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Tragic Hero System in Naruto World
Author :Fluffypie
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6 Job Acquired

Then, I was dragged to a very familiar place. It was a small bar with a couple of chairs for the customers while an old man with seemingly closed eyes, wearing a white hat, and dressed in a white robe like the miss was stirring a pot behind the counter. Although I did not have the ryo to afford to come eat here, if I did not recognize it, I would not be a Naruto fan. The hanging cloth with words confirmed that this was Ramen Ichiraku. Then, I realized who the beauty next to me was.

"Oh. Ayame, you're back. What took you so long this time? Eh? Who's this brat?" Teuchi questioned as he stared at me with sharp eyes.

"Father, he's the child that went around looking for a job, and I thought that he could work help us out," Ayame replied while pulling into the bar.

"Oh? He's looking for a job here is he? Does he have past experience?" the old man said with a friendly smile on his face.

Ayame replied, "No he doesn't. He did not learn any basic skills hence none of the other shops wanted to hire him."

Teuchi's brow twitched a bit, but he still kept his "friendly" smile and said, "Ayame, let me have a little talk with him first to see if he is really resolved to work here. Would you watch the station for a moment?"

Before Ayame was able to reply, I was pulled out from the angel's grasp and into a dark corner outside of the bar. Then, I can feel the air suffocate me as the old man's "friendly" smile gave off a chilling vibe.

"Brat, did your parent not teach you morality? Don't think I don't know what your hidden motive is. There's been too many of your type, seeking to get in by playing the pity card, but don't think for a second that I will let you lay a hand on my daughter. Although I know she's not stupid enough to fall for your tricks, but if I were you, I would keep away. Don't harbor any of your fantasies on my daughter. Did I make myself clear?" Teuchi said with a "friendly" but chilling smile as a demon seemed to have manifested behind him.

Oi! What happened to the friendly old man! I want my refund for false advertisement! I can't help, but nod quickly in hopes of dispelling the atmosphere.

"Good. Now we will quietly go back like this talk never happened. Then, you will tell Ayame that you don't want to work here, then scram back to your parents," Teuchi said before hinting for me to go back in to the bar.

I re-entered the bar with the old man who now has a friendly smile once again, but he stared at me like a hunter ready to pounce on his prey if the prey decides to fight back. Then, I quickly said to Ayame, "U-um Ayame, I-I d-don't want to work here. I'm going to go home. Bye!"

Then, I turned around to scurry away from the scary old man, but suddenly, a claw descended onto me, and I couldn't escape from it even if I wanted to as it pulled me into a soft embrace once again.

"No! You are not going anywhere! I will not let you go see your parents! You must not do something that stupid!" Ayame grasps onto me as she exclaimed, still misunderstanding me, but I could feel two demon eyes glaring holes in my back.

I shivered and tried to explain, "But, I'm not going to-"

"Ara? Perhaps did my father say something to you? What did he say to you? Don't worry, with me here, he doesn't dare to do anything," Ayame gently said while releasing me from a hug before sending a glare at Teuchi's direction.

I could feel the glare from the old man falter as he put on his most pleasant smile and "honestly" said, "Hahaha, Ayame, you know your father. He was just having a man-to-man chat with the kid, to show him that he has to man up if he wants to take the job, but it seemed the kid was not resolved to take the job yet. Right kid?"

I could not help but shiver as I was brought into the topic, but I helplessly agreed in hopes of mercy "Y-Yes, that's right."

Ayame looked between us with suspicion as cold sweat seem to run down both the old man's and my back, albeit for different reasons. Then Ayame looked at me once again before asking, "Are you sure?"

I silently nodded my head, albeit the difficulties in my heart. Then, Ayame sighed and said, "If that is your decision, then so be it; however, you still must stay the night at least! I can't let you run off to meet your parents with no one watching over you."

"Ayame, it isn't good to keep the kid from his parents like this. You should let him go if he wants to," Teuchi tried persuading, but was stopped by a glare by Ayame.

"Ara~ It seemed that I forgot to ask your name little brother. What is your name?" Ayame kindly asked.

"Yuki Mitobiya," I answered timidly.

"Okay, Yuki, just wait a bit right here, and don't go anywhere. I need to have a little chat with my father," Ayame said with a cheerful smile as I saw the old man breaking out in cold sweat.

Oh, serves him right for giving me a scare. After my nod, Ayame pulled Teuchi into their home.

After a while, Ayame and Teuchi came back. Then, Ayame looked at Teuchi with a "Humph" before leaving once again.

Teuchi then walked over to me as I could not help but take a step back. He stopped in place when he noticed then he apologized, "Sorry kid, I didn't know that your parents were..."

I nodded and responded, "Ah, no problem."

Teuchi then nodded and said gently, "I heard about your situation from Ayame. It seems that you really need a job. It just so happens that we need an extra set of hands here, so how about it?"

"Ah? Seriously?" I responded shocked.

"Alright, then it's decided. Tonight, you'll rest here with us so Ayame doesn't worry any longer, then you can start work tomorrow morning with us," Teuchi said with his trademark friendly smile.

I excited nodded. Then, I was about to follow him to his home to rest, but suddenly, my stomach growled. The old man stared at me then chuckled as I could not help but blush. Then, I watched him as he prepared a bowl of Miso Ichiraku Ramen. He handed it to me and gently said, "Eat it kid, you'll need it for tomorrow."

I could not help but drool when I took the bowl as I stared at that delicious looking ramen with a fragrant aroma filling my nose. I then happily gobbled my first serving of Ichiraku Ramen in the Naruto world as Teuchi and Ayame watched cheerfully as they finished closing up.

Then, with my first job under my belt, I could not help but happily sleep on the temporary bed that was made for me in their tiny home. I was extremely excited for scoring a job at this popular story line location, but what I didn't know was the hell that was about to come.


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