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Tragic Hero System in Naruto World
Author :Fluffypie
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14 Resolve

A buzzing noise seemed to snuffled my ears as my vision faded in and out. Eh? What happened? This can't be happening.

My vision faded back in as I saw a large splash of water raining down upon me. A familiar, yet distance green suited man was performing with a male dressed in a black robe with red cloud patterns not far from me. Are they trying to cheer me up? I giggled as a nasty itch arose in my eyes. I could feel the water that was rained upon me slowly roll down my eyes.

Hee hee. Hahaha!

This world is just ... so interesting. It's so interesting and wonderful that all I want to say is ...

F**k. This. Bulls**t.

I could not help but grin as I looked into the sky. Hah. What goes around comes around. Like those that I had crushed before, is this how they felt? Is this how it feels to be powerless?

I gradually looked downwards, at my beautiful fallen angel. My heart felt at peace as I gently bent down and gave her a kiss on her forehead.

I shuddered as I felt my heart compress, but I knew I had to resolve myself. I can't afford to laze around any longer nor could I be the cause that would cause her fate to be doomed.

I stood up and focused my sight towards my good pal Kisame. Hee hee hee. I'm weak, and I know it, but that doesn't mean I'm afraid. I've done that for years, and look what it caused. This is the Naruto world. If I want to resolve to live in this world, what I've already been doing is not even close to enough, especially with what is to come. A life like mine won't matter in this world. The only one that can change that is me.

My fists clenched as I grinned. Then, as if natural, a familiar set of hand seals were performed. With a small poof of smoke, a clone spawned next to me, one that was more ready for battle than ever.

I sent my clone to gather the material I needed from nearby as I circled around the battlefield at a gradual pace, gradually patching my plan as I observed for the best opportunity.

Not long after, my clone brought back some Kunais that I bought for practice along with a piece of log. Perfect.

My clone was commanded to dash off to the other side of the battlefield while I darted towards the center of the battle myself. I felt a breeze of pressure as a glance shot my way. The haunting Mangekyou Sharigan noticed me even before I got near, but as if it knew I wasn't a threat, I was ignored.

However, using my charge as a signal, Itachi told Kisame that they should retreat as their target was not here. Like in the original, Kisame was annoyed but he can't help but obey Itachi as he was about to back off.

Although everyone paused the battle to consider their options, I certainly didn't. My target had already been marked.

When my intuition told me that I was near enough, before anyone could stop me, I burst into my quickest dash towards Kisame, aiming my Kunai at his lower body.

As I saw a snicker form on Kisame's face, voices tried to stop me from behind. Then, Kisame lazily waved Samehada at me, intending to bisect me.

"Fool." Three voices stated at the same time. I knew my tricks won't escape Itachi's eyes, but I'm pretty confident that Kisame is a fool for underestimating me. A piece of log, thrown by my clone, gradually passed behind Kisame's back. My mind was set, there was no choice but to succeed.

Then, for the first time ever, I grinned as I vanished in a poof of smoke. Samehada smashed down upon a piece of log as Kisame's laughter came to an end. A shadow appeared behind Kisame as its Kunai aimed for Kisame's chest.

Unfortunately, the level difference was simply too large. With a swift twist, Samehada did a full swing around Kisame's back, bisecting the shadow in two.

Then, Kisame froze as if he realized his blunder. The log had already disappeared when he swung Samehada the other way. His realization came a bit too late as I re-appeared nearly point blank in front of him. The shadow, which turns out to be a normal clone, vanished in a puff of smoke as my Kunai strike successfully reached its intended target.

Samehada quickly swung back around, but it was too late. With a gush of blood, my Kunai pierced right into Kisame's eyes. At the same time, I could feel my lower half separating from my upper half.

As Kisame grunted in pain while swiftly retreating, my vision gradually toppled over. I landed in a fairly warm embrace as Kakashi greeted me with red eyes, "Well done, kid. I'll take it from here."

My vision gradually faded as Kakashi set me down. I watched as Kakashi begin to perform his famous Jutsu once more. A thunderous "For Youth" roar resounded as the gates were opened. A chirping sound caused my vision to follow the blinding lightning as Kakashi along with the rest darted towards the injured Kisame.

I glanced over at Kisame with my remaining energy and engraved that shark face into my mind. I smiled as I gradually closed my eyes once more. I knew my attempt was made in vain this time, but this small chink gave me the confidence. Some may say a dying man may need no confidence, but I definitely need all I could get. Why you say? It's because I still have a next time.

[Number of people who cried for host at scene of death : 4]

[Number of THP gained : 4 x 100 = 400 THP]

[Achievement Unlocked: Tragic Bite of an Ant (SSS)]

[Unlock Condition] Deal significant damage to an overwhelmingly powerful enemy with no assistance from others.

[Reward Unlocked] {Ant's Glory}

[Ant's Glory] (Special)

{Passive} - Gain {x} Genjutsu resistance based on 10^{x} max Chakra.

{Active} - As a last resort, detonate all your Chakra to cause a strong explosion. All natures of Chakra that have been practiced will be incorporated into the explosion's damage.

[Processing ... due to host having a single checkpoint, no selection is allowed.]

[Insufficient LP. Consuming THP to supplement.]

[Consuming 1000 LP and 10 THP ...returning to {1st Checkpoint}.]


[Name] Yuki Mitobiya

[Chakra] 0/10

[Kekkai Genkai] None


Strength: 5

Endurance: 5

Agility: 5

Intellect: 16 -> 17


{Ant's Glory}


{Ramen Cooking - 32/100}

{Chakra Sensing - 8/100}

{Chakra Control - 11/100}

{Genjutsu Resistance -1/100}


{Body Replacement Jutsu - 8/100}


{Clone Jutsu - 10/100}

[Taijutsu] None



[Checkpoint: {1}]

THP: 410

And this time around, I won't be going down so easily.


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