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Tragic Hero System in Naruto World
Author :Fluffypie
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7 New Home

As I was extremely excited for my first day of work in both last and this life, I could barely sleep. Then, I woke up especially early, before the sun even rose, hoping to show my employer that I was diligent, but when I exited the house intending to enter the bar, I noticed Old man Teuchi was already cooking up soup base for the ramen. Dang it, I guess I wasn't early enough, but at least I beat Ayame right?

"Ara, Yuki, you're awake. We expected you to sleep a bit longer," Ayame's voice came from behind me.

I turned around, and there was Ayame, already dressed in work clothes. It seemed she had just returned from a small trip as she was carrying a basket. Dang, I'm the last one to wake.

"Hahaha! A healthy young man like Yuki doesn't need to sleep in," Teuchi chuckled from the bar.

"Mahh~ It's the perfect timing. I just went and washed one of my old uniforms. I was about your size back when I was younger, so it should fit," Ayame pulled out a familiar looking white robe and handed it to me, "Go and change now Yuki."

Ohhh~ Ayame's robe! I couldn't help but feel its smoothness, but just as I was about to cuddle with it, I felt a glare behind my back, probably from the old man. I could only sheepishly head in and changed.

After I came out from changing, the old man Teuchi beckoned me over to start working, but I didn't see Ayame. Wonder what she's doing?

"Alright kid, let's start teaching you some stuff. I hope you learn fast because I don't have all the time in the world to teach you," Teuchi said.

"I'm ... kind of a slow learner," I meekly replied as I remembered my failure in the academy.

"Ohoh? Slow learner? Don't worry, after my lessons, you will be sure a fast learner," the old man said with a "friendly" grin.

I don't think you can affect my system much old man, but I'll do my best, at least for those delicious bowls of ramen.

"Alright, let's start with ingredient chopping. Here's an example, you go like this with the knife like this, and chop, chop away," Teuchi explained as he demonstrated how to chop up carrots, onions and a few other veggies.

"Ok, it's your turn kid. Go chop the carrots, onion, ..." Teuchi commanded.

I understood what the old man by turning me into a fast learner very soon as I failed to chop stuff up properly.

"Yuki, it seems that you weren't paying attention when I taught you. Seems like you will need some stimulation from ramen," Teuchi said with a "friendly" smile.

Oh, yes, I am actually pretty hungry as I just woke up, so I innocently nodded.

I watched as the old man grabbed a bowl and filled it with hot soup, but with no ramen. Then, he placed the bowl of soup on the counter. Then, before I could react, he grabbed my hand and stuck my thumb into the soup.

"AHHH!! Hot! Hot!" I screamed as I hopped around in circles while sucking my thumb.

"Mmm, every time you fail, I shall stimulate you a little bit, how does that sound?" Teuchi grinned, but I could only get cold sweat as I prayed for Ayame to come save me; however, she was nowhere in sight.

I could only nod pitifully as he showed me once more how to chop veggies, but at a faster pace. I paid full attention this time, trying to ingrain every detail in my mind.

Then, as expected. I failed again. Thumb cooking once more. Then again, and again.

Ayame came out for lunch, and the two of us had a simple meal of ramen in the back. Then, the old man went on his lunch while Ayame took over. Ayame noticed my red thumb and giggled as she guessed at my number of failures. Then, she demonstrated how to chop the veggies slowly and carefully, but I felt so stifled, especially when she gave me that beautiful, kind smile of encouragement. Then, she told me to continue as the old man came back while Ayame left again.

I don't believe I can't master something as simple as chopping veggies!

Then, the sun waved farewell as the moon signaled for the shop to close. With a red thumb, I finally was able to chop all the veggies properly, albeit a little messy. It passed the old man's approval at least and he even served me a bowl of ramen. Ah~ so delicious. Then, I waved bye as I began to head home, but I was intercepted by the Ayame that has been disappearing all day.

"Ara~ Yuki, where are you going?" Ayame asked with a smile.

"Um, going back to the orphanage?" I replied naturally.

"Ara ~ Yuki, why not stay over another night?" Ayame asked with a wider smile.

"Um, it's not too good to impose every night-" I tried to reply, but I suddenly felt the temperature drop.

"Ara~ Ara~ you see Yuki, Ayame-nee-san has spent all day cleaning out a certain storage room for a certain young brother. This young brother won't simply reject Nee-san's hard work will he? Hmmm?" Ayame said her smile got so wide, like a demon's. No, it seems like there is actually a demon there behind her?! I shivered and looked towards the old man for help, but he had his head turned away with cold sweat as he tried to whistle, but awkwardly, no sound came out. I could only smile and agree to the detainment, "Hahaha, I guess I will be staying another night, hahaha-"

"Mah~ If you're going to stay another night? Why not simply stay every night? Tomorrow, I'll help you move your stuff over from the orphanage. You have no problem with that I presume?" Ayame naturally said as the demon seemed prepare to suffocate me if I disagree.

Hence, I could only nod frantically to agree.

"Mah~ Then that's decided then. Let's rest shall we?" Ayame-san said as she cheerfully bounced off, leaving the old man and me wiping our sweat. We looked at each other with sympathy as we both headed off to bed.

"I look forward to staying with you Yuki," old man Teuchi said with a smile.

"Thank you, I look forward to it, too," I replied happily because although it was a bit forced, I was happy someone accepted me.

And just like that, I got a new home.


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