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the little mermaid , Cinderella, sleeping beauty
Author :lcprincess
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12 Cinderella chapter 5

It had taken a week through out the kingdom and soon the granduke and a few Gard's was on there way ,but the grand Duke didn't know that the prince was dreesed in a gard uniform to observe ,not long into the journey they all had a rest ,the prince went on a walk not far from evebody and saw a young madien that just looked like the girl he feel in love with and sat down to enjoy the view. Cinderella was taking a stroll through the forest and saw some sitting near the river ,she didn't know it was the prince she decided to give the prince something to eat out of her small basket and she was on her way back to the house .

After the prince finished the sandwich that the young madien gave him ok t was time to head back on the road to the last noble household something about that madien schemes so familiar to him.

lady Tramine was so angry at Cinderella so she decided to lock Cinderella in the attic a d soon it time for her daughters to try on the glass shoe ,the granduke arrived to Cinderella only home and got to work in finding the madien who fits that shoe ,the prince had notice a window wide open and listened to the beautiful voice and he went to ask lady Tremaine if there was any more young madiens Living I this house hold she had to them that Cinderella was her stepdaughter and told them why she locked her Inthe attic ,the prince was angry at asked lady Tremaine to show him where the attic was and asked lady Tremaine to open the door so she did she couldn't to agents an order from a garnd , the prince tock of the unform and asked Cinderella if she would like to try on the shoe she happly agreed and tryed on the show it was a perfect fit lady Tramine was not happy at all and was about to slap Cinderella Inthe face but the granduke stopped her from harming Cinderella and she told the prince that three was a one more it fitted and in a bright light Cinderella transformed into the girl that was at the ball the prince was so happy that he found the girl of his dreams at last
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    《the little mermaid , Cinderella, sleeping beauty》