distance with a metal weapon is a different story; however, I know that is going to change today because I've finally saved up enough THP to unlock the {1st Checkpoint}!

As I sat at my desk in the classroom, I closed my eyes and opened the THP shop. Then, I went to the {1st Checkpoint} that costed 20 THP and impatiently purchased my future.

[{1st Checkpoint} has been purchased. 20 THP deducted. {1st Checkpoint} has been set to current time and space.]

I noticed a new line of words [Checkpoint: {1}] appearing below my Excess LP. Not long after, a chime resounded.

[New system store features has been unlocked.]

It's here! The OP learn from system! I can't wait to use my OPness to score into some ladies in this world! Hahahaha! This young master is back!

[THP Shop]

[System] [Skills] [Bloodline Limits] [Ninjutsu] [Genjutsu] [Taijutsu] [Special]


{1st Checkpoint - 20 THP}

{Increase LP Cap by 100 points - 100 THP}

{2nd Checkpoint - 1000 THP}

{3rd Checkpoint - 5000 THP}


{LP Spending Control - 1,000,000 THP}


{Max Chakra +1 - 10 THP}

{Chakra Sensing +1 - 100 THP}

{Chakra Control +1 - 1000 THP}

{Charisma +1 - 10000 THP}


{Natural Energy Control +1 - 100,000 THP}

{Immunity to Genjutsu - 10,000,000 THP}

{Will of Fire - 10,000,000 THP}

[Bloodlines Limits]

{Lava Release - 250,000 THP}


{Byakugan - 1,000,000 THP}

{Sharingan - 1,000,000 THP}

{Mangekyou Sharingan (require Sharingan) - 5,000,000 THP}

{Wood Release - 25,000,000}

{Eternal Mangekyou Shraingan (require Mangekyou) - 25,000,000 THP}

{Rinnegan - 40,000,000 THP}


{Body Replacement Jutsu - 10 THP}

{Rope Escape Jutsu - 10 THP}

{Shadow Shuriken Jutsu - 100 THP}

{Body Flicker Jutsu - 100 THP}


{Lightning Cutter - 1,000,000 THP}

{Reanimation Jutsu - 1,000,000 THP}


{Clone Jutsu - 10 THP}

{Transformation Jutsu - 10 THP}

{Genjutsu Cancel - 10 THP}


{Demonic Illusion: Eternal Hell - 1,000,000 THP}


{One Thousand Years of Pain - 10 THP}

{Dynamic Entry - 10 THP}

{Leaf Great Whirlwind - 100 THP}


{Morning Peacock - 1,000,000 THP}

{Extreme Lotus - 1,000,000 THP}

Holy F**! The system basically had like everything! But WTF is up with all those prices?! I can't even afford the cheapest 10 THP stuff and those are junk E-Rank jutsu! Then, the price goes up by like 10 times per rank! Like that wasn't bad enough, the price of those bloodlines are terribly expensive! Ahhhh! My Rinnegan! My Jutsu! My women! They are all out of my reach!? I could not help but slump down onto my desk in depression. How am I supposed to get any stronger with an un-supportive system plus having s**t talent? Aiii~ guess I'll just have to work a bit harder.

So, work harder I did. Time passed and before I knew it, the end of graduation already arrived.

I happily watched as Sasuke and the rest graduated. Even Naruto became a Genin albeit through a different channel. As for me?


[Name] Yuki Mitobiya

[Chakra] 0/0

[Kekkai Genkai] None


Strength: 3 -> 8

Endurance: 3 -> 7

Agility: 3 -> 7

Intellect: 10 -> 14

[Skills] None


{Clone Jutsu - 1/100}

[Genjutsu] None

[Taijutsu] None



[Checkpoint: {1}]

THP: 3

My stats increased as I grew along with a one point increase in strength through years of training. Although I had wanted to try weight training, I could only use rocks as I couldn't afford weights with me living in the orphanage and all. Although I wished for an inheritance, I would be receiving it when I became a ninja or when I hit the age of 18. My parent's house was destroyed, but I would at least get their ryo that they saved. As for being the age of 18, of course I'm not there yet. Then, as for being a ninja? So far I've only learned {Clone Jutsu} from purchasing from the system, but even then I was unable to graduate as there was no way for me to use the Jutsu for I did not have any chakra. After this many years of sensing chakra, I did not get a single feel of it. It was like it was avoiding me due to bad karma or something. Hence, although I had bought the Clone Jutsu in hopes of bypassing the exams, I could not use it. {Chakra Sensing} costed 100 THP, and there was no way for me to afford that.I was hoping the 20 THP checkpoint I purchased years ago would help in some way, but unfortunately it had done nothing I had known of, besides unlocking the shop.

When Naruto came to console me after the many years of forgetting about me, I could not help but have dangerous thoughts towards my idol, as I could not help but blame him as the cause for the death of my reliance, my Jonin parents in this world. However, I knew he was going to be this world's hero, there was nothing I could do to him. There was nothing I could do in this world. So, verdict, I was a simple normal villager in a dangerous Naruto world.


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