Tragic Hero System in Naruto World
13 Onee-Chan“s Duty
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Tragic Hero System in Naruto World
Author :Fluffypie
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13 Onee-Chan“s Duty

I've never ran faster in my life. Although I knew that I had no power to do much, but I knew I can't just sit back and do nothing when I know she is in danger. Battle sounds resounded as I neared the site. I dashed even faster while I prayed, prayed that events had not transpired to what I thought to be the worst case scenario.

With my bad karma, I would have expected my prayers to be unanswered; however, surprisingly, it seemed that all was well when one truly wishes with all he or she has. I faintly heard Kisame's voice as I reached the fated battle scene panting for breathe, to see Ayame holding a small container still alive and well; however, before I could breathe a sigh of relief, my heart sunk as I saw Kisame appear in front of Ayame, slamming Samehada down towards Ayame.

Before I realized it, my instincts took over and I howled as I rushed at my fastest speed towards Ayame. Unfortunately, no matter how fast I was, I was much too far to reach in time, especially since I was a normal civilian. No amount of prayer seemed to give a boost to my abilities.

Fortunately, like he did for me, Kakashi appeared in front of Ayame, saving her from certain death; however, Kakashi took a heavy blow once again as he dropped to his knees after releasing Ayame. Perhaps, an even heavier injury than when he saved me as this time he had to move an adult, but it was rather fortunate that Kisame's retaliation was delayed a bit longer this time due to Ayame's container of ramen splashing onto his feet.

However, I had no time to care about him. I rushed into Ayame's warm embrace, confirming the fact that she was alive and well. My heart settled down once more as fatigue washed over me from my extreme amount of movements beyond my capabilities.

"Y-Yuki-chan?! No! It's dangerous here! You must get out of here no-" Ayame Onee-chan worriedly screamed, but she was interrupted by a grim, familiar voice.

"Heh! I do admire your courage Copy Ninja. But what a surprise, I aimed for one, and now out pops another. You can't even protect one let alone two, it seems that this can end earlier than I thought. Of course, I'll take care of this annoying fly here who dared to dirty me with this trash," Kisame cackled as he appeared in front of Kakashi and aimed Samehada at Kakashi's head.

As Asuma howled, "Kakashi! No!", time seemed to slow as my brain seemed to go overdrive in order to process what I heard. Kisame will kill the fly. Ayame dirtied Kisame's clothes, so she is the fly that Kisame was talking about. Kisame will kill Ayame after killing Kakashi. In order for Ayame to live, Kakashi must live.

Once again, my body lurched forward before I knew it. Although I knew that I will die again and this may be meaningless, my instinct could not help but control me as I did not want any harm to come to Ayame.

Time seemed to have flowed on as I shoved Kakashi away with unknown strength. I then turned to face my destiny, the descending Samehada. My eyes closed as I accepted my destiny that I had no power to change.

But, it seems that destiny did not want to accept me. I felt a hard force shove me to the side as the sound of flesh cutting reverberated in my ear. I fell hard on my butt as my mind blanked. My heart shivered as I slowly opened my eyes.

As if to taunt me, the scene in front of me froze still in time. Standing in my spot was an all too familiar woman, the one who provided me with a home along with the love I had missed out during my life in this world. Her graceful body was the most beautiful in my eyes, but now a deep cut ran from her right shoulder down to her waist. Blood red dyed her clean work clothes as the world in the background seemed to have fade to grey. Her white bandana gently floated off her head, gliding over brushing past my face as a wake up call.

As if to restart time, my mind screamed. The grey, spiky weapon was slowly pulled out of her body, taking a chunk of flesh with it. Then, as if a graceful angel, she slowly drifted to the ground, giving me her most beautiful smile as if telling me her duty as Onee-san was fulfilled.

Although there was a battle going on, I did not even have a care in the world about it. My vision was dyed with a tint of red as my eyes stung, as if they were being gouged out as I crawled over to her fallen body. I saw a beautiful face with her eyes closed. No. I can't accept this. She can't be dead yet!

I wanted to shake her awake with all my might, yet at the same time I was afraid that my smallest touch will cause her torn body to split apart.

My hands trembled as it hovered over her body, not knowing what to do. My visions was shaking as my brain seemed to be on fire, unable to process the event. No, no, this can't happen. Anyone, please! Please, she's innocent! I beg of you-

As if someone heard my prayer, Ayame's eyes shivered before it slowly opened slightly. She glanced at me with a smile. My heart lurched in joy as I realized that she is not dead yet! She still can be saved!

I hurriedly grabbed her hands, hoping that my warmth will be transferred over to her, keeping her alive even a bit longer for the medics to get here. I knew I couldn't let her sleep, so I began talking.

"A-ayame Onee-chan, listen to me. You'll be alright! You must stay awake with me! Help is on its way-" I tried to convince both her and myself.

Ayame opened her mouth as a glob of blood was coughed out of it, leaking all over her face. I hurriedly, yet gently attempted to wipe it off with my sleeves, but Ayame stopped me with her soft voice, "Y-y-yuki- listen t-to me. O-onee - *cough* -"

"No! Don't speak! You can tell me when you get better!" I hurriedly interrupted as my heart clenched in pain.

"*cough* Y-yuki, Onee wants y-you to p-promise- *cough*"

"Onee-san, Yuki promises! As long as you get better, Yuki will promise you anything, " I stuttered as I gripped Ayame's slippery hands tighter, afraid of it slipping from my grasp forever.

"Y-yuki, t-take care of f-father for me- *cough*" Ayame said in a weak voice as her eyes dimly stared at me, waiting for me to agree.

"I-I promise! So, Ayame, you will get better, then we can take care of the old man together! Won't that be even better?!" I howled with a hoarse voice.

Her reply to me was a gentle smile as her hands gradually slipped out of my hands, leaving me alone in cold reality.


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