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the little mermaid , Cinderella, sleeping beauty
Author :lcprincess
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There's a tale that has to be heard and know one knows how the story started so let's begin....

The story starts in the Atlantic Ocean where mermaids and merman live in a kingdom called Atlantis was ruled by a king called Triton where he has seven young daughters but one he he adores the most his youngest daughter and her name was Ariel , she had a wonderful sing voice that her father enjoyed the most.

One night Ariel was exploring the wonders of her kingdom and she decided to go up to the serface to was was up there , she saw a boat and got a closer look to what was one the boat ,she was amazed how humans looked and one of them caught her eye and it was love at fist sight as she watched from a few meaters away ,and the name of the prince she feel in love with was called Eric .

The people on the ship was celebrating Prince Eric 17th birthday with fireworks display and having so much fun but suddenly there was a storm that managed to sink the ship ,Aril had to be fast in saving the one she loves so she dived back in the ocean and pulled Prince Eric out on to dry land where she stayed and sing but Eric regaines consciousness and Ariel had to go without being discovered who saved him ,all Eric remembers was Ariel's sing voice and he vows to find the girl who saved and sang to him.
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    《the little mermaid , Cinderella, sleeping beauty》