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Tragic Hero System in Naruto World
Author :Fluffypie
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10 Meeting Again

I broke out into cold sweat because I understood that although I had Chakra Control, it's barely there and barely can control its direction inside my body, let alone outside; however, I knew that it was do or die. So, I could only channel my Chakra and tried to output it outside my body towards the leaf, but I didn't even know which direction my Chakra flowed to as the leaf didn't move. Sweat flowed down my face as I began to imagine the consequences of Iruka-Demon, but a timely wind blew by pushing the leaf a bit. Thank the lord, I live!

I could feel Iruka jumping a bit in shock, but then he gave me a suspicious glare as if he believed it was the wind. Before he could ask me to make another attempt, I sprawled out onto my desk, shoving the leaf to the ground as I played the dead possum card.

"A-ah, it seems that I had exhausted all my Chakra. I'm just so very tired, so tired. I guess I'll go home for a rest first," I clearly spoke out loud before bolting up and sprinting out the door before Iruka can react.

I could hear the angry voice of Iruka as he screamed my name from behind, but I ignored it, fleeing for my life.

Once I've gotten far enough, I could not help but wipe the sweat off my face. Phew, this young master had saved himself for the first time in both life.

When I calmed down, I could not help but notice a very familiar shop, one that I would not forget ever. Ramen Ichiraku stood not far from me as I realized that I had naturally ran in this direction when seeking safety.

I could not resist but strolled up, and entered the flap.

"Oh! Welcome! Just take a seat!" old man Teuchi hollered with a friendly smile as he continued to cook.

"Ara~ It's a young little brother. Is this young little brother's first time here?" a familiar, sweet voice cheerfully asked me as Ayame strolled up to the counter.

My eyes could not help but mist up as I saw that doting older sister of mine. She was the one who cared deeply for me in my last life throughout my time here.

"Ara, ara? Is little brother crying? Mah, is there something wrong? Tell big sister here," Ayame kindly said with a worried face.

I sniffed as I wiped my eyes before putting on a smile. I happily replied, "No, nothing's wrong Ayame-Onee-san. Just some dust in my eyes."

"Ara? Have we met before little brother? I'm pretty sure it's your first time here ... Mah~ probably met you when I stroll the streets. What's your name little brother? It'll be awkward if you know mine, but I don't know yours," Ayame cheerfully said with a sweet smile, but I could feel a scorching glare descend upon me from a certain old man.

However, I was already pretty used to that old man's glare as I ignored it and cheerfully replied, "My name's Yuki! It's nice to meet you Ayame-Onee-san, and I would like the usual Miso Ramen please."

"Ara? The usual? It seemed it was not little brother Yuki's first time here. Has my memory become faulty? Mah~ let's get you the ramen," Ayame answered with a curious face as she decided to sweep the question under the rug like usual.

Not long after, I was served my first bowl of Miso ramen in this life. Although it was plain, but it was the one that I wanted the most because it was the first bowl of ramen that I ate here in my last life. Although I ate it many times during my last life, I simply could not resist it. For some reason, every time when I eat it, I get a bubbly feeling in my heart that I was addicted to. I could not help but gobble the ramen up in this life as well. Not long after I finished, Ayame asked for me to pay up, and at that point I realized that I did not have any ryo because I've always been eating at the orphanage.

As I broke out in cold sweat, I could see purple Qi rising behind Ayame as her smile got wider and wider like a demon's. Old man Teuchi is swirling the pot of soup way faster than normal as he broke out in sweat as well.

"Ara? Eating without paying is it? Do you think that if you're a kid, I'll go easy on you?" the terrifying Ayame said in a creepy voice as the demon manifested behind her.

Seriously! Ayame's demon is scarier than Susanoo! My teeth became to chatter from the freezing atmosphere.

"A-Ayame, w-why not just let his parents come pay. J-just calm down a bit, h-he's just a kid," old man Teuchi tried to persuade in a timid voice.

Nice save old man! I could not help but frantically nod along allowing the demon to be put back to sleep.

"Mah~ I guess that's true. Alright little brother, go find your parents now. Don't think about just running off though because I will certainly find you," Ayame warned with a "friendly" smile.

I nodded and got up preparing to head off, but then I froze as I realized that ... I don't have parents anymore. My back broke into cold sweat again as Ayame asked with a sweet smile,"Ara? Why did you stop little brother? Go on, the sooner you get your parents to pay, the sooner we can resolve this."

I slowly jerked around as I stuttered," U-um, A-Ayame-Onee-san, y-you see ... my parents kinda passed away during duty 8 years ago, so I can't actually go to them for money."

Then, the atmosphere went stiff as Ayame's smile was frozen on her face while old man Teuchi's stirring has froze as well.

Aiya, I could only play the sympathy card here. It will work ... right?


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