Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
109 The sad fate of preserving the cultural heritage of Small-An
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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109 The sad fate of preserving the cultural heritage of Small-An

Sometimes in city chronicles flickered messages about the collapse of underground tunnels, dead treasure hunters. Sometimes these were police reports on the capture of the black market, black diggers who sold gold coins - the first empire of 5 and 10 tugriks. Moreover, the price for 1 coin was from 260 to 470 dollars.

As in the old days, the precious metals market has always been under the vigilant control of the security department.

Sometimes there was information about treasures worth $ 1-2 million, which contained gold jewelry, precious stones, old books that they wanted to sell abroad, but they were found by the customs service.

One had the feeling that the source of the treasures was from underground, from those very tunnels. After they conducted an operation to identify old passages underground and they were all concreted again.

About five years of silence reigned.

But the treasure hunters did not stop, they searched the archives and scientific foundations, the old road workers and guides of antiquity, which said that the entrances to the tunnels were in the old ravines, where the city channels flowed, in the old buildings of the extension of the late 19th century.

Again began to replete with reports and chronicles, with strange reports about the finds of treasures and their seizure. Missing antiques from the 15th and 19th centuries began to appear on flea roaring.

They raided again, searches and entrances to the tunnels were sealed.

Treasure hunters began to check old houses in the old city, and there they found the entrances to the tunnels. But for 40-50 years, almost all air ducts either collapsed or were closed up with new roads, houses. So there are more accidents. The raids continued.

For the time being, the tunnels remained forgotten.

City treasure hunters focused on searching for old hatches until the beginning of the 20th century and rails that propped up the city lampposts. Antiquaries paid good money for them. For 500 -1900 dollars. In the 90s in the small towns of Small-An, many of the rails and manhole covers disappeared from them.

In the ravines of old canals and rivers, old fragments of 18th-century ceramics, old copper and silver coins are still found. On the hills in the old city, there are still no, no, they find old treasures of the 17-19th century gold and silver. But no one brings the finds to museums.

On the other hand, it is understandable that there were reports in the media that in the museums of Small-An there were practically no valuable and original artifacts left.

Black treasure hunters in the form of museum employees forged exhibits, and the originals were sold in Europe and the USA. There is practically nothing left in museums.
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Therefore, ordinary treasure hunters immediately sell their finds in antique stores.

Such was the sad fate of the cultural heritage of Small-An.


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    《Stories about merchants or cunning merchant》