The Young Queen and her Lover
1 How it all started.
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The Young Queen and her Lover
Author :TaeTaerlpjd
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1 How it all started.

17 years ago, there was a beautiful Queen married to the respected King of Belavio. Belavio was one of the most strongest and richest country in the world.

One day an exciting news came for the King and Queen. The Queen had just found out that they were having a baby and she was really excited so she decided to surprise her husband with the incredible news.

she knocked into their room with an excited face. knock, knock.

As she opens the door she found her husband laying on their bed sleeping sound with another woman in his arms. The woman awoke and saw the Queen and behind her were four guards walking towards the King and the mystery woman.

The Queen looked closer to see the woman's face, she was speechless when she soon saw that it was her twin sister Eliza. The King was sleeping with her twin sister, Eliza, who they all thought was staying in spain.

"E~liza!?? What are you doing here?", The queen exclaimed

Eliza replied, "Can't you see dear sister? You King betrayed you."

"What!?" the Queen asked with a loud voice full of anger and hatred

"2 years ago when this marriage was arranged by our mother and father, it was supposed to be me marrying the King but You! you just had to come back from the neighboring country the time our parents were finalizing the marriage! You stole the man I was suppose to marry! You stole the country I was suppose to rule!" -Eliza yelled at Esmré

"E-Eliza, Don't you think mom and dad gave this to me because of your rotten and disgusting personality!?". -The Queen answered

"How despicable! I applaus you!"

"Guards! Sieze her!" the Queen said before turning her head to avoid seeing her sister being dragged by the guards because even though her sister did an awful thing and deserved to be punished she couldn't bare to see her twin sister like this.

Eliza smirked as she said, "You will regret this my dear hermana!"

The Queen rushed to her King and woke him up however the the King was in medication and he can only wake up when it's worn off.

*9months later*

"Hurry ask for the physician! Tell her the Queen is about to deliver the baby!" the King said worriedly

"Yes your highness."

few moments passed the baby was born and on the same night, while everyone was busy taking care of the weary Queen and the new born baby. Eliza escaped the tower.

2 days after the delivery the Queen was already informed about her sister's escape and she had doubled the guards inside and outside the castle, but Eliza stayed quiet for days.

Oh my dear sister, no matter how many guards you surround yourself I will always get to you- Eliza laughed with her accomplices.

"Eliza! When are we setting our plan on motion?" said one of them

"patience, soon enough we'd have everything my sister stole from me." Eliza replied

She had planned to kill the King and Queen. After doing so she wants pretend to be her twin sister and rule over the country that was supposed to be hers. She thought that her sister stole everything from her when she came back and their parents decided to give the marriage to her twin sister, but it was just simply because of her rotten personality that made parents thought she was an embarrassment if she was to marry a King.

Inside the castle everybody's eyes were on the royal family. The new born baby has no name yet as they planned to throw a little dinner party with everyone and announce her name. The baby was the center of everything because she the first and only child of the King and Queen which makes her the only heir to the throne. Although people were dismayed that their first born was a female, they could not say anything because that would cost them their head as a punishment of insulting the Crown Princess.

The day of announcing the baby's name has come. Everyone gathered inside the castle as the King amd Queen parades their beautiful princess. The Queen was informed that everyone that's been invited has arrived and it was time to give her speech.

"Everyone! I thank you all so much for gathering this evening for the future of our beloved country. I never thought my first born would be a girl but we were happy no matter what the gender was and couldn't be any happier to have a healthy baby. Everyone, meet the Crown Princess of Belavio Aniyah Loren Soriano!"

Everyone applaud and complimented the princess and her parents. Princess Aniyah was only 10 days old yet people already had given her a nickname, True love born. People believed that the King and Queen barely had flaws so they called the royal family, A perfect family. While in truth, the family has more than a hundered hidden lies written in their faces. Ever since the marriage, the King has already been in contact with Eliza but she could only come after 2 years due to her parents while the Queen decided to be a politician and advance to a higher position using dirty methods.

5 days after the celebration. The Castle was quiet and everyone was busy doing their own work to feed their family. Nobody expected an attack even the Queen, who knew her twin sister was as sinister as she was.

Late at night when the Couple was talking and drinking wine, Eliza broke into the castle and pretended she was the Queen to get into the King and Queen's bed chambers. It was so easy for her because they literally had the same face and Eliza studied acting for more than 15 years.

She got to the room where she saw the couple already passed out after drinking. When she was planning the attack she thought she'd have to knock them out first then killl them but they were already passed out. Her plan went as smooth as possible. She thought it would be best to let everyone think the King died in his sleep while the Queen suffered from food poison so that nobody would suspect her as the killer.

The physician already knew what was happening and that the real Queen was dead but she was on Eliza's side therefore she didn't say anything. The physician was the one to break the news to everybody.

"People of belavio. I am sorry to inform you that last night while the King and Queen was sleeping sound, Our King died in his sleep due to a sickness. The Queen is alive and recovering from food poisoning.


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