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the little mermaid , Cinderella, sleeping beauty
Author :lcprincess
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2 chapter 2

Meanwhile in the kingdom of Atlantica King Triton was worried about his daughter Ariel , sending Gard's to look for here and return to him safely .she didn't turn up to the music concert.

Arial soon came back after saving Prince Eric ,her father saw her with worry in this eyes he hug her and told her how worried he was ,Areil accidently told where she was and how she saves a human from drowning which made king Triton angry ,and he knew humans can't survive under water that long.

A few days had passed and king Triton had notice something about his youngest daughter Ariel in a world of her own he asked his oldest daughter Attina would she know what his youngest daughter so happy ,Trina knew the way her sister Ariel was acting that was she was in love with a Human but not a merman, Attina did not want to tell her dear father who Ariel was in love with so gave a answer she is in love with someone.

flounder was Ariel's close friend since childhood so he had found something that would interest Ariel that landed in the cave where she keeps stuff she found more like a cave of bits and bobs she had collect over the years , flounder found where Ariel was he can't wait to tell what the suprise he found.
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    《the little mermaid , Cinderella, sleeping beauty》