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Tragic Hero System in Naruto World
Author :Fluffypie
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9 Rebirth

A gloomy darkness was all I could see. I could feel myself wandering in this darkness, but I had no tangible form, or am I even wandering in the first place? I really can't tell. Is this what true death is like? A eternity seemed to pass in this darkness, althought it may only be a moment, but eventually, a grey message materialized in front of me.

[Number of people who cried for host at scene of death : 1]

[Number of THP gained : 2 x 100 = 200 THP]

[Processing ... due to host having a single checkpoint, no selection is allowed.]

[Insufficent LP. Consuming THP to supplement.]

[Consuming 1000 LP and 10 THP ...returning to {1st Checkpoint}.]

Then, I can faintly feel a hardness through my hands, but the feeling slowly increased. Huh? Am I alive? But why is it still dark?

Suddenly, I felt a smack on my head. "Yuki Mitobiya! How dare you sleep in my class?!"

I slowly raised my head as my vision slowly unblurred from darkness. Standing beside me was Iruka with an angry face as he glared at me. I took a glance around and noticed a classroom of familiar, young students staring at me. I could see disdainful looks from girls and the many familiar storyline characters. Hinata was the only girl that did not look at me with disdain as she poked her fingers together, stealing peeks at the Naruto snickering at someone else's misfortune while Sasuke scoffed before turning away. Although faint, I heard Shikamaru muse, "Maybe I should do that too ..." while Choji watched the show as he nombed on his snacks.

"Hoh~ Are you not listening to me Yuki? It seems that I had not disciplined you enough-" Iruka began to lecture, but I interrupted him as I asked, "Iruka-Sensei, how long has it been since we've been here?"

Iruka's face scrunched up into an angry expression as he yelled, "HAhhhh?! Did you sleep your head dumb?! It's been more than 3 years, and you're still like this Yuki?! I already can't stand your lack of effort on the basic general knowledge years of lecture, yet here you are slacking off once again when we are teaching ninja techniques. How are you going to becomme ..."

As Iruka lectured on, I could not help but spaced out as I realized my situation. I have returned to the time when I bought my first checkpoint, about 3 months after the start of learning jutsu, the age of 8.

I could not help but close my eyes to check my status.


[Name] Yuki Mitobiya

[Chakra] 0/0

[Kekkai Genkai] None


Strength: 5

Endurance: 5

Agility: 5

Intellect: 15


{Ramen Cooking - 11/100}


{Clone Jutsu - 1/100}

[Genjutsu] None

[Taijutsu] None



[Checkpoint: {1}]

THP: 205

I was shocked. It seemed my status had degraded back to when I was 8 years old, but I had kept my knowledge! I still had my Ramen cooking skills along with my clone jutsu! I also got 200 THP, which added on to my 15 THP which resulted after many years of saving since 8 years old in my last life. Of course, 10 THP was subtracted out as mentioned by the messages I received in the dark. It seemed that the LP reseted. According the to the messages, I didn't have enough LP hence my THP was subtracted. Based on the years I traveled back, it seemed that the conversion rate was roughly 1 LP for 2 days time travel!

I was so excited because I knew it was finally here, my cheat! I could not help but open the shop to purchase that one skill that I pined over forever in my last life due to not being able to sense Chakra.

[Host has purchased Chakra Sensing x1. 100 THP deducted.]

I finally got it! Although it was barely any, I'm finally able to feel a faint feeling of some unknown power in the air which I could gather into my body, albeit very slowly. Unfortunately, although I could sense it, I could not control it, hence, I sensibly purchased the second skill that I needed.

[Host has purchased Chakra Control x1. 100 THP deducted.]

Then, albeit difficult, it seemed that I could push the energy slowly, but I could only do it in a general direction with not much accuracy; however, I was just as excited for I know that after I get the skill, I am sure that I can train it up because learning from my experience in increasing my cooking skill, as long as you got the first point, the following is just practice with a gradual increase.

I could finally feel grateful towards this system. Although it required my death for points, but at least it wasn't useless. Though, it had the condition of having people crying for my death at my death scene? I knew I saw Kakashi tear up although I did not expect it. He's a ninja that experienced death plenty, he shouldn't cry over a minor death such as this. Or did I remind him of someone? However, I could not help but wonder who that second person who cried for me was. Who would be sad for me? I guessed Ayame, but she couldn't be at the scene because she would be at Ichiraku. I seriously can't fathom the other Jonins to cry for me, and definitely not Itachi or Kisame. Ah, I'm grateful to who you are though, I'll make sure to repay you if I figure out who you are.

As I reopened my eyes, I could fear a death glare aimed my way. I shivered as I jerked my head to see a red faced Iruka. I understood that there would be steam effects coming out of his head or ears if this was not reality. I could not help but break out in cold sweat as I found an excuse.

"Hoh? Yuki, sleeping wasn't enough as it seems that you've already grown up enough to ignore my lectures is it? It seems that I have to take some drastic-" Iruka began with a scary smile, but I instantly interrupted him as I blurted out my excuse.

"I-Iruka-sensei! I wasn't sleeping! I was practicing my Chakra control!" I hollered.

"Hoh? Practicing your Chakra Control? Well, did you make any progress?" Iruka asked, and I could feel that if I said no, there will be very dire consequences.

"Y-yes I did," I timidly said, but honestly, I was speaking the truth since I really did have some progress from purchasing the skills.

"Ohoh? Then, why don't you show the class who had already progressed much further than you how much you had progressed," Iruka glared at me with a wide smile as he released a tiny leaf onto my desk.

I could literally feel Iruka-demon awakening as I pitifully stared at the leaf. How am I supposed to get out of this alive?


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