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the little mermaid , Cinderella, sleeping beauty
Author :lcprincess
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11 Cinderella chapter 4

once Cinderella got to the ball , everyone had there eye's on her no one knew who she is,what noble family she come from ,she ignored everyone starring and continued to head inside the castle.

the prince was greeting the guests and suddenly stopped because he saw the most beautiful women at the ball ,he stopped what he was doing and went over to Cinderella and asked for a dance Cinderella agreed and they both danced with everyone watching them ,the prince felt his heart telling him she's the one you been looking for, he did not get a chance to ask for Cinderella name because it was almost midnight and Cinderella had to go fast as she can but one of the shoes slips off her feet so she had to abandoned it.

prince charming ran after the girl of his dreams but it was to late she had already disappeared but all that was left behind form her was a glass shoes ,he decided to go to his father tell he found the girl of his dreams and that the only thing he found was a glass shoe, the very next day the king had placed a notice in the kingdoms town and everyone in the kingdom was preparing to try on the shoe.

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    《the little mermaid , Cinderella, sleeping beauty》