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Tragic Hero System in Naruto World
Author :Fluffypie
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5 Find A Job

As I realized that I could not become a ninja, I could only helplessly scour the village, hoping to find a job because my expenses would not be covered forever by the Hokage since I don't have talent. I'm grateful for all the years of coverage so I couldn't really complain because the problem lied with me since I couldn't even train well in taijutsu like Rock Lee.

So for the following week, I visited the shops in the village one by one daily, asking if they are looking to hire; however many of them shooed me away as soon as they saw me as a kid, while others rejected me due to me not being a ninja or not having the skills. There were no connections for me to use as I was all alone in this world, and most shops in this village already has plenty of applicants. It seems that it would be lucky for an orphan to score a job here because when I asked the caretaker back at the orphanage, I was told that most orphans would have to set out to find a job in other villages in the Land of Fire because the job qualifications required in the ninja village is usually higher, unless if the orphans becomes a ninja or gets adopted.

After learning that, my heart could not help but sink as I realized I might have to set out on a dangerous journey as a normal villager. I could not help but aimlessly stroll on the streets as I blankly contemplated what I would do in my future. I couldn't become a ninja, nor did I have the ability to hold a normal job like a kid because no one had taught me any common skills both in my last and this life. I regret not going to classes when my parents sent me to the prestigious academy for the rich back in my past life.

As I continued strolling lifelessly looking downwards, I suddenly knocked into a soft wall before bouncing off and landing on my butt.

"Araa~ Why is little brother not watching where you're walking? Is something bothering you?" a sweet, cheerful voice sounded.

I looked up and a slender beauty with long brown hair, black eyes, and dressed in a white robe along with white bandana stood in front me. She was carrying some sort of wooden container as she seemed to be headed somewhere. I can't help but feel that she was familiar, like she appeared in the anime, but I can't remember where at the moment as my mind seemed to be clouded by depression.

"Araa~ Aren't you the little brother who was going around looking for a job? Why are you looking for a job at such a young age? Shouldn't you be studying at the academy to be a ninja?" the beauty questioned.

If no one asked, I would have felt better, but once someone does, I could not help but feel choked and stifled when I remember that I was not able to become a ninja, leaving me a bleak future. As I sat on the ground, my eyes could not help but become misty as I could not help confessing, "I can't become a Ninja. I have no Chakra."

"Araa~ this ... little brother, don't worry so much if you can't become a ninja. There's still many jobs that you could do!" the miss tried to comfort me.

"B-but no one wants to hire me because I have no skills," I depressingly replied as a dark cloud seemed to gather above my head.

"Maahh~ it can't be. I'm sure you have a skill somewhere. What do your parents do? Perhaps, you should learn from their trade and follow in their path," the miss tried to encourage me.

"Ahh~ follow my parent's path?" I could not help but look at with teary eyes.

"Mmm! Yes. After learning a bit from your parents, maybe then you can come out to find a job, and someone will hire you! Mahh~ It's just like being a ninja where you have to do some chores with a Jonin managing you when you are a Genin. Now get up young man, and walk your path!" the miss replied cheerfully while nodding, seemingly proud of her advice while helping me up.

"Ahh~ I see ... then I'll go find my parents," I replied as my heart clenched, being reminded of my parents in this world.

I started to shuffle around the miss, but she stopped me as she said, "Araa? Why are you still so depressed when you are going to see your parents ... araa?! Are they mistreating you?"

It seemed that the miss had came up with some sort of misunderstanding, but I simply ignored the passerby as I shuffled on.

"H-hold on, let me come with you! If your parents are really mistreating you, then I'll talk to them for you alright! Don't have to be so scared!" the miss righteously said, then she started following me.

Eventually, I made it back to the orphanage. I heard a noise of something dropping in the background, but I ignored it, intending to just head back to my room for a sleep; however, a claw gripped my shoulder and pulled me back. Then, I was faced with the miss again that now seemed to have a worried face.

"A-ano, m-may I ask, why are you here at the orphanage?" she asked with a worried tone as she forced a smile.

"Ah. I was put here by the Hokage after my parents passed away fighting the Kyuubi 12 years ago. Now, I'm going back to my room to sleep, perhaps I will see my parents tonight," I replied, before turning around to head in again; but once again I was pulled back; however, this time I was pulled into a soft embrace.

"I-I'm so s-sorry. I didn't know. Y-you can't go see your parents! You can't give up life like that! I won't let you!" the miss yelled to me in a sobbing voice as she held me in her warm embrace.

"But I didn't say that I was going to-" I tried to reply in my muffled voice as I enjoyed the familiar cushion that my head was buried in.

"That's it! It's decided! You are coming with me!" the miss yelled while releasing me from her embrace.

Oh, fresh air, but I will miss that softness; however, before I could do anything else, I was dragged off by the miss. This isn't going to be one of those human trafficking scam is it? Unfortunately, I could not resist the beauty trap and was pulled aboard.


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