Tragic Hero System in Naruto World
12 Is It Possible To Avoid?
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Tragic Hero System in Naruto World
Author :Fluffypie
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12 Is It Possible To Avoid?

Sweat rolled down my head as I gave a timid chuckle, "Hahaha, old man, I think it's better if I come back another day."

I then sneakily tried to step towards the door, but before I even got close, a heavy hand held onto my shoulder, stopping me in place.

"Hoh? Did I not say that once you accepted, you can't leave? It seems that my employee is lacking discipline. That calls for special discipline, don't you agree?" Devil Teuchi stated with his "friendly" smile as he began to drag me towards the bowl of soup.

Is it possible to avoid having my thumb throb from burns?! It may not be possible if I'm alone, but heh, I have the ultimate trump card that is this old man's Achilles heel!

I showed a face of shock as I looked behind Teuchi's back as I exclaimed, "Eh? Ayame-Onee-san?! Please save me! The old man wants to cook my hands for no reason!"

The old man froze as cold sweat leaked down his face. He quickly released his grip on me as he hurriedly turned around, ready to face the wrath of Ayame-Onee-san. Of course, what met him was empty air as she wasn't really there. Then, anger arose on his face as his "friendly" smile grew even bigger as he turned around, preparing to offer me the ultimate punishment. Except, when he turned around, he found air as well. I already had bolted out the door. Later old man! You're one life too young to have a match with me! I was pretty sure I had already escape the clutches of the old man for today. I'll probably come back another day when I have the assistance of Ayame Onee-san, or so I thought.

A chilling pressure descended upon me as a demon's claw grasped my shoulder. Although I wanted to swing the hand off so bad, I was already familiar enough with this presence to know that it was a bad idea to go against it.

"Ara, ara? I've took all this effort to clean up a small storeroom for the guest to rest in tonight. Now, Yuki-chan, after all my hard work, did you perhaps not want to ... 'stay'?"

I shivered as my head cranked around to see Ayame Onee-san gripping onto my shoulder. No, it was sufficient to say the manifestation of the demon has grasped my shoulder. Even the old man is shivering as he pretended to chop veggies.

"Ahaha ... o-of course I want to stay, i-it's just that the old man might not-" I tried to counter, but was cut off by Ayame.

"Ara? I'm sure Father has no problem with my decision?" Ayame Onee-san stated as she smiled towards old man Teuchi who was now completely missing his chops on the veggie.

"H-hahaha, of course, of course. I welcome such a talented kid to my home anytime!" old man Teuchi stuttered as he wiped off some sweat off his head.

Ayame looked back at me with a smile. I weakly chuckled as I stated, "I-I will go pack my luggage then."

"Ara? Maaa, Yuki-chan is so perceptive, I guess that is fine is it not? Let Onee-san help you. Let's go shall we~" Ayame Onee-san replied with a wide smile as she led me off to pick up my luggage from the orphanage.

Of course, packing luggage doesn't take forever, especially since I did not have much in the first place. So, eventually we had to return to Ichiraku's, where Ayame Onee-san left me alone with the old man after declaring that she will put my luggage away for me.

Invisible tears leaked down my face as I was faced with the Teuchi's "friendly" smile as he stared down upon me with a hot bowl of soup in his hands. What was to come in the end could not be avoided.

Hence, I spent years in the comfy shop as my experience in ramen making increased at a rapid pace due to the new intensive course for 'experienced' me. Although it was a bad ending for it in my last life, deliveries turned out to be one of my most relaxing times as I had no worries about toasting my thumb; however, I did make the smarter choice this time around. I did my best to avoid 'dangerous' scenes from the movie as I delivered, taking the longer route as needed. This time, I think I'll live long enough as I was pretty sure that staying at Ichiraku's could be said to be the safest place to tide through all the Konoha events as a nearly ordinary citizen. I mean, it did survive somehow throughout the whole anime.

Of course, during my free time, I also trained hard on my Chakra control and sensing. Through much effort, I finally managed to gather some chakra, finally allowing me to train my clone technique. Also, after years of effort, I somehow managed to make a log poof on top of my head without purchasing Body Replacement Jutsu. Alas, it was summoning a log and not substituting myself with it. On the other hand, I had made no progress on my training with weapons. Although I did buy some and trained with them, it seems that gaining skills related to an external weapon would be more difficult than simply using it.


[Name] Yuki Mitobiya

[Chakra] 5/5

[Kekkai Genkai] None


Strength: 5 -> 8

Endurance: 5 -> 9

Agility: 5 -> 7

Intellect: 15 -> 16


{Ramen Cooking - 31/100}

{Chakra Sensing - 5/100}

{Chakra Control - 6/100}


{Body Replacement Jutsu - 1/100}


{Clone Jutsu - 4/100}

[Taijutsu] None



[Checkpoint: {1}]

THP: 20

Unfortunately, by the time of graduation, although I was able to summon a 'clone', it was at best considered at the same level as Naruto's that he showed at his failed graduation, if not worst. Not surprisingly, I failed to graduate once more nor did I get any 'special' offer like Naruto; however, I was satisfied as this time around, I had no worries about finding a job nor a home.

I continued to practice, continued to bond at Ichiraku's, and continued to avoid the inevitable. Unfortunately, that's not how life works, or at least regarding me.

That fateful day reached once more, but I was prepared. Although I wanted to avoid deliveries, but it's not like I could explain the 'future' to the old man nor is the old man someone who will let his employee slack due to some lame excuse. Hence, I went on the delivery, taking a longer route to avoid the scenic, shorter route where the battle was taking place at. Although I wanted to see it again so bad, but my life is more important, and it's best to not go there and be a burden.

I hurried along and reached my destination, delivering the order to a friendly, frequent old grandma and grandpa duo. When I was about to leave after the delivery though, I was stopped by the grandma with a sharp eye.

"Eh? Yuki-chan, it seems that you didn't bring old grandpa's order of Miso Ramen," the grandma stated.

Eh? I was missing something? Oh, not a big deal. "Don't worry, I'll get it for you right away," I replied with a smile and dashed back to Ichiraku's.

"Old man, we're missing a Miso Ramen for the old grandpa on the other side of town," I stated as I strolled into the shop.

"Eh? Did Ayame not get to you? She left a while ago in attempt to catch up to you when she realized that you forgot it," Teuchi said as his smile disappeared.

"Eh?! Impossible! I didn't see Ayame Onee-san on the route I've taken! Did she take another route?" I questioned as an ominous feeling arose inside of me.

"Ah, yes. I believed she said that she will take a shorter route in hopes of getting there before you or meeting you midway. I believe it was ..." Teuchi continued on, but I had already dashed out towards the route after Teuchi named it.

It was an all too familiar route. One that I did my best to avoid, especially on this fateful day. I now understood whose tears it was that gave me the extra 100 THP.

I never cursed my fate as much as I did now, please ... let me make it in time.


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