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the little mermaid , Cinderella, sleeping beauty
Author :lcprincess
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3 chapter 3

thank goodness I found u Ariel said Flounder.. Ariel was day dreaming about prince Eric and how she wished to o go up to the serface and spend her days with the one she loves, Hi flounder what is making u so happy this evening said Arial...well if u follow me and I will show you it a surprise little did Arial and flounder know that sabastion followed along in secret feeling to investigate in what those two where up two he saw them go in to a cave when he got in there he was shocked to see human objects,he decided to report what he saw to Ariel's father king Triton,back at the cave flounder told Ariel to keep her eyes shut for the suprise , one two,there open your eyes Ariel said Flounder, Arial was screaming with excellent it was the stone figure of her prince Eric that she is in love with she was caught up in day dreaming of the prince she didn't hear her father coming in the look in this eyes was furious and Angry so he got his spear and waiting for it to glow and smashed the stone figure in front of this daughter l,he didn't realize he made his youngest daughter Ariel so upset she ran out of the cave.Airel didn't know she was followed by two campions that belong to he evil sea witch called usular both of them said come with us we know someone who can help you so Ariel went with them to see usular.

flounder and sabastion followed behind finding out where they are taking Ariel they will soon find out both feeling worried they both stayed and waited for Airel

within the sea witch cave Ariel feeling a bit scared in who will help her , usular was waiting for Ariel to arrive knowing what Ariel desired to be with her prince by making a deal which meant losing her sing voice for legs

Ariel signed a contract within seconds she transformed in to a human ,usular gave Hera a warning on the third day when sun sets you will need to kiss the prince but when time is up you will belong to me.

Flounder and sabastion had to help Ariel swim to the surface and had to help her in finding her ture love once they reached to the place where prince Eric lives would Ariel be able to communicate with him with out her Voice suddenly hearing foot steps coming close and a dog barking they had to act fast

it turned out to be prince Eric and his dog called max walking along the beach near this home he spotted Ariel and rushed over to find out she needed help and carried her back to his castle to make sure Ariel was clean and had food Ariel was happy that she found her true love she hopes these 3 days she spends with prince Eric and gets a kiss to break the silence in her voice.
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    《the little mermaid , Cinderella, sleeping beauty》