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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
Author :North Night
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1378 Wu Yao 4

Little Jue didn't even dare to speak but just looked at Jun Wu Yao like he was almost about to cry.

There were more magical artifacts in the Dark Emperor's tomb than one could count with every single type there was.

Jun Wu Xie wasn't only thinking of having just Little Jue to recover and there were two other people she was equally worried about within her heart.

One was Jun Gu, her father, whose body was preserved by the other half of the Soul Calming Jade.

While the other was Yan Bu Gui in the Phoenix Academy, her Master.

She did not have a way of reviving Jun Gu and she had placed her hopes on Jun Wu Yao to find some magical artifacts for it. Whereas for Yan Bu Gui, the problem would be a lot easier for her to resolve.

Before she had walked into this main palatial hall, Jun Wu Xie had noticed that behind several doors they had passed, a good amount of herbs and medicine had been perfectly preserved and stashed away. Many of those herbs were things she had not seen before with some she recognized to be of highly prized and coveted varieties that included many types that Yan Bu Gui needed.

She did not have the time to look through them carefully earlier as they were still searching for the magical artifacts but now she would be free to check them out properly.

Jun Wu Xie then lifted her foot to step out from the main hall. Jun Yu Yao cast a glance upon Ye Sha and Ye Mei and the two men immediately grabbed Ye Gu up by the arms and went rushing towards Jun Wu Xie.

"Young Miss! Where are you going?" Ye Sha asked respectfully.

"To go look for some herbs." Jun Wu Xie replied as she swept her gaze upon Ye Gu who was held up between Ye Sha and Ye Mei. His body was that of a twelve year old and Ye Sha and Ye Gu were towering in height. Being grabbed on by the two men, Ye Gu's feet had not even touched the floor throughout the journey.

"Cough. We'll accompany you then. This place is rather big and bringing this fella with us, it will be more convenient for Young Miss to find the things Young Miss wants." Ye Mei chirped accordingly.

Jun Wu Xie looked at the trio a moment before she finally nodded.

Not long after they came walking out from the palatial main hall, Ye Mei began asking what kind of herbs Jun Wu Xie wanted to find and then secretly got Ye Gu to point out the location, wanting to make Jun Wu Xie's search easier.

Jun Wu Xie and the trio were already outside the main hall and were standing within a corridor. Seeing the thoughtful attention Ye Sha and Ye Mei were giving to her, Jun Wu Xie's steps suddenly stopped.

Ye Sha and Ye Mei stopped as well, not knowing what Jun Wu Xie wanted to do.

Jun Wu Xie turned herself around and looked at the trio as she said in a soft tone: "Put him down."

"Huh?" Ye Mei was slightly startled, knowing Jun Wu Xie was talking about Ye Gu.

Ye Sha instead said in a serious and stoic voice: "Young Miss, this fella holds rather substantial powers and if he reneges on his words after we release him, I'm afraid….."

Jun Wu Xie immediately shot a cold gaze at Ye Sha and Ye Sha immediately clamped his mouth shut.

"If he really goes back on his word, the two of you will not be able to stop him anyway." Jun Wu Xie then said.

Expressions of shock immediately appeared on Ye Sha's and Ye Mei's faces.

[How did the Young Miss see through them?]

"It's alright now. There's no one else around and all of you can drop the act already. Put him down and we can move faster." Jun Wu Xie said helplessly. After coming in here into the Dark Emperor's tomb, she came to feel that her intelligence was being repeatedly insulted.

Ye Sha and Ye mei were shocked by her words. Although they guessed that Jun Wu Xie had known about Lord Jue's identity, but they had not been completely certain of it.

But with these words coming out from Jun Wu Xie's mouth, their prior guess had instantly been confirmed.

[The Young Miss had unmistakably found them out!]

"You two screwballs! Why are you grabbing onto me for! ? If you want to continue to act stupid, you can go on ahead! Don't drag me into it!" Ye Gu realized that his act had been seen through and he had immediately lifted his feet to kick out brutally upon the behinds of Ye Sha and Ye Mei on both sides of him! He had then landed firmly upon the ground with his face looking at Jun Wu Xie, the expression on his face rather torn.


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