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Tragic Hero System in Naruto World
Author :Fluffypie
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8 Time Goes On

After learning how to cut, I was actually taught how to prepare bowls of ramen and lots of cooking basics. I believe I got smarter for whenever I get stuck, I would sweetly call Ayame-Onee-san which would work nearly all the time to receive timely instruction as Ayame would have a face of bliss. I said nearly, because I won't gain any if Ayame is in demon mode. I also became a delivery boy, delivering ramen using a wooden container to elderly villagers who could not come to eat. Time slowly passed as I got used to my life at Ramen Ichiraku. I don't know when it appeared, but one day I noticed that I got a cooking skill in my skills list called Ramen Cooking with 1/100 points in it. I was overjoyed to learn that I could get skills without the system, albeit a bit difficult, and painful.

Even without me, the life on the ninja's side moved on. I was actually able to meet Naruto many times as he occasionally comes by. I loved his shocked face when he first saw me there, then he claimed that he would work hard like me in order to become Hokage. I had no idea what connection he made between working at a ramen bar and becoming a Hokage, but no questions asked when it comes to Naruto's mind. Naruto would also tell us exciting stories of his adventures, ones that I knew about. I listened as he sadly talked about meeting yet losing a friend when he went to the Land of Waves, how to brilliantly took down the top student in the Chuunin exam, how he fought a large sand monster, etc. Before I knew it, the three of us at Ichiraku were dressed in mourning clothes as we attended the Hokage's funeral. Although I have kept attempting to sense Chakra, I still wasn't able to sense any. Hence I knew what was going to happen, but I could only watch on as I had no power to change anything. I watched as Naruto mourned for the old man before stopping by with the white hair pervert Jiraiya, intending to head off to find Tsunade to be the new Hokage. I thought I won't be seeing Naruto any time soon for it'll be a while before he comes back. Boy, was I gravely mistaken.

Old man Teuchi sent me to deliver ramen once again today, and off I headed, taking my usual scenic route. I usually choose the routes where major events happened, to familiarize myself with them because as a fanboy, I couldn't help but imagine myself fighting in those scenes, but I could only helplessly sigh and walk away every time. This was the probably the most stupid choice I made in this life, and I did not realize this until today.

My route this time included the location where Kakashi, Asuma, and Kurenai fought against Akatsuki. I could not help but imagine the epic battle scene every time I pass by as Might Guy come to save the day. Unfortunately, today was a bad day for that.

When I neared the location, I saw a battle happening. At that point, I knew I should have ran because there was only one fight that would happen there, and it was not in my capabilities to even watch. Unfortunately, I stood there like a statue. I'm not sure where my notion of danger went as I stood watching all the exchanges of jutsus, watching Kakashi copy ninjutsu, then getting caught in a Genjutsu. Albeit less clear, it was so much more exciting in real life than watching the anime, except that I should have realized that dangers also came in real life. While they were battling, Kisame suddenly looked in my direction with a sadistic grin. I knew I was noticed and it was bad, so I turned to run, but unfortunately, there was no way I could outrun a full grown adult, let a lone a ninja. Kisame yelled something about let's see if you have the Will of Fire in you Konoha Ninjas, and then he appeared behind me, aiming his Samehada at me. I could watch in fear as the grim reaper descended upon me, but suddenly a man with spiky silver hair appeared in front of me and grabbed me, taking me away. I recognized him as Kakashi, and he successfully took me away. Unfortunately, Kakashi also took the hit for me. My heart clenched as I stared at the paled face Kakashi dropping to his knees due to a deep gash running from his back to his now heavily damaged left arm. I know that being hit by Samehada isn't as simple as a wound, Kakashi's Chakra is probably damaged as well. I knew he was in no condition to fight any longer. However, like he didn't notice his injury, he simply said, "Go."

"Heh. I admire you for your courage. Although it was a bit unsatisfying, for the mission, let's it end here," Kisame said in a grim voice as he appeared behind Kakashi and aimed for Kakashi's head as Asuma yelled "Kakashi! NO!"

My heart lurched as I moved before before I knew it. All I was thinking was that Kakashi can't die. I did not know where I got my strength from, but I managed to grab Kakashi in time as I shoved him out of the way, taking the hit I was originally supposed to take. As my vision spun around in the air, I was glad because I noticed that Might Guy had appeared by Kakashi's side in time, blocking a second attack from Kisame. I saw Kakashi turn his head in shock at me as he was pulled away by Asuma who made it over next. Although the cause was me, I was glad that my effort paid off somewhat. Ah~ Old man, I won't be able to do the delivery in the future, but I still wished I could have another bowl of ramen. As my vision faded into darkness, I could help but wonder how Ayame-Onee-san will feel? Will she feel sad?


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